Can Data Mining Change the Way K Street Lobbies Congress? via @epolitics #KnowWhoYouKnow
Nate Silver - Oscar Predictions, Election-Style
RT @GuyKawasaki: Top ten reasons to self-publish (infographic)
Respect for Marriage Coalition - Stowell: via @youtube
Respect for Marriage Coalition - Stowell: via @youtube
3 Reasons to Data Mine Your Legislative Relationships
Two-hour layover for 30 min flight - there should be a law...
RT @RAP_Index: Advocacy Meme Friday: American Pride Eagle #KnowWhoYouKnow
RT @RAP_Index: Advocacy Meme Monday: Koala Can't Believe It Welcomes You To October
RT @reedgalen: Check Out the Day's National, California & Weird News Here: #Jedburghs
Colbert was on fire tonight
whose idea was it to make the Times Sqr clock unreadable? Oh - Happy New Year!
Sam donaldson - the average "yoyo" can't carry on an interesting convo but a fmr talent show judge can? Grrrrrrumpy
Americans Use Internet as Much as Television, New Study Shows via @AddThis
WOW - Groupon Turns Down Google's $6 Billion Offer via @mashbusiness @mashable
Whew - twitter account briefly hacked - complete disaster averted thanks to kat - apologies for the inconvenience all
Dam stop fukin txting me
Whos this
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