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Jason Carter
People outside are staring at me like they've never seen a fat man in a Pacman hat before. The nerve.
A. T.
There is action of silence in Livejournal for today - in protest against SUP action to cease new basic accounts.
Interesting to know your opinion about today's news of them giving the basic accounts back (I've just published a post about it on Profy but I think the majority of LJ users will never agree with my point of view). - Svetlana Gladkova
hmmmm, looks like Jaiku had interesting "time machine" glitch, as I wrote this thing many weeks ago, yet topic of Livejournal is so dear for me that I feel necessary to add more below... - A. T.
It's not time machine, it's just me searching for what people had to say about basic accounts cancellation back in March. And having LJ topic so dear to oneselfe is soooo Russian :) - Svetlana Gladkova from twhirl
ahuh, so it floated up on comment ;) - A. T.
imho Livejournal deserves very special post in general, but with lack of time... While I do not deny money thing, I want to note that other variants could be considered but... It won't. SUP has decided to make mainstream media from LJ, hence makes all steps in that direction, and basic accounts MAY BE stay free for while but eventually this is gonna be 100% MONEY MACHINE WITH NICE ADD-ON FOR POLITICS BRAINWASH. It doesn't match with original Christiania ideas behind... - A. T.
Unfortunately, nobody tried really during original and 6apart-part of era to experiment on business level, with other kinds of incomes - hence Fitzpatrick eventually from 6apart and gone, and communities were left facing bloody SUP coming to 6apart with stashes of cash... Tragedy of commons in it's classics. - A. T.
Yes, definitely! I've had a chance to talk to Sup guys in Paris in December days after the acquisition and they actually told the community did not matter and they did not care how many accounts are deleted because of it. Strange they have changed their minds this time and decided to listen to users - Svetlana Gladkova from twhirl
@profy: if that was their approach, there must have been some effect to the bottom line - Starepolsky smok
@gmarketer юноша, пойдите потролльте где-то в другом месте... вот же планктон офисный, совсем нюх потеряли... - A. T.
@Alex: Well, at least I was shocked to hear a CEO talking like this about its users like this. But I guess when some point is reached and you start to lose money heavily because of the users' revolt, you just can't help but listen to them. - Svetlana Gladkova from twhirl
Jason Carter
Robert Scoble
Jason Carter
On Top Of The Burnout World -
On Top Of The Burnout World
Robert Scoble
Today's trip made me feel very small. Like I've done nothing with my life and that I need to do more. Very insprational.
Robert, you've done A LOT to bring people together. That's important. ...via AlertThingy - Ro (Lilyhill)
You can feel but you are not. Sure, you will! - ravi karandeekar
with that awareness alone, I'd call your visit there a success. those are the days we remember our whole life. ...via AlertThingy - Ole
Perspective is nothing but a good thing. :) - Tony Hung
You ARE very small. We all are. Travel safely. - Francine Hardaway
Robert Scoble
@barackobama probably could pull in $100,000 a month in advertising revenue.
Coz he's people's man. - Jack
Axel Quack
PS3 firmware v2.30 is out: new PS Store and DTS-HD MA now yours for the taking -
Robert Scoble
Why I didn't delete my Twitter account -
Robert Scoble
Axel Quack
PS3 firmware v2.30 walkthrough: DTS-HD MA support / new PS Store included -
Robert Scoble
Five Real Reasons Vista Beats Mac OS X -
Finally a well thought out article on this topic. That original article was pure unadulterated garbage. - Bwana ☠
Both are great, just market share currently reflects one more than the other. - Ron
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Who Should I Have Speak and Sponsor our Conference?
For Gnomedex: FriendFeed's founders are my vote. Get geeky again! No politics or sales pitches! - Robert Scoble
+1 for more geeks. - Steve Lacey
Robert Scoble
Jason Carter
My Little Master Chief Pony [Halo] -
Robert Scoble
Damn, I'm really getting excited by going to Israel. Will visit Bethlehem and Jeruselem and TONS of startups.
Please be careful!! - Alex Hammer
It is going to be 10,000 miles an hour and fabulous, Robert. - susan mernit
Talk some sense into the Israelis if you can to stop murdering the Palestinian population. - mj
You are so lucky! Say our greetings to Fixya's founder first. We like his great jobs. And Scoble write somewhere, you will come Turkey in 2010. I'll host it! - Erhan Erdoğan
@Jawhari - leave your misguided pseudopolitical commentary OUT of here. As if the entire Israeli/Palestinian situation can be boiled down to a single line comment anyway. Stupid. - Jeremy Toeman
@Jeremy Toeman, @Jawhari heyyy pleasee.. they are not like "friendfeeds". pleasee, world will change; if !!we will do something different!! ok, please, do something different. - Erhan Erdoğan
More data please, where, when, what. - Raanan Avidor
I'm going to be in TelAviv from Thursday this week through Thursday next week. Unfortunately I'm part of a tour so every minute is already accounted for, sorry. We might have a blogger dinner on Monday night, though. More on that to come soon on my Twitter account. - Robert Scoble
Take a break from Tech and see Petra in Jordan, my parents went and its now top on my list of life to-do's - Kevin
Christopher Sacca
I love when a reporter calls with a predetermined thesis, I debunk it, but they distort my quotes to support it anyway.
That's why I do long-ass unedited videos: so your point of view gets out without being perverted. - Robert Scoble
Axel Quack
Heiße “Action” in R-Type Command -
I'm really looking forward to this game. The strategic elements are well implemented and the game seems to flow better than most SRPGs - Casey Sheldon
Jason Carter
Steinberg hints at a few upcoming PS3 features -
Robert Scoble
@dsilverman blogging kills. So does drinking water. So does eating. So does sleeping. :-)
None - William
...and studying. :) - William
Jason Carter
Not Just Lag: How Nintendo Fumbled Online Play -
Robert Scoble
@antoniocapo even Microsoft innovates too. It's just they don't live up to their potential. Sort of like a super smart child who slacks off
Axel Quack
Eye Gaze Interaction with Second Life -
Eye Gaze Interaction with Second Life
Jason Carter
Capcom Monster Hunter Monster PSP Holder [Oddities] -
Jason Carter
SIXAXIS out, DualShock 3 in, plus list of compatible games -
Jason Carter
WipEout HD website lets you know exactly what to expect from the game -
I love Pulse and can't wait for HD - Casey Sheldon
Martin Dufort
Thinking of Rock Band and smashing the drums on Tom Sawyer by Rush
Jason Carter
LACUNA COIL To Debut New Music On 'Guitar Hero 4: Rock Gods' -
Joke? - Izzy
Why would it be a joke? - Jason Carter
Jason Carter
PirateBay Now Operating From Sinai Desert -
Jason Carter
PS3 firmware 2.30 for April, required for new look Playstation Store -
This was not unexpected. I hope the update doesn't take an hour to install and download. - Izzy
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