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Check out my @RiteintheRain Mechanical Pencil Review:
I’m sorry, internet, I know they’re gross, but I’ll never not be amazed by instant mashed potatoes.
Get your @ErasablePodcast stickers — they're going fast!
RT @reusserdesign: ACCOUNT COORDINATOR NEEDED! Sometimes, our developers get lost under a pile of paperwork, and we don’t…
My first-ever #BulletPencilTuesday submission — it’s my Midori Brass bullet pencil. I actually set…
RT @josh_tuck: Thanks for the recommendation @awelfle Now for the ceremonial first sharpening. #staysharp #woodclinched
RT @chriscoyier: cool lesson #2 if you’re a person get that garbage out of your contracts
RT @chriscoyier: cool lesson #1 if you’re a company don’t be all wankery and try to own everything your smart people do.
Anyone have a great example of a realtor who uses Instagram really well for their business purposes? Looking for a local(isn) example.
RT @reusserdesign: JOB OPENING: We’re looking for an account coordinator to join the team! Read more about it: And please RT & share!
RT @reusserdesign: We’re excited to listen to the inaugural episode of the @RWD podcast! Hosted by RWD superstars @karenmcgrane & @beep
Sundays are for napping on chests and watching episodes of "The Mindy Project."
“Boston Legal,” but with kittens. And Denny Crane is played by a large pigeon.
Sometimes you gotta talk about West Wing, Star Trek and Gilbert & Sullivan fanfiction on FB on a Sunday. Thanks for that, @AllisonLCarter.
HOW TO BE RICH: 1. Buy lots of buckets & ice cube trays 2. Package together 3. Write “ALS” on side of bucket 4. Mark up 400% 5. Profit!
This is what happens when @WhirledKatie has too many Long Islands Iced Tea. #AttorneysGeneral
When he grabbed his own boob, that’s when Arthur jumped the shark.
Oh dear. Minkus did not stand up to the annals of time.
“I can eat an avocado like an apple, but after 5 bites of Wagyu, I just shit my face off.” — @cinowena
OH from @cinowena: “Did Douglas Adams choose 42 for the answer of life, the universe, etc. because it’s the weight of a human soul times 2?”
Happy Assumption Day, everyone! WE HAVE LIFTOFF!
"The Greatest Invention of All Time" — an interview with Count von Faber-Castell
Idea: a peanut butter jar that has a screw-up bottom like Chapstick. BOOM. You’re welcome.
LOL. I love that these guys have a sense of humor.
RT @ErasablePodcast: We now have vinyl stickers! They’re 2.5 inches—perfect for the front of your @FieldNotesBrand.
Yesss. We now have Erasable vinyl stickers! They're 2.5" (perfect for your laptop or the front of your…
Bow to my amazing wireframing skills, intarnet!! #ux #ui #contentstrategy @ Reusser Design, LLC
PSA: If you don’t know the difference between a “blog” and a “blog post”, YOU’RE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME.
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