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RT @BradStone: Silicon Valley's Talent Grab Spawns High-School Interns - via @BloombergNews by @sarahfrier
RT @ghoseb: Guess why Sachin came to watch Sharapova's match while she hadn't the foggiest clue? Tennis is a global sport; Cricket is a colonial relic.
Win an awesome custom iPad from @taptaptap celebrating the launch of The Heist! ^_^ #TheHeist
Not only Blippy, many others also think that let user adoption decide what we want to do.
Make it cheaper and then make it better #chromebook
RT @SrBachchan: T 364 -'We all live under the same sky but we don't have the same horizon' ..~ K.A
checking friends hobby app. if user exp is first step to grab attention then he is on track.
article on learning from failure in Harvard Business Review says evolve 'what happened' culture in place of 'who did'
FB bug - login to FB, start using FB as your page and api doc page will start throwing error. FB you are loosing track of access token.
In general, I stopped taking interest in cricket but started feeling worldcup fever .
Dr. Acharya, your definition of donkey's work was correct.
Google ads sneaked into main search page block.
Have seen a good movie after long time.
Happy New Year 2011
Q-Why FB can not replace Google ? Ans - you need google to use Facebook.
RT @idlyvadai: Media silent on Radia tapes. PM silent on 2G. Silence is Golden. No wonder Gold prices are higher today in India. #barkhagate
Allahabad doctors denied to admit cousin brother because of viral infection. #failedcitizens#failednation
RT @RaisonD: RT @jaykdesai: Government should put Google AdSense on Allahabad High court site, Common Wealth Games ka adha kharcha nikal jata.. :D
RT @sumeet_tarasia: @HoeZaay Record amount of Hits on Allahabad high court website.. Website can't handle the load and crashed down
RT @TheAngrezJailer: RT @nkitg: LOL @mohak: INDIAN WINS BIG OUTSOURCING CONTRACT! Jerusalem, Palestine, Israel issue to be resolved by Allahabad High Court!!!!
RT @ndtv: Ravi Shankar Prasad: Land to be divided. Prasad: Land to be divided 3 ways.
RT @vikashnsingh: Bom Sabado virus infected 1000s of Orkut accounts
RT's started flowing in, means date has changed. #rtcalendar
3 time zones - my machine is in one , files I'm working on in second and data is coming from third.
RT @paulocoelho: What is important in life? 30 SEC read "The fisherman and the businessman"
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