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John is like the Jar Jar Binks of "Last Tango in Halifax". #LastTangoPBS @PBS39FtWayne
If anyone needs a GIF, I have plenty to share that I’ve collected or made. Almost 700 megabytes worth, in fact.
Me: “That’s a pretty fantastic GIF.” @elitistsnob: “It’s the GIF that keeps on giffing.” (In reference to:
Whaaaat. Game. Changer. RT: @waiterfw: Don't drink & drive. Drink Inside. We start delivering beer, wine, & liquor this Sept! #FortWayne
Whelp, @scanfw asked for a duck face picture. I’m assuming this is what they meant.
Any #eecms devs out there know of any good add-ons that let you customize the Structure view a little bit? Maybe create custom tabs?
RT @notquitefrodo: Tell us how you interact with our brand. Do you like our brand? Do you love it? Would you... die for our brand? Our brand must feed.
OH from a coworker, on moving in with family: “I’d sooner move into a five by five cage with a bengal tiger.”
No Meme Left Behind™ // @elitistsnob
but sprinter how do sredder defeete
Hold up. WHAT DID YOU SAY, Oprah?! #oprahselfie #loblo14
Hanging with the Sophiesaurus. -
Hanging with the Sophiesaurus.
RT @reusserdesign: Nothing like Ron Burgandy jokes on @SlackHQ, I tell you hwut. (@natereusser @jrrdnx @awelfle)
Episode 10 of Erasable: "The Graphites of Wrath" — It was such a fun episode to record.
Oooh. @mailbox is rolling out the Mac app beta invites. The screenshots look SPECTACULAR:
Pretty proud of this @SlackHQ Slackbot custom response:
RT @ErasablePodcast: Everyone, go listen to the last episode of @Pen_Addict for a while! @imyke and @dowdyism are taking a hiatus!
RT @xeni: Thinking about taking acid this weekend & doing a #LawrenceWelk viewing marathon who's in (you must wear lederhosen &/or hillbilly couture)
I just love these erasers! -
I just love these erasers!
I just love these erasers!
(Look, @whirledkatie, I used a soap opera GIF!)
RT @21AliveWPTA: Around 11:30 a.m. today, a man tried to steal an ambulance from the Dupont Parkview Hospital.
Bro! BRO! Are you seriously going back to work with that much body spray on, bro?!
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