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Andy Carvin
If you're planning your own #PubCamp, here's video of PubCamp 101 session: Explains the field guide:
Rob La Gesse
We are pleased to announce that the Gillmor Gang is back - and delivered through the Real Time Network on Gillmor Gang (with video!) will air live on Thursdays, at 1PM Pacific time. Rackspace is happy to sponsor Gillmor Gang, and the Real Time Network. This cooperative effort will continue building43's efforts to educate, inform...
Congratulations, Rob - I know you've been working to make this happen on your end. So, when is that break coming you were talking about taking? :) - Robert J Taylor
Gutsy move to sponsor a show which has a meltdown every 1.2 episodes :) - Mark
Sounds like a great fit. - Mike Doeff from iPhone
sweet and/or awesome - Chris Heath
WOW, just made my day, Gillmor is my dowsing rods for the attention economy the rest of the world is just figuring out we are living in - David Stratton
How are you guys managing the video feeds from multiple locations for this show? Would love for you to share your secret :-) - Chris Nadeau
Skypesaurus II. - Vezquex from fftogo
not really skypesaurus, but a child or red-headed step-son ... they're using mac minis right? and what for kvm? - Chris Heath
Twitter matters - I wouldn't know the Fiat race successes without it. Could apply to many other things as well. #gillmorgang - Rick Bucich
Dawn Cole
In case you were wondering, if a child tips over a Route 44 Blue Powerade Slush, it takes an entire roll of paper towels to clean it up.
SouthwestAir - Gary is getting ready to ring the opening bell at the NYSE - great kick off to our SWA Birthday! - Gary is getting ready to ring the opening bell at the NYSE - great kick off to our SWA Birthday!
adam garrett
@Scobleizer from what I've read about google Wave, it's looking like a pretty good collaboration tool. I'm sure you have first hand knowledge of the app, so do you see any benefit of integration in the Building43, especially in regards to item number 4 of the Manifesto?
I am very excited by Google Wave and can see a ton of ways we will use it here. - Robert Scoble
I think it has some huge possibilities, I posted a high level idea on my blog a couple fo weeks back: - Bill L
I liked this piece about google wave for filmmakers..looking like the impact of GW is going to be deep and wide. - Jim Posner
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