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RT @GlennF: Kickstarter is hiring. It seems like a fabulous place to work. And they are now in a renovated pencil factory.
Oooh. The Foldio portable photo studio is on sale to the public now! This would improve my pencil pics greatly. WANT.
RT @elitistsnob: Check it out, @reusserdesign’s new website is featured on Design Shack -> CC: @natereusser @thebrawnyman
(If I can’t find one for hire, maybe you can all help me convince @WhirledKatie we need to buy a foilstamping machine.)
Does anyone out there in Fort Wayne land have a foil stamper & can imprint onto, say, pencils? Asking for a friend. (OK, asking for myself.)
One of the best pieces about Fort Wayne I’ve ever read, by @ElliottBerdan. Published in (260) by @pyecommabrown.
After a month of use, I finally have an opinion formed about the @BaronFig Confidant notebook. At Woodclinched:
After waking up with a sore throat, snow on the ground, and then this, it was not the best morning of…
It’s a wonder I was able to talk for as long as I did on the @ErasablePodcast last night considering all this snot packed into my face.
I wore this little guy down enough where I think I'ma dremel off the ferrule and try it out in my…
Did I ever show you guys my Nazi pencil? I talked about it in episode 4 of Erasable, hitting the…
When I get hangry, anything within arms’ reach can become part of my number twenty.
RT @ErasablePodcast: For our recording sesh tonight: Any old or unusual pencils you have but don’t use? We’re discussing collectible and antique pencils.
RT @reusserdesign: We made a Twitter list with the @rebuildconf speakers! Feel free to subscribe and see what they say in one spot:
Mother and son regard each other.
Oh Karen Gillian, how I've missed you.
Oh man. I second this emotion. “@Dzamage: If @altonbrown and @SplendidTable ever did a series together I think my head would explode.”
Oooh. Check out today. It’s pretty fantastic!
Sittin’ here in Roanoke’s finest steak place with my flying saucers hanging out.
RT @katiewatchestv: Big day for crack.
Jesus. Bring a gluten free bun into a @Five_Guys and they freak the eff out about it.
Sometimes, I go bird watching. That cardinal outside that torments my cat? So majestic, you guys.
I think we literally favorited each other’s tweets at the same time! #besties
Oh man, I really love birds. Like, the toucan from the Froot Loops commercial? Amazing bird, you guys.
RT @ErasablePodcast: We’re starting to pull our next episode together, which is recording Sunday or Monday! Anything you want to hear us talk about?
Dug out the ol' "This American Life" comic book.
Be proud of me, internet. So many ways I could have unleaded the snark shark throughout the day. But I held strong! #CageTheSnarkShark
It's National Sibling Day, so I figured I better post a picture of all of my sisters in one place! It…
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