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So, if you've got an institutional OA fund, do you warn applicants about dodgy journals, even if they meet the criteria of the fund? The OMICS journals (, for example, are not indexed anywhere, but I've got somebody who's submitted an article for publication there.
When MfPOW had one, it clearly stated that DOAJ membership for the journal was a prerequisite for funding -- and yes, I looked it up for every single application (unless it was one of the no-duh majors). Given that DOAJ is starting to clean house, this may make even more sense now. - RepoRat
We ask for OASPA and it's a limited enough fund that anything too sketchy we'd probably decline. (Note, I'm not making those calls at present) - Hedgehog
Anyway, to actually answer your question (sorry), yes, it happened a couple times and yes, I warned. Never made a damn bit of difference, but at least my conscience felt clean. - RepoRat
We say, "doaj, or assisting their criteria". The problem is a journal that meets the criteria, charges over $900 in fees, but isn't indexed anywhere, not even in proquest. - DJF from Android
Well, at least the Oral Health and Dental Management journal is indexed for Medline (at least thru a year ago) there's at least that criteria met? I say let the author know your concerns so as least they can make a more informed decision - Hedgehog
How old is it, DJF? Has there been time to get it indexed? - RepoRat
Two issues in 2012 (Jan and Mar), three issues (Mar, Aug, Dec) and one conference proceedings in 2013, two issues (Mar, Jun) so far in 2014. - DJF
This is on the homepage of a sister journal (Cellular & Molecular Biology, "It has to be stated that the cybercriminal robber of my journal, named Maixent, a heavily condemned former professor, ejected from the university like a lousy dog, deprived of all his titles and functions has had the cheek to publish in my... more... - DJF
Cellular & Molecular Biology is, in fact, indexed in Medline. - DJF
We apparently require an impact factor of at least 1. (No comment.) - Deborah Fitchett
That's actually a fairly reasonable use of impact factor IMO. It does leave brand-new journals out in the cold, however. - RepoRat
Wow, DJF. That's... eye-opening. In a LOLWUT kind of way. - RepoRat
The more time one spends with OMICS, the stranger it becomes (and I'm currently plowing, very slowly, through several hundred OMICS journals). The strangeness includes the possibility that there may be some solid journals among the OMICS battalion. - Walt Crawford
[And I have to give OMICS credit: most journals dropped APCs from $1,800+ levels to $500-$900 levels within the past few months.] - Walt Crawford
That's the thing. It's a platform. So the quality of the individual titles depends on the editorial board, because there's no corporate oversight. - DJF from Android
DJF: Is this not true of most publishers with lots of journals--unless they're forced to recognize failure at a specific journal? (I'm not arguing OMICS is good; there's a whole raft of "C" grades in that section of the spreadsheet.) Does Elsevier actually maintain strong corporate oversight over the ethics of each and every journal? Or is this another diseconomy of scale? - Walt Crawford
(The questions above are honest questions: I don't know the answers...) - Walt Crawford
Well, part of it is platform prestige. If somebody is going to pitch a new journal to Elsevier, then it's going to have to have a quality editorial board and good business plan before Elsevier will pick it up. - DJF from Android
They seem to quit looking after that, though -- how the heck did Chaos Solitons and Fractals survive as long as it did otherwise? - RepoRat
Walt Crawford
Just got email from Lars Bjørnshauge, managing director of DOAJ, with some (very) kind words for my series of OA-related articles, especially the big look at the real numbers behind Beall's list. This has made my weekend.
Martha and Sarah today at the party celebrating their wedding.
That's a good picture! thanks, Iris! - maʀtha
You two are very cute. :) - Laura
Iris, would you be willing to share this pic with me? - maʀtha
that is a very happy picture, made my day. :) - Benedicta
As Aunt Ann says, "That is cute a while" - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
you look so happy!! congratulations!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
A big ol' grin spreads across my face every time this scrolls by. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
happy day! - barbara fister
LSW: Joe
Picture this. Ice cream truck. Library book truck. Combined. Good idea or bad idea?
book-flavored ice cream? thanks, but no. - RepoRat
Not exactly. Sell ice cream, and circulate books for free for card holders. - Joe
YES. I will suggest this to the Antelope Lending Library. - laura x from iPhone
Like coffee, but better! - ~Courtney F
I would run out to the street with a fist full of quarters and my library card if I heard the music! - Marie
Brilliant. - Kirsten from Android
are you hiring? - maʀtha
Still need to get the truck first. Working on funding. - Joe
It might have difficulty getting past the board. - Julian
I promise free ice cream to board members. - Joe
laura x
Someone just gave us some National Geographics that are actually old enough to be interesting.
Also, near mint-condition copies of the Atlantic Monthly and Harpers from the 1960s. The National Geographics are from the teens. - laura x
How old is old enough to be interesting? - Katy S from iPhone
1919 is earlier than any I've seen in a long time. - laura x
Neat! - Brian Johns
wow. JEALOUS! - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
That does sound interesting. - Katy S from iPhone
I just got rid of a bunch of National Geographics from the subscription I had in the 80's, but I kept the #4 and #6 I bought at a library book sale. - Betsy
Hey folks! We're hosting some visiting librarians from Myanmar, and I was just talking to them about open access resources. They sensibly asked me for OERs on library & information technology - they don't get many opportunities for education or training. Anyone know of any they'd recommend? I'd love to compile a best of list for them to take back.
Bump into the new week - Aaron the Librarian from Android
I guess I don't know how to answer this? To me (admitting that I am steeped in tech; I have to be) it feels like "Could you give me any OERs about books?" - RepoRat
I can't say with certainty, but they might be able to get some support at the American Centers in Rangoon ( or Mandalay ( Most of their programming seems to be geared toward teachers & English learning, but the librarians on staff may have local insight. (Disclosure: I work for the office that supports the Centers, but I'm not involved in their day to day operations.) - Zamms
I have a few ILS resources listed in my OA web exhibit: Important note: These are open access, with various licenses and restrictions, not necessarily OER or "open". - Rebecca Hedreen
Good questions - I guess I wasn't very clear. It seems to me that they would be interested in open textbooks or other resources that would be geared towards LIS students or paraprofessionals, such as the organization of information, acquisitions, collection development, etc. Due to the limitations of their infrastructure (internet is very spotty and not always present, they only have an intranet catalog, etc), stuff on digital librarianship is not as practical. - Grumpator
I wasn't able to find much in my search. And aside from the more limited scope of this particular request, I was hoping to find more OERs targeting our own profession than I did, given our increasing emphasis on open education along with open access. I do freely admit that I am not a reference librarian and am not really very good at the art of searching, so I may be missing stuff. - Grumpator
There are a few more general books in the ebrary free collection (that the digital libraries book is part of), like Libraries & Librarianship in India, Patel & Kumar, Greenwood Press; So You Want To Be a Librarian, Pressley, Library Juice Press; International library education, Ashcroft, Emerald; etc. - Rebecca Hedreen
Thanks, Rebecca! - Grumpator
Rachel Walden
Have any of you all written anything about changes to PLOS's institutional membership charges?
nope. hadn't heard, actually. link me up? - RepoRat
Oh, that's awfully disappointing. :-( - Deborah Fitchett
Oh..this is not good news. Sending notes to people now. - Hedgehog
well, shit. - jambina
I'm going to guess "not enough uptake from libraries to bother." Sigh. - RepoRat
How many no-fee Gold OA journals could Vanderbilt publish for $122K/year? Never mind; PLOS is a Verified Good Guy, so I shouldn't ask questions like that. - Walt Crawford
They're a Verified Good Guy who I'm pretty sure nevertheless could survive quite happily if they lowered their fees. - Deborah Fitchett
Deborah: The last chapter of my Library Tech. Reports on Big Deal Damages (out any day now) has as one possible "solution," after "Transparent Prices," "Transparent Costs." I'd love to see such transparency happen during my lifetime...but that only allows about 30 years. - Walt Crawford
Another way of saying: "quite happily" may depend on personnel pay levels and perks, but otherwise I'm inclined to believe you're right. - Walt Crawford
ooh, Transparent Costs! sounds lovely! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
As I say in the report (not remotely in these words!), it's mostly a dream...whereas with FOI, transparent prices should be reasonably achievable. (On the other hand, some OA startups devoted to fair pricing--and maybe with university backing--*could* establish some actual costs...) - Walt Crawford
So the point is that there was never actually a discount. Libraries paid a 'membership fee' which covered the discount to institutional authors. This was just getting silly because there was a huge administrative overhead on both institution and PLOS on managing a zero sum system. So now if an institution wants either direct billing or to pay into a fund both those things are available.... more... - Cameron Neylon
..speaking as the person who took the decision to sunset the old program. More than happy to talk to anyone about this but we did it to simplify things and reduce overall costs in the system. - Cameron Neylon
I was gonna say that I'm pretty sure jh has been moving toward dropping all memberships and putting the money into a fund you have to apply for but that will pay full - Christina Pikas from iPhone
With author-fee funds dying like flies... yeah, I admit I'm concerned. But I do see the reasoning. - RepoRat
Christina, who's in charge of administering the fund and evaluating the applications? Researchers/faculty? Or librarians/administrators? Also, where does the money sit? Library budget? University/departmental budget? - Meg VMeg
Part of the issues was exactly that it didn't seem we were helping with author fee funds. The way it worked was we'd estimate volume, assess a membership fee of 10% of the expected costs, then find the volume was a bit higher than expected then have to assess a bigger fee the following year, on top of the volume increase so there was sticker shock - and the amounts were rising to levels... more... - Cameron Neylon
What has happened is that we have fewer US institutions using the new tools but a lot more UK and European ones. Certainly we're seeing a lot more UK/EU institutions establishing funds, less clear on how many US ones are dropping them. - Cameron Neylon
Yeah, that figures. I don't have hard numbers on the US either -- it may be a wash, because other funds are being established even as older ones die. - RepoRat
@Meg - it's out of the libraries budget, administered by the library, and there are some requirements - drat, they deleted the online guide since they ran out of money this year and the new year money doesn't start until July 1. Basically 1 publication per author, author has to state that they can't pay the fees out of a grant or other source, a copy has to be archived in the IR... I can't remember what else. - Christina Pikas
Whatever PLoS's reasoning is is fine for them, we're just not going to take on the costs or local administration of a fund of that type. (Note that this was not my decision to make on our end, so I will not be engaging in conversation about whether we should or not) - Rachel Walden
*nodnod* At MfPOW it was a lot easier to sell a membership than a fund. It fits into existing green-eyeshade categories and it's a lot less hassle internally. That's not to say it was a piece of cake -- I had to do the homework on how many authors and articles we were talking about -- but I'm pretty sure MfPOW still has some OA memberships, while the author-fee fund is deader than Generalissimo Francisco Franco. - RepoRat
... maybe all this is my next LJ column. I need an idea for it anyway. - RepoRat
There's definitely a wider discussion to have about where it is best to administer different kinds of system. I can buy that it's easier to subsidise by putting a smaller amount of money into a third party place. The catch is two fold - there's an administrative burden which to my mind is very inefficient on our side (the intricate variety of what different institutions want is... more... - Cameron Neylon
All that said, if there's real demand for a deposit account that gets use to provide institution marginal discounts then we could look at that again. But at the moment we've got much more demand for systems where the eligibility varies author to author based on their funding sources within an institution. - Cameron Neylon
You'd enjoy my summer lectures, Cameron. I spend a LOT of time hammering on the chooser-isn't-payer market dysfunction. :) - RepoRat
the thing with memberships, imo, was that a chunk of money would go to 10% or 20% discounts... when it was like not that for, say, $1000 they couldn't pay the apc but for $800 or $900 they could. It was like they either could or couldn't. library may want to endorse oa, but instead, they're endorsing one publisher and their offerings. and really, biomed vs all other fields of endeavor.... more... - Christina Pikas
@Meg here's how ours is handled if that's useful - Hedgehog
Inward Cologne
I don't know how you folks feel about shameless self-promotion, but since it is library-related, and there are so gosh-darn many of you.... here goes. I made this blog-thing. It's called Ad/Lib, and it's about sharing marketing, branding and design work coming out of libraries. If that's a thing you're into, check 'er out.
Already bookmarked, for the course in basic design techniques in libraries that I want to do someday. - RepoRat
& consider this an open invitation to share anything awesome coming out of your libraries. - Inward Cologne
FTR, I believe we in the LSW are firmly in favor of shameless self-promotion. Or at least, in favor of shamelessness in general. - Catherine Pellegrino
I'd add it to my Feedly … if I could see my Feedly. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Remember a million years ago when my team was awarded the IMLS grant to create the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship? It starts next Monday!
Congratulations. It's a tough road. - RepoRat
Woooo! - Joe
So excited that this is happening, best of luck! - Galadriel C.
Thank you! We are like kids in a candy store, waiting to see how it all turns out. - Marie
Meg VMeg
Today I learned that DARPA has no Elsevier.
If I wake up dead tomorrow, this post is why. - Meg VMeg
Dang, and we've never met in real life. :( - Marie
I can't decide if the culprit would more likely be DARPA or Elsevier. - Meg VMeg
Huh. Well,they are actually really program managers and the teams they hire May have access but... I thought fuse (?) was using scopus data? Or is that iarpa? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Fuse is iarpa. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Scopus data is open, I think? Oddly enough? - Meg VMeg
Ohhhhh. No it isn't ! You can show times cited. As a bibliometrician you can apply for a data grant, but, no - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Ah, gotcha. I was remembering from Heather Piwowar's stuff, but she must have been an official bibliometrician :) - Meg VMeg
Or she got it through unc or ubc - Christina Pikas from iPhone
No idea why I remembered it being open: - Meg VMeg
YEA, MEG IS STILL ALIVE (for now.) - Joe
"Watch very closely for the removal of this thread" - Meg VMeg
Meg VMeg
I love being so much more awesome than the corporate chatbots.
Trying to work up even a modicum of motivation to prep for this afternoon's class. It's even a class I really enjoy every year. It just feels like this is well past the season for teaching classes.
I think I'm going to go with the easy standby of "amusingly delivered information dump" followed by workshop time. - lris
Librarians get senioritis too. - lris
I gave my first keynote today. It went well and I wanted to share my talking notes. I plan on writing them up into a proper blog post shortly but I wanted to share with LSW first :D (
Andy. I am sure you kicked it's ass. Welcome to the Keynote speaker club. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
Thanks Mo! - Andy
I'll show you the seekret handshake when we next see each other. Vegas? - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫ from Android
Nope, no Vegas, and it sounds like I'll be missing a hell of a party. - Andy
LSW: Joe
Hey EBSCO, it sure would be nice if you had eISBNs in your ebook MARC records for your ebooks, instead of only using the print ISBN. Or, have both in the record.
A Thousand Times This! - Aaron the Librarian from Android
This is yet another reason we do not buy many EBSCO e-books. - Galadriel C.
Here is a picture of me at convocation this weekend. I really do have an MSLIS now! HUZZAH. (this is the converse of POIDH. :D) (Notes: the person next to me with the curly hair is my upstate NY job/philosophical doppelganger; the one next to her is checking a picture she took on her phone, not her email!)
Congratulations again, Marianne! - Soup in a TARDIS
Congrats! - Anne Bouey
One of us! - Meg VMeg
Woohoo! - Kirsten
*waves*... you can see me waving, right? - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
*shrieks from the balcony* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! - Catherine Pellegrino
:D Thanks all. - Marianne
Congratulations Marianne!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Congrats! - YvonneM
So, I'm ridiculously proud of this
Ally Award Martha.jpg
from our LGBTQA student group - maʀtha
But it's backwards! - DJF from Android
I swear I flipped it. - maʀtha
Use a mirror - maʀtha
Don't. I did and the Spirit of Stonewall showed up. - Pete
Aw, Pete, you're safe with us :) - maʀtha
Very proud of you Martha. Ignore the old git. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
*tosses glitter* - maʀtha
Hey, just cos I joke doesn't mean I'm not proud :) - Pete
So you want a biscuit now I suppose? - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
AND YOU WOULD ENJOY IT FOR IT WOULD BE GRAND AND LIFE AFFIRMING! (you realize that we are preening all over Dear Martha's accomplishment) - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
I moved my comment so as not to detract from Martha's accomplishment :) - Pete
As well you should be proud! - laura x
Oh, please, Pete, you are fine. *glues sequins onto Pete* - maʀtha
*looks* at Martha. - Pete
heh - maʀtha
*tosses extra glitter onto the old git* - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
I can figure out the headline text, is there a citation on there? - Pete
They do know that you're not JUST an "ally" right? - DJF
Oh, yes, they do. This is the only award they have for someone who is not a student. - maʀtha
I don't understand images. I always rotate mine and they're beautiful on my computer and then I upload them via Tweetdeck and bam! upside down making me look computer-illiterate. --But </derail>, yay!!! - Deborah Fitchett
Yay! And, hey, it isn't upside down! WIN - maʀtha
Here's the thread where I obnoxious you all about signing up for my data preconference. It'll be very hands on and Sarah, Nathan and I are pretty excited about it.
GOOGLE SCHOLAR DIGEST. Research on Google Scholar: empirical evidences - - Just the right time, as I am preparing for a GS Talk... looking at interesting papers in the bibliography.
oooh! - maʀtha
Yeah I am working through some of the papers in bibliography and came across , a way to remove self citations from Google Scholar. - aaron
Please sign this White House petition to preserve federal funding for the Institute of Museum and Library Services
Still only 941 signatures, people - maʀtha
so i wonder why this didn't get more support (the petition needs > 90k more signatures in about a week)... - henry
I just posted that sucker to FB. - kaijsa
well one of them is mine! - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Catherine Pellegrino
There really ought to be a standard waiver involved whenever disciplinary faculty co-author a scholarly manuscript with a librarian. "I acknowledge that I will be badgered about scholarly communications issues throughout the manuscript submission process..." etc.
♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
Our own Royce Kitts is doing this great class at ALA. Make some awesome stuff at ALA in Vegas! Fwd: Learning Round Table offers Annual preconference on creating effective videos and screencasts (via
Steele Lawman
Sometimes I feel a bit estranged from our profession, but then I encounter those people who try to control or intimidate other people by withholding or squelching information and I get all Conan the Librarian again.
video, pls - maʀtha
I am twelve
Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 14.58.32.png
Update that member before sizing for fit. - Steele Lawman
For those looking for an adventure - wanna come be my boss?
My engineering chops are rusty, but I'm handling the college while we're searching for a STEM liaison. Today, I impressed an EE undergrad by wrangling Knovel to get a comparison of fuel cells that was exactly what he wanted and he said he was going to show his professor what I taught him. This kind of made my day.
Sorry for bragging, but I've been a humanities librarian for 8 years now. - kaijsa
awesome, way to go! - Marie
Thanks for validating my self-centeredness. I work the desk so little now that it's nice to know I haven't completely lost my reference interview and searching chops. - kaijsa
yayyyyy! - Meg VMeg
I'm trying to build a fairly comprehensive research guide on several topics around Francophone Switzerland, particularly around ingenuity and quality. (The topics were set by the professor.) This is not an area I know well (er... at all). Suggestions welcome!!!
Le wow. Tabs for chocolate, cheese, and Calvinism. I can't imagine many guides with those tabs. - barbara fister
also a tab for les languages. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
You'll have to hold on for a while, I was just distracted by the Cheese research tab... - Regular Amanda
The professor for the class is from Geneva, so I think she chose things that she loves and that signify "Francophone Switzerland" to her." - lris
That is so interesting. With the ingenuity and quality topics, are they approaching that from a labor history standpoint, too? It makes me wonder how Swiss companies are usually organized, I'm assuming it differs from the U.S., but don't know for sure. Is one angle in the class something like "why do these Swiss companies all innovate so awesomely?" - Regular Amanda
Yes, I think that's an underlying question -- or rather an assertion in the form of a question. :) - lris
Maybe watches or other timekeeping technology? - Joe
There's a tab for watchmaking. And I am totally stealing your beautiful tab about "how to go from a citation to getting your hands on the actual item" because OMG I can never encapsulate that process in anything less than a 35-page (single-spaced, not including figures, tables, or references) manuscript or a 50-minute lecture. - Catherine Pellegrino
Catherine, in class I usually just go "If there's a place and a publisher listed, it's probably a book. Use the catalog. If not, it's probably not a book, use our A-Z list." - lris
Clicking like on the comment by Catherine about the "how to go from a citation to getting your hands on the actual item" tab. - Joe
Yeah, maybe I have less trouble in class than I do in writing/on the web? But it still presumes that the students know how to use the catalog and the A-Z list, which I've found that one can't presume (at least here). - Catherine Pellegrino
Oh, yeah, can't assume that AT ALL. - lris
tangent: what are yo using for your meetikng availability scheduling? - Aaron the Librarian
nvm... I clicked through the (obvious) linky I missed the first time through - Aaron the Librarian
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) Library is hiring an Online Services Librarian! If you love technology and have a passion for online education, this may be for you. UTC Library is a creative and innovative place to work, plus we’re moving into a new 5-story technology-drenched Library in December 2014. Check out the details here:... We start reviewing applications on April 25, 2014 so please spread the word to friends and colleagues! The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action/Title VI/Title IX/Section 504/ADA/ADEA institution. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
John: Thread Killer
Not *entirely* relevant here, but this just was announced:
Congrats! Tough position to take, but they got the best person for the job. - RepoRat
Congratulations! That's great! - laura x
Congrats! - Katy S
Nice! - YvonneM
Congrats. - Joe
congrats John! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Sweet! Congrats, man. - Derrick
Congratulations! - Deborah Fitchett
Congratulations! - Galadriel C. from Android
Congrats! - Jen
Huge congratulations to you!! - Ruth Kneale
Stephen Francoeur
Anyone here actively using the U of Arizona's "Guide on the Side" tutorials software? Wondering about how good it is. Thought I'd heard of some problems folks were having with it.
I saw some folks from U of Arizona present at ALA Annual on it last year and I liked what I saw. Enough to consider sharing my then thoughts on it with library management for possible implementation at the library...and then I moved away to a new job. I'd have to go back and look at it, but I don't think I heard any negative comments. Would be interested in hearing both pro and cons. - Derrick
I wonder about accessibility for folks with vision impairments. How well does it work with screen readers? - maʀtha
Looks like there's been some progress on accessibility: - JffKrlsn
We do need to do accessibility testing, but really like the platform and have been creating, testing, and assessing all year. Students really like GoTS - it is really interactive. - Jen
We tried an html5/swf-based style tutorial (which has accessibility isses, too) but which did not allow for quite the same free-flowing options. for example: or (now that i've bragged on my colleague for putting these together...) I think I really like Guide on the Side, too. - Aaron the Librarian
You know what I like about it? Not have to update screen captures all the freaking time when interfaces change. - maʀtha
So, the more accessible version is the 1.0-beta3 release? I guess? - maʀtha
I host 2 of them now. It's a bit buggy, but it's pretty nice. (sysadminly speaking) - Blake
The main problem i have with guide on the side when testing is that our library homepages have links that *open in new windows* sigh. Not going to change that any time soon. - aaron
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