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RT @woodclinched: “@WritingArsenal: The Sharpened Pencil Project. Huh. Hmm. @woodclinched? @pencilution?”
_kickzfortrix_ #onelove #lezbehonest @ Sharon Terrace Blues
I don’t understand why you still have to go on dates on Saturday night when you’re tired and already married. #DogWithABlog
Can we all agree that Cory Matthews is the world’s worst teacher?
RT @ErasablePodcast: Don’t forget we have a giveaway for this episode, folks! Comment at with your fave pen, and win a @WritePads ledger!
OH, re: Wilfred Brimley: “He has so much fiber in his diet, he must have passed a wicker chair by now.” /cc @elitistsnob
RT @ErasablePodcast: At long last, Episode 11, “Ain’t Nothing but an HB Thing” is live! It’s our Very Special Episode w/ Mr. @dowdyism!
RT @woodclinched: Guys! GUYS! There’s an honest-to-goodness Kickstarter for a bullet pencil! I just backed it. The Bullet Pencil ST:
I just backed Bullet Pencil ST: Aerospace wood pencil holder and stylus. on @Kickstarter
Yet another reason why news site commenters should never influence rational decisions. //@amrecker @jgcoffeebreak
My podcasting buddy. @ Erasable Studios North
RT @WritingArsenal: I'm just going to call it. Tonight's episode of the @ErasablePodcast may go long :) @awelfle @pencilution
RT @jjlsetter: @awelfle just a reminder: HIT THE RECORD BUTTON 👇🎤 @ErasablePodcast @pencilution @WritingArsenal @dowdyism
#LastTangoPBS drinking game: every time Allen or Celia pour tea, take a drink. // @PBS39FtWayne
RT @thebrawnyman: @awelfle has added enough slackbot responses to the company's @SlackHQ, that it can now pass the Turing Test
When you forget about all the automated Slackbot responses you put in @SlackHQ, you end up with hilarious arguments.
RT @ErasablePodcast: A short teaser for Episode 11 with @dowdyism: There will be pencil/pen rapper names.
You know how when you get a dental cleaning, it feel like all your teeth are loose?
RT @bobulate: Introducing NPR One, a new way to listen. An infinite stream of public radio news + stories curated for you:
Yep. Back in Fort Wayne. #rethinkfw
Portrait of a traveler. (Aka whirledkatie's dad) @ Shreveport Regional Airport
In downtown Garrison, TX, (pop. 796), we're pretty sure this thing is still in use.
☆。★。☆。★ 。☆ 。☆。☆ ★。\|/。★ Last night in TEXAS ★。/|\。★ 。☆。。☆ ☆。★。 ☆ ★
Treehenge. @ Sfa Garden Trails
Swarm: the Qwikster of Foursquare.
Go roadrunners! #angelinacollege // nwelfle @ Angelina College
I've been getting SO many spammy SEO comments on my various Wordpress blogs. Where are you, Akismet?
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