Feasibility study
Ayucat: fmt {{Other uses}} {{moreref|date=June 2010}} {{TOC right}}'''Feasibility studies''' aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the existing business or proposed venture, opportunities and threats as presented by the [[environment]], the [[resources]] required to carry through, and ultimately the prospects for [[success]].<ref name="Justis">Justis, R. T. & Kreigsmann, B. (1979). The feasibility study as a tool for venture analysis. ''Business Journal of Small Business Management'' 17 (1) 35-42.</ref><ref>Georgakellos, D. A. & Marcis, A. M. (2009). Application of the semantic learning approach in the feasibility studies preparation training process. ''Information Systems Management'' 26 (3) 231-240.</ref> In its simplest term, the two criteria to judge feasibility are [[cost]] required and [[value]] to be attained.<ref>Young, G. I. M. (1970). Feasibility studies. ''Appraisal Journal'' 38 (3) 376-383.</ref> As such, a well-designed feasibility... - ayucat