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Andrew C (✔)
I still don't know if the Jedi supported or opposed the trade tariffs that started the story of Ep 1.
The Republic levelled taxes on trade. The Trade Federation opposed the taxes but also set up the blockade of Naboo as cover for the invasion which would have triggered the need for the clone armies. Their promised payoff was no taxes under Palpatine's rule. The Jedi, as supporters of democracy, were sent to negotiate the end to the illegal blockade. It's akin to me setting up a blockade... more... - Johnny
The Jedi are a kind of adjunct police/military, but they're not exactly under any government control and on top of it, they're also a religious cult as well. - Andrew C (✔)
The Pontifical Swiss Guard. - Johnny
And I would say the Jedi order is more occult than cult - Johnny
Also, sending your (somewhat affiliated) cult paramilitary force to "negotiate" is a pretty aggressive move. It'd be a bit like the US sending a Blackwater VP to negotiate. - Andrew C (✔)
If China was to park warships in the Taiwanese Strait (the Trade Federation blockaded with warships full of a driod army), you're not going to send your junior diplomat to have a chat. Remember too that the Trade Federation were supporters of Confederacy Of Independent Systems which were at war with the Republic... but the most important thing to remember is the Jedi was sent by the... more... - Johnny
رونوشت به نیما در راستای بحث دیروز :دی - Mahdi
Hahaha I'm still here hoping one of them gets to her. - Shevonne
این چه بحثی بوده که خون و خونریزی داشته؟ - وارَش
Thank you Shevonne, They really need your help :D - Mahdi
بحث شیرینی‌ بود :دی - Mahdi
I can't see a thingy without frash; but yeah! Getther!!! #BangBoom!! - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
:))) باحاله - MortezaDalil
They can get her just with a huge amount of money :)) - Mahdi
چه بلائی سر خودشون میارن :) - Mahdi
واقعن :( - وارَش
money - junrxu
I have money XD - R093r-
I don't have money :) - Mahdi
All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl. Charlie Chaplin - Mahdi
وقالت انا يموتون من أجل المال :)) - Mahdi
evet, bu doğru:)) - Mahdi
:))) - Mahdi
Hey You - I Have Money - Prometheus
Really? - Mahdi
این چه جوری اومد بالا برای بیشتر از ٣ سال پیش هست :) - Mahdi
Louis Gray
Beware of the wily #seesmic raccoon. It has invaded my home and made its imprint on my twins.
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We're all doomed! Run for your life. - Matt Ruiz
Now he looks life a lot of fun. Wonderful and thanks for sharing. - Robert Mendez
this is huge!!!! - Loic Le Meur
Louis, how many kids do you have and what ages? I will get you tshirts! - Loic Le Meur
Excellent :) - Jean-François Amadei
Loic, we just have the two one-year-old twins. They are unrepentant and always accept schwag. - Louis Gray
great thanks Louis - Loic Le Meur
btw Louis, did you know Loic is Louis in "Breton"? We actually have the same first name - Loic Le Meur
Now I know. I knew France was a big fan of Louis. We were "elected" king more than a dozen times, no? - Louis Gray
Louis, does Loic call you Loo-ey? - Derrick
Derrick, I haven't noticed. Yesterday, when I abruptly and rudely called for him to come on stage to pose with Iain of TweetDeck and Nick of TweetMeme, he said "anything for Louis" and I believe I heard an "s". - Louis Gray
I used the "s" to make it sound english but yeah, no s pronounced in french - Loic Le Meur
I start my French classes in September for my trip next year. I wonder if Loic can tutor me. Louis, you're my "in". Make it happen! - Derrick
Cute as ever. - Anne Bouey
My suitcase is actually full of that! :D - shinchi
... and my son's name is Lewis - Though as his mum and me both lived in France, that's not too surprising. - Jim Connolly
5 year bumpage. - Louis Gray
Roger Hargreaves Google doodle celebrates author's 76th birthday with multiple Mr Men -
Roger Hargreaves Google doodle celebrates author's 76th birthday with multiple Mr Men
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خورشیدک و گوگل ریختن روی هم؟ :دی - مـیـرزا-MɪʀᴢA
گوگل تبلیغ لیتل میس سان شاین زده؟:)) - رضاراز
آره :)) - Mary
تشکر. - آرشیو
Victor Ganata
If they ever remake "The Princess Bride", they should do it with the "Game of Thrones" cast.
You evil fucker - Pete
Well, I think we've already got Fezzik and Inigo cast, and boy does that turn out differently. - Jennifer Dittrich
The Westley & Buttercup relationship doesn't turn out so hot either. - John Dupuis
Oh, I was just thinking that the actors playing the Viper and the Mountain would probably have a lot more fun actually getting to be friends :) - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah, this pic of Pedro Pascual and Hafthor Bjornsson hanging out that's floating around the net is what triggered the idea :D - Victor Ganata
I mean, I've already imagined Charles Dance as Count Rugen, so why not :D - Victor Ganata
I was thinking Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke for Westley and Buttercup, but Jack Gleeson and Sophie Turner would probably be even better :D - Victor Ganata
Then Aidan Gillen could be Humperdinck :D - Victor Ganata
Can't replace Andre. Would have to CG him in. Or Hodor if desperate. - Rodfather
No, Jack Gleeson would have to be Prince Humperdink. HAVE. TO. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Yeah, Jack Gleeson as Humperdinck was my first thought, but totally changing around the Sansa/Joffrey dynamic to exactly what GRRM was trying to subvert would be kind of funny. - Victor Ganata
Sarah G.
Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds via @arthur_affect
Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds via @arthur_affect
Sophie wanted to attract butterflies. So I told her to sit very, very still with a flower in her hand. After a while I started to feel bad about tricking her and I kept her company and we told jokes and laughed. Don't worry, when she gets older she'll take revenge.
She will pick your nursing home. - Brian Johns
Haha! - Stephan
Stephen Mack
How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal [Know Your Meme] -
How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal [Know Your Meme]
E:.-{ - Stephen Mack
this is perfect - MoTO: #TeamMarina
ahahahahahah - Magenta
LOL - Eivind
"Damn <female dogs>" ~all of them - Eivind from Android
Eric - ill subliminal
Tornado season is in full swing. Today looking to be no better than yesterday. Everyone stay safe.
Starting GoT Season 3 ....... NOW.
"I said, Did you send the ravens?" YOU HAD ONE JOB. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Joffre just demanded someone invent the bus so he could throw his mother under it. o snap. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I started it early today. I laughed aloud at part of episode 3. - NOT THE CRICKET
Micah, refresh my memory on that throw-under-the-bus scene? - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Cersei: "An open heart is what you'll get in Flea Bottom if you're not careful, my dear. The king barely escaped with his life." Joffrey: "Mother's always had a penchant for drama. The facts become less and less important to her as she grows... older." - Micah
Ah, I remember now. Thanks!! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
And just in case Micah’s not seen it: - Akiva
"I bet you were a vaguely hot women, back in your day." - JoJo - NOT THE CRICKET
Some people are so proud to never eat at a McDonalds they practically beg you to supersize their ego by being wow'd.
I don’t even own a TV. - Akiva
Well I sold my tv and gave the proceeds to provide starving children a happy meal. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I sold my TV and used the proceeds to provide the starving children a meal made from free-range chicken. - Jed
I went and bought a TV so I could watch the report about me selling my TV - Johnny from iPhone
I just want UHF knobs. - Akiva
I sold my tv so I could afford to supersize my snow blower so I could make it to town to buy a Happy Meal. - Stephan from iPhone
omg, I totally forgot that McDonalds even exists! - Meg VMeg
Akiva wins for the best reference ever. "Area man constantly mentioning he doesn't own a television" - NOT THE CRICKET
I buy my McDonald's #1 after I check out at a Wal-Mart. Note: McD inside Wal-Mart: extra points. - Eric - ill subliminal from iPhone
i don't generally eat McDonalds, but i loved their Quarter Pounder mit Cheese where they wrap a couple of rolls of quarters in American cheese and then pound it up your pooper. - Big Joe Silence
I stole Sarah McLachlan's dog. - Steve C Team Marina
I live around the corner from a McDonalds and have friends that hang out there all day, every day, just so they can keep getting free refills on coffee all day long, while they do nothing better with their lives than loiter in a fast food restaurant, gossiping. - April Russo
I only watch Beta tapes. - Mo Kargas
Super 8. - Akiva
Oh yeah, I only watch Woody Allen films that are on Super 8. - Mo Kargas
I only eat bacon. - Jenny H. from Android
Stephen Mack
61 degrees at North Lake Tahoe. Kids enjoyed the water and beach. Hi!
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Hi! Looks like they're having fun! - Anne Bouey
So glad you're all having a wonderful trip! Yay, Spring Break! - Tamara J. B.
:) - Jenny H.
The New York Times
A moon of Saturn has a sea of water the size of Lake Superior
Melly Claus
Happy 3rd birthday, Emily June! <3 <3 <3
Happy 3rd birthday, Emily June! <3 <3 <3
I am still ever so grateful for the love and support we had from all of you when she was born <3 - Melly Claus
Happy Birthday to Mini Mel ...Emily June - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Happy birthday, sweet Emily. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
It's been three years already?! Happy birthday Miss Emily! What is she into these days, Melly? - Corinne L
Happy birthday!!! - Elena
I can't believe how big she is! Happy Birthday, Emily! <3 - Jennifer Dittrich
She likes Lego, drawing, babies, Little People, playing outside, My Little Pony, going to daycare, shopping and visiting, dancing, and Star Wars ^_^ - Melly Claus from FFHound!
Happy birthday, Miss E! - The First NoeLB from Android
Oh, and books! She's reading on the toilet right now! - Melly Claus from FFHound!
Happy Birthday! My little girl has a #3 birthday on April 6 as well! 40-3. And her middle name is Emilia. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Happy birthday! - Galadriel C. from Android
Happy birthday, Emily! - bentley
Happy birthday, Emily! - Anne Bouey
Happy birthday, Emily! - Stephan
Happy birthday, Emily! - Big Joe Silence
Happy birthday, Emily Mini Doyleo! - Pete
Wowza, happy third, Em! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Aww. Happy birfday! - Jenny H. from Android
Yay! Happy Emily Day! I'm so glad she was born! - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Happy birthday cherub - Mo Kargas
Happy Birthday, Emily! - Brent Schaus from FFHound!
happy bday! - imabonehead
It does not take much to make her smile. I can always tell when she's under the weather just from her smile (or lack thereof). She's always been a very happy, sunshine-y girl! I don't think she will ever suffer from resting bitch face ;o) - Melly Claus
*snort* @petershankman: Dear FOX News: Punctuation: It's there for your protection.
*snort* @petershankman: Dear FOX News: Punctuation: It's there for your protection.
And the sub head says there are pictures! - bentley from FFHound(roid)!
Booty call. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
AJ Batac
This. - Mike Nayyar
Please can anyone tell me what 'Team Frank' is all about? intrigued..cheers - Jason
Thanks, Bruce. I was having trouble with FF search in trying to find the thread! - The First NoeLB
Thank you, Bruce - Jason
Happy to help. - Bruce Lewis
This was the first thing I saw when I logged in :) - Ashish
This is gorgeous. The result of a tatted up cow:) - Liza + = ?
Mee toooooo! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
me Three, - Roberto Bonini
Me too! - Halil
FriendFeed forever! - Barbara R. S.
Yup. - Steven Perez
AFFirmative. - Kevin Johnson
Hooray! - Fleagle
FFers Rule - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Hear hear! - Franc, a rememberer
Oh. - sofarsoShawn
Right now, Mark Zuckerberg is sitting in a dark room, looking at monitors on the screen. A big red button marked "Kill Friendfeed" sits on the armchair to his right. As he giggles menacingly under his breath, his finger hovers ever-so-gently over the button... - Fleagle
pleather <3 - CarlC
yep! - Kamil
++ Fleagle. "And suddenly, a question pops his head. How come, why not here on my own developed turf? He sips the last of his milk glass, raising the finger off the button, and decided to give them another day." -The book of SocNet, 12:10 - Zu from AOD
♥ ♥ ♥ - Ali Yolcu
Bu yazı fontu kim de var acaba. - Tesbih "KOD 111"
Haha, always fun to stumble on an old post and see how you reacted at the time. #SomeFFLove - Zu from AOD
AJ BATAC Git burdan. O.O - Tarık
AJ Batac
i love friendfeed
Friendfeed loves you. - Kevin Fox
Thanks Mr. Fox. ;) - AJ Batac
I like the font. - Outsanity from Android
<3 Very nice. - Jenny H.
I still do... - AJ Batac
Aww. :) - Micah
worst thing about being a penguin
Does anybody know how the amazon wish list works?
I put things on my wish lists that I can't afford. They stay there until Amazon quits offering them and I see 'This item is not available' - Greg GuitarBuster
yeah, Greg nailed it. - vicster: hon. canadian
You can also make it 'public' if someone asks what you might like for your birthday, Christmas, etc. I tend to use it to keep track of things I might get my kids for their birthdays. - Yvonne Renee
Family members keep asking what I might want for christmas so throughout the year I put stuff on that list and then they have a handy list. Now when they ask I can say "I made a list!" - Amit Patel
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Jenny H.
Today, I told my boss that I'm leaving the Forest Service and moving to Norway. I'm doing the damn thing! :)))
He took it well. He said that he was happy for me and grateful for all the good work I've done for the NRA. - Jenny H. from Android
W00T!!!!!!! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
*happy dance* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
\(^_^)/ - Eivind
!!! That's awesome!!! - Laura from iPhone
It feels real now! :) - Jenny H. from Android
So exciting!! - Anne Bouey
wow! so cool. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist
Sweet! When?! - Kristin
Have fun! - Anika
No more pining for the fjords :) - Brent Schaus
End of February/beginning of March, Kristin. Thanks, y'all! It's been a long time coming! - Jenny H. from Android
Exciting, Jenny. Happy for the both of you!!! - Stephan from iPhone
How exciting!!!!! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Yay! Bon voyage and good luck on new land! - непростые коротышки
You will still be on FF right? Congratulations in order, Norway is gaining a gem! - Janet from FFHound!
Wow! This is fantastic, J. Life can take such beautiful turns. My move to another country to be with my Love -- wouldn't have done it any other way. :) <3 - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Yay! Do you know if you'll be able to find similar work in Norway? - John (bird whisperer)
Moving to Norway like you always thought you would, right? ;) Innit something how life unfolds? Crazy beautiful. :) Congrats to you both. All the Best! :)) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Congratulations! - bentley
Congrats !!!!!!! - furrworld
Wow!!! So happy for you! - laura x from iPhone
Woot!! - Kevin Johnson from Android
thats good ! Cong'rats - Peter Dawson
Woo! - Mo Kargas
Congrats. And dammit, I never drove up to see you in Vegas. :( - Just another Bubba
Congrats! (To Eivind. Best wishes to you!) - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Thanks everyone! (And the Italians are the ones who put fish on pizza, Mark ;)) - Eivind
(Photo taken moments after the magic word :)) - Eivind
:D <3 - Glen Campbell
:) - Jenny H. from Android
It'll be a happy new year. Happy New Year, FF! :) - Eivind
The magic word was please? - Joe
something in my eye... - MoTO: #TeamMarina
:-) I'm very happy for the both of you! - Stephan from iPhone
Was there ever any serious doubt? - Son of Groucho
Awww, I love this pic <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Yay! Another great ff love story. Congrats to you both! :))) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
yay!! - imabonehead
Sweet! <3 - Anne Bouey
<3 - AJ Batac
awwwww.. I missed this pix.. !! - Peter Dawson
Congrats! - John (bird whisperer)
Takk :) - Eivind
Eric - ill subliminal
Eric - ill subliminal
Let's sack Rivers again. That was fun. #BRONCOS
Eric - ill subliminal
Despite being the "Resident Apple Fanboy" in my social and family circle, I am getting tons of questions about setting up the Android phones/tablets people got for Xmas. Apparently "I don't have one and don't know where to start" isn't a good answer.
Step 1) return said 'Android' device, 2) buy an i-thing, 3) NOW I can help you... :) - Ken Gidley
Let's celebrate 2014 like a boss -
Let's celebrate 2014 like a boss
بعله لطف فرمودین :))))) - وارَش
خواهش میکنم :)) - Mahdi
Stephen Mack
In the name of Fox News, I hereby declare we must and we will fight back against this WAR against New Years Eve. For too long, we have stood up with "multiculturalists" with their lunar calendars and their differing views. Why can't we wish someone a Happy New Years Eve without fear of being punched in the face? Are you with me, friends?
You make me laugh, Stephen. - Corinne L
Why the next time someone wishes you happy holidays, stick your face up right next to theirs and shout, DAMN YOU, I'M A ROMAN CALENDARIST, AND I SAY, HAPPY GODDAMN NEW YEAR. - Stephen Mack
Corinne, thank you, but somehow I think you think that I don't think this is 100% SERIOUS BUSINESS. - Stephen Mack
Or just shout like FES, "Dammit, GOOD DAY!" - NOT THE CRICKET
Pinkman (IF that's your REAL NAME), I am not so sure about that one AT ALL. That sounds INCLUSIONIST. - Stephen Mack
But it's basically a fuck you, even though it might be inclusionist. GOOD DAY! - NOT THE CRICKET
Then it sounds like you're WITH ME in DIGGING IN OUR HEELS and FIGHTING BACK against this war against New Years Eve that I absolutely didn't just invent because I have zero perspective? - Stephen Mack
Hey - don't tell me what kind of year to have. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Joyous arbitrary calendar rollback days to you! - Mark Trapp
M9M, do you have a PROBLEM with HAPPY? If so, I think I know which side you're taking in this war. The UNHAPPY SOCIALISM side. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Mark, I have NO IDEA what you just said, but it looks LEGIT based on syllable count. Carry on. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Thanks. And what's the deal with "Happy New Y-Eve?" Keep the "year" in "New Year's!" - Mark Trapp
F Yeah! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Assume Jesus was born Dec 25th, what year was it next week later? CE1? What was the date between Dec 25 and Jan 1 one week later, CE0? If we base our years based on the Birth of Jesus, why not make Jan 1 on Christmas day? Or, why not start the year on the solstice day around Dec 21 since time is astronomically derived. Happy new year. - Joe
Joe, those are good questions. SUSPICIOUSLY GOOD. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I'm SO TIRED of hearing Happy 2014. What about all the other years? - Carmen from iPhone
Happy 2093, Carmen! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I am still hoping for a happy 1993. - Joe
That is so refreshing to hear, Stephen. And a happy 1876 to you! - Carmen from iPhone
What gives you the right to call a year that yet has to start happy. What is your hidden agenda, Stephen? WELL? - Stephan
Stephan (with your NON-TRADITIONAL spelling), in THIS country, we have a TRADITION of wishing each other HAPPY New Year on or vaguely around January First just as our FOUNDING FATHERS I presume once did. If you don't LIKE that tradition, well, you could always move to CANADA, where the anti-New Years TERRORIST TRAINING CELLS are probably located. - Stephen Mack
I for one am still adjusting to the change from Gregorian to Julian. You think daylight savings is hard? - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
SHOTS FIRED - Stephen Mack from iPhone
HAPPY NEW YEAR WAR IS OVER - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Another year over, And a new one just begun. (Let's hope it's a good one, Without any fear) - Eivind
:) - Anne Bouey
Laura Norvig
Wade is getting the cookies and milk ready for Santa Claus. I totally would have forgotten. Honestly, I think he still believes. Such a strange tradition. I mean, I'm getting ready to explain to him how babies are made within the n
Next year or two ... - Laura Norvig from iPhone
dunking. - Jason
Kidlet is 10, and she still believes in Santa (at least, that's what she claims). She mentioned the milk & cookies earlier, but then we all forgot about it. Thankfully, I remembered while I was putting the presents out. As much as I enjoy her belief in Santa, it will be a lot simpler when we get to the point that I can just put the presents out when they're ready, instead of having to... more... - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
My 11 year old still believes, which kind of blows my mind in the internet age. - Jenny H. from Android
Sammy has asked me once if Santa was real. Sophie was around. When my answer was, "what do you think?" he wasn't sure and seemed to be processing the evidence but basically still believed. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
What was that about the trains, H? - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Heh, it only flashed by for a second - I think it was over my head, anyways. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
You know, I was afraid to let my parents know when I didn't believe in Santa any more. I thought they would stop buying me presents. So I kept pretending I believed, right up till the age of 13. Same with the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. - April Russo
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