Q: How do you share books created in BookCreator? TIA!
I'm looking for other #elementary #stem teachers who are using #minecraftedu? I'm about to start it in 2nd-5th grade. @minecraftedu
I ran 6.49 mi with @mapmyrun. Check out my route in Austin, TX! http://www.mapmyrun.com/workout... #run #running
STAAR Writing Test Strategies: from our awesome 4th graders! #hookem http://www.youtube.com/watch... via @YouTube
STAAR Writing Test Strategies: from our awesome 4th graders! #hookem http://t.co/N8b3zF6ZFS via @YouTube
RT @DanHorn12: Kindergarten tested their windmills in #stem today. @baddmom @UTElementary https://twitter.com/DanHorn...
RT @joncarroll: (Repost) It's sad to see your creation go away. But the story you have left can be amazing. @jw shares Gowalla's https://t.co/KrlV2QLTvy
Dear people just now getting here for camp registration, yeah probably not going to happen.
There is a very fine line between crazy and super dedicated. I think I may have crossed over w this line for summer camp.
So far we watched James Bond on the big screen. Wonder what movie is up next?
The local news should come and see our line. Some camped. Some with portable heaters. All a little crazy :)
Waiting in line to register my kids for summer camp since 3:30. Someone brought a big screen and movie :) https://twitter.com/baddmom...
Heading to packet pick up w @luv2bike for the @LIVESTRONG half tomorrow. Hello, traffic
Ya know what? Sometimes your socks just don't match and ya move on. Today is that day :)
found out this morning that a friend is losing her fight against cancer and entering hospice today. my heart feels so much pain
I'm glad it's no longer my job to figure out this Vine thing and if it sticks. Y'all let me know when all the testing vetting is over, K?
Since I have now learned that Feb 8 is not Thursday, but actually Friday... we go to MD Anderson on FRIDAY.
Looks like we are heading to MD Anderson Thursday to hopefully get some new ideas on treating this beast. #onward #livestrong
also this one @robquig : @tide: We can't get your #blackout, but we can get your stains out. #SuperBowl #TidePower http://twitter.com/tide...
“@ankey: Nice RT @Oreo: Power out? No problem. http://t.co/cLXmj9ei”
“@3dg4r: Have they tried turning off and back on again? #SuperBowlITCrowd
RT @JohnJEgan: RT @JohnAvlon: The #Blackout tweets are officially better than the game tweets. Winner: Twitter. #superbowl
RT @JohnJEgan: RT @eddybadrina: Well played. RT @Walgreens: We do carry candles. #SuperBowl
That's the night that the lights went out in Georgia… er… Louisiana.
Hafta admit I like the "it's only weird if it doesn't work" ads. quirky
and the slurping sound effects, vomit inducing. So glad I moved my domains GoDaddy=disgusting
oh yeah @godaddy because you can't possibly be sexy and smart in the same human. #fail #disgusting
My 7 y o is occupying herself by watching videos on http://www.biography.com/. First pick? William h Taft
“@ActuallyNPH: Come on, Boy Scouts, do the right thing. Diversity should be honored and valued. There should be a merit badge for it.” werd
Delanie is proud of her dad @luv2bike while we tour @livestrong today http://twitter.com/baddmom...
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