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Of 400 Richest Americans, Only 8 Say They're Willing to Pay More Taxes -
Analysis: Government attempt new system to crackdown on internet porn -
Police ‘threatened’ me for taking pictures of daughter in shopping centre, dad claims -
U.S. Gov’t Pressing Google to Hand Over WikiLeak Supporter’s Email Info [REPORT] -
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Man arrested for videotaping police in Huntington, WV. -
The 12 most epic Fark threads ever. This could be number 13 [Interesting] -
Secret U.S. Gov’t Panel Can Place U.S. Citizens On ‘Kill List’ -
Prisoners Help Build Patriot Missiles. -
Researchers find that the brain smells what it expects rather than what it sniffs (w/ video) -
Homeland Security moves forward with 'pre-crime' detection -
Florida School District Puts Fingerprint Scanners on School Buses -
Lawyer sues Facebook for tracking his actions after logging off. -
Federal and Law Enforcement Attempt to Steal Owners Property -
CA Appeals Court Approves Cell Phone Search During Traffic Stop -
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