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The #CollaborativeEconomy is a great chance for B2B brands to get their partners to spread their message. #mmchat
And here is what sharers say about their satisfaction with sharing services: #infographic #mmchat cc@rossmorrone
. @rossmorrone Etsy and custom goods are the biggest category of sharing after buying/selling used goods. #mmchat
RT @ValerieSimon: Yes, listening is important. Sort of like breathing; a required starting point for a meaningful relationship #MMChat showing how to listen to customers, co-innovate with them, and engage them as partners/producers, not just "consumers". #mmchat
As companies look at the business risks and opportunities of the sharing economy, they need Social CMOs to lead the way... #mmchat
Social CMOs can show the role/value of marketing to the larger enterprise -- because marketing hears/amplifies the customer's voice. #mmchat
A5: The #CollaborativeEconomy is a great chance for Social CMOs to get out of the narrow view of marketing. #mmchat
And @JOwyang maintains an epic and ever-growing list of examples like these -- brands getting into sharing: #mmchat
Great example from @NearMeCo of a big brand getting into the #CollaborativeEconomy: Ikea's reseller marketplace. #mmchat
. @IanGertler Product development is a GREAT way for big brands to dip their toes in the Collaborative Economy. #mmchat
MT @IanGertler: Actually -- the most important thing is listening and understanding what [customers] need first. :-) #mmchat
That insight is such an example of why you always need to listen to your customers if you want to know what drives their spending. #mmchat
So a #sharing marketing campaign based around the sustainability appeal might not succeed like one based on price. #mmchat
But asked about their latest transaction, customers say they chose sharing because of price, quality and convenience. #mmchat
Many people think #sharing is all about sustainability and community -- both of which customers DO associate with sharing services. #mmchat
When @jowyang, @andrewgrenville & I started working on the #CollaborativeEconomy project, we had some ideas about what's driving it. #MMChat
Here's a great story about why marketers need to REALLY listen to customers in order to compete in the #collaborativeEconomy #mmchat
Exactly!! RT @krispaugh: Back to one of the golden rules of sales: Sell how the customer wants to buy #MMchat
The key thing is to have a context where you can engage with your customers, so they are helping to steer your brand. #mmchat
So brands need to learn how they can listen and co-innovate with their customers, not just on #Sharing, but on all marketing. #mmchat
What is driving the #CollaborativeEconomy, and what needs to drive marketing, is how customers now want to be PART of the brand. #mmchat
The biggest challenge for marketers is learning to partner/talk WITH customers instead of at them. #mmchat
A4: Marketers need to think about how to get their brands INTO the #collaborativeeconomy AND how to learn from it. #mmchat
. @jowyang covered how brands can keep their customers in our webinar, recorded here: #mmchat
RT @purplexedpanda: A3: Brands should care about a collaborative economy because it makes a self-sustaining economy #mmchat
Brands need to find ways to partner with their customers so they are part of the #CollaborativeEconomy if they want to keep them. #mmchat
A3: The #CollaborativeEconomy means that customers can now buy from one another, instead of getting what they need from big brands. #mmchat
You can get our full report, released with @Jowyang, at #MMChat cc@joshmccormack
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