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Yet another librarian on teh intartubes
@LibSkrat @ThatAndromeda If it has to be hyped, odds are it will be tanking...
@little_wow @yo_bj @wawoodworth the challenge is the librarianship class system structure varies, depending on where the observer sits
Library vendor RFI responses meeting... Some neat things happening in libraryland (@ Dixon University Center)
Late lunch with the spotlight operator (@ Alfredo's)
Reflecting on @BryanAlexander 's talk at #aclcp yesterday while clearing out the garage...better than music while chopping wood #obliqueref
Watching Man in the Iron Mask (1929) voiced by Douglas Fairbanks Jr [on netflix] (@ Pugh Drive)
RT @ranti: OH at lunch:"The rest of the world think differently than librarians." #acrlscholcomm (reverse that: libns think dif than world)
RT @ReadinPA: Tweens have already redefined #f2f ...#aclcp
RT @PAscibrarian: Let's all imagine the fall of the silos. Would it be a wonderful place? #aclcp #openaccess #creativity #evaluatinginfo #malware
RT @awd: @bryanalexander HI AGAIN ACLCP! #aclcp
@bryanalexander HI AGAIN ACLCP!
Higher Eductaion Bubble? cost/value crisis, debt vs potential future employment, grad-school crises, bipartisan political pressure #aclcp
cMOOC = Connectivist MOOC (generally smaller, more engaged) #aclcp
MOOCs generally STEM fields - humainities, not so much #aclcp
How To YouTubes are a huge growth area - makerspaces are growing in education #aclcp
more trending trends: Educational entrepreneurship, big data analytics, and digitakl security threats #aclcp
"net.generation" is a bad misnomer, but there are demographic patterns which support it (LinkedIn and podcasts are reverse demogs) #aclcp
trending trends: flipping classroom, rise of net.generation, gaming in education #aclcp
Has "the Web" plateaued? #aclcp
@phepbu @ALALibrary @shifted Helloooo ALAers!
Web design change: we are now designing for mobile access first (or should be) ... paradigm shift #aclcp
Growth areas: digital video, cloud providers, augmented reality (physically placed digital stuff), automation/AI #aclcp
@erinaleach That's still an unproven rumour
@ThatAndromeda WASPs Rock!
weak trends: shared academic services (not done), exec compensation rising, internship challenges, lib budgets being crushed #aclcp
As we are automating jobs, jobs are not being replaced - growing trend. This will affect short and long term demograohics further #aclcp
northeast and midwest youth population vs personal debt - fewer kids in these areas (will see in 18-22 group soon if not already) #aclcp
More int'l students heading to US, Non-US Higher Ed systems are building up #aclcp
RT @awd: Recommened: Future Trends in Technology Eductaion #aclcp link:
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