How is your heart doing? The Disease of Being Busy (via @Pocket)
looks like social listening identified the ebola outbreak before WHO did h/t @SarahSchacht
Great read by @ericpliu. What if #Ferguson were your town?
RT @JamilSmith: Remember, this all started with a Ferguson cop taking issue with Michael Brown and his friend walking in the street on a Saturday afternoon.
RT @jbouie: All of this repression, because the police killed a kid and the community wants answers.
that said, great point by @csoghoian on https for @WhiteHouse related content
love that the digital services playbook is on github and invites edits. Nice way of sourcing talent
more broadband choices are coming to Seattle
RT @danamlewis: #CTTAB @geekwire piece on @centurylink and Gigabit, plus update on SDOT ruling push for change..
If you haven’t voted in Seattle, there’s still time. Here’s a handy list of ballot drop boxes
Ran across a pattern language for civic interactions. Useful beyond just the civic realm
BigData-Startups | Big Data Meets Walt Disney's Magical Approach -
Making the Band - MagicBand Teardown and More | At Disney Again -
great follow up to @anildash on privacy and power from @zephoria
Experience: The Blog: Four Mistakes Made By Borders And How To Apply The Lessons To The Collaborative Economy -
love this goal of @SusannahFox — "help people understand how powerful they are.” Congrats on your new adventure!
responses from @seattlecto nominee on tech prios for Seattle (pdf)
RT @ericpliu: There are so many in this country who lack the documents but live like citizens. And so many who have them but don't. Stand w @joseiswriting
uberhealth: a cool idea for health from afar via @Litespritegames
Jellyfish at Discovery Park #seattle
well said RT @Mayor_Ed_Murray: Without fighting against all inequality, our fight for public safety will never be complete.
great to see @Mayor_Ed_Murray urging other US mayors to support a free and open internet
reading this article on unstructured time for kids makes me wonder about the busy trap we fall into as adults
Wow! @Starbucks offers free college education for workers via @VolunTara
nice interview about community from two I really admire @tonyhsieh @heif
talking about privacy issues and Seattle, here’s a pointer to the City’s online privacy policy #cttab
congrats to @mikematt on the appointment! Looking forward to working with you on tech issues for Seattle #cttab
good read from @padday on personalization
RT @hildeborg: .@komonews @KING5Seattle @Q13FOX @KIRO7Seattle Commit to breaking news & ongoing coverage of all shootings in South Seattle too #SPUshooting
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