Hope @groupspaces hackathon is going well & @dmi @sc_ @shevski @langer etc are still ok. At least weekend is soon! :)
Thought visit East London mosque. Hundreds of people queing to get in. Wow. Not even a special night. http://tweetphoto.com/39859162
DevTank was good. Interesting that almost everyone had Android phones. Where the iPhones go?
Thanks @arclight @galtenberg and all those who sent DMs :). Next pic is just a camera+client test http://tweetphoto.com/39805244
It's been ages but back on twitter. On my way to #DevTank. Lol, if anyones reading, be sure to say Hi.
"A new approach to China" http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2010.... WOW! Hope Googles stand against China & human rights abuses paves way for others!!!
#sparkfun tops Google trends+search http://www.google.com/trends... spending only $100K. Wonder if server issues actually helping them? lol, I give up.
@ryokimball Lol, you have home court advantage. I'm on other side of pond. Way slow. lol, should've scripted my order before! Good luck :)
http://www.sparkfun.com/commerc... doing FREE orders upto $100 today. I'd get an Arduino+LCD but I can't connect. Their server is a melted!
"Startup Therapy: Ten questions to ask yourself every month" http://blog.asmartbear.com/startup.... Very good, practical advice for any biz.
@jot Congrats! White Wedding :)
"EtherPad Open Source Release" http://etherpad.com/ep.... [*.txt have des&dev notes,ToDo, etc., http://code.google.com/p... http://code.google.com/p...]
It was snowing yet mild in Soton. It was snowing yet mild in London. I get to Winchester to find rain and bitter cold. Weird.
"Microsoft rips off Plurk" http://blog.plurk.com/2009.... Very blatant IP theft! Bad: what u do against $BN_corps/China? Good: mega publicity.
starts talking to me at traffic light. That *never* happens. Caught off by her hotness, my nothotness, & Gods response time, do a #shyfail..
Wow. As leaving train station, reflect upon life. Silently pray to God help me meet nice suitable women. 20s(!) later HOT spanish(?) girl...
...Please spanish girl, read Twitter. ;). #Winchester #Trainstation #Traffic #Subway #Cathedral #Flood
Congrats @benjiegillam (& @jofarnold) on the £100K http://eu.techcrunch.com/2009... ...but whatever happended to "we'll bootstrap all the way" ;)
http://squareup.com gives everyone the ability to accept card payments via thier phone. That's seriously big. Like PayPal-esque big.
Excellent "VPS Performance Comparison" http://journal.uggedal.com/vps-per... [Node contention unmeasured. AWS amazingly consistent. Linode best overall]
@dmi Yes but 07234567890 is SO much cooler, & u can type it by sliding your fingers across a keyboard :D. Case of narrow-margin-fail regret.
Happy Eid! Got nice present, new phone with tel num (072)34567900. Buyer *just* missed supercool (072)34567890 to previous customer. :/
Sorry everyone for spam (now deleted). Account was hijacked. Ashamedly a victim of Twitter-crime due to over integration with other services
Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize. So basically he gets an award for not being George Bush? Prize should be for achievement not intention!
Watch future NASA launches with a new crisp clear image of this 42 inch plasma TV for FREE! http://wotogepa.directtrack.com/sw...
#redsox they aren't doing so well - but this new plasma TV has just the right touch to make everything better! http://wholeurl.com/freep ...
Goodnight everyone! Check out what Jennifer sent me
doesn't a FREE cruise just sound amazing? bahamas? jamica? where do you want to go? http://wotogepa.directtrack.com/sw...
http://wotogepa.directtrack.com/sw... - check out this free cruise thing my friend just sent me! i got one!
doesn't a FREE cruise just sound amazing? bahamas? jamica? where do you want to go? http://wotogepa.directtrack.com/sw...
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