RT @BradStone: Silicon Valley's Talent Grab Spawns High-School Interns - via @BloombergNews http://www.bloomberg.com/news... by @sarahfrier
RT @ghoseb: Guess why Sachin came to watch Sharapova's match while she hadn't the foggiest clue? Tennis is a global sport; Cricket is a colonial relic.
Win an awesome custom iPad from @taptaptap celebrating the launch of The Heist! ^_^ http://macheist.com/theheist #TheHeist
Not only Blippy, many others also think that let user adoption decide what we want to do.
Make it cheaper and then make it better #chromebook
RT @SrBachchan: T 364 -'We all live under the same sky but we don't have the same horizon' ..~ K.A
checking friends hobby app. if user exp is first step to grab attention then he is on track. http://www.hobnook.com/comings...
article on learning from failure in Harvard Business Review says evolve 'what happened' culture in place of 'who did' http://bit.ly/f7jHMH
FB bug - login to FB, start using FB as your page and api doc page will start throwing error. FB you are loosing track of access token.
In general, I stopped taking interest in cricket but started feeling worldcup fever .
Dr. Acharya, your definition of donkey's work was correct.
Google ads sneaked into main search page block.
Have seen a good movie after long time. http://www.imdb.com/title...
Happy New Year 2011
Q-Why FB can not replace Google ? Ans - you need google to use Facebook.
RT @idlyvadai: Media silent on Radia tapes. PM silent on 2G. Silence is Golden. No wonder Gold prices are higher today in India. #barkhagate
Allahabad doctors denied to admit cousin brother because of viral infection. #failedcitizens#failednation
RT @RaisonD: RT @jaykdesai: Government should put Google AdSense on Allahabad High court site, Common Wealth Games ka adha kharcha nikal jata.. :D
RT @sumeet_tarasia: @HoeZaay Record amount of Hits on Allahabad high court website.. Website can't handle the load and crashed down
RT @TheAngrezJailer: RT @nkitg: LOL @mohak: INDIAN WINS BIG OUTSOURCING CONTRACT! Jerusalem, Palestine, Israel issue to be resolved by Allahabad High Court!!!!
RT @ndtv: Ravi Shankar Prasad: Land to be divided. Prasad: Land to be divided 3 ways. http://www.ndtv.com/news...
RT @vikashnsingh: Bom Sabado virus infected 1000s of Orkut accounts http://www.znews24.com/bom-sab...
RT's started flowing in, means date has changed. #rtcalendar
3 time zones - my machine is in one , files I'm working on in second and data is coming from third.
RT @paulocoelho: What is important in life? 30 SEC read "The fisherman and the businessman" http://paulocoelhoblog.com/2010...
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