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Still think young people are shallow?
Holy moly: That's a staggering difference! Programmatic audience development US vs world
Just for fun: Paper sizes explained
Note to our politicians: It's really very simple. In a free world, everyone is treated equally.
People only want discounts if you are not inspiring them.
Please stop this nonsense! RT @SMExaminer @buffer: What people want from brands on Twitter?
Note to brands/publishers: Instead of defining your content by time/length, define it by value. It's not a strategy to create 3 min videos.
Simon's Cat has almost reached its crowdfunding goal:
How parenting has changed over time:
Harry Potter is teaching kids to battle prejudice: RT @ambermac <= this is also why I love Star Trek
Next Plus article is almost done :)
PC sales estimates: How the sausage gets made <= this is pretty much why I ignore 3rd party market 'estimates'
I cannot tell you how many billions of $ I would pay for glasses that could adjust to perfect sharpness and would never, ever get dirty!
ROI is really very simple. If you spend $10,000 on ads, your PROFIT must increase by $10,000 or more as a result.
I love this time of day. 9:30 PM, and an open door with a gentle cool breeze coming in from the outside.
'Drive' explains their new publishing paths:
I would definitely support trying to find life in Europe ... uh, sorry I mean 'on' Europa:
Paramount was forced to remove a poster that nobody knew was problematic:
Google Analytics can now exclude all hits from bots and spiders. Personally, I welcome any tool that can get rid of spiders ;)
Yesterday was International Tiger Day... which is just silly. Every day is Tiger Day!!
UK to allow driverless cars on public roads in January /RT @rossdawson
Heh... okay. In Denmark the highest grade you can get is 12, but to be accepted into Copenhagen Business School, you need a grade of 12.1 ;)
Google, I do like the new Google Drive layout, but I do not like the enormous of extra clicks. What used to be one click is now five!
Intelligent People All Have One Thing In Common: They Stay Up Later Than You
Note to brands: Why do you need me to tell you what product I just bought from your website. Seems kind of weird. Don't you know?? :)
Wondering just how aggressive Amazon is in disrupting retail? Amazon launches store of 3D printed products:
RT @BenedictEvans: Tech has upturned lots of industries in the last 200 years: news is just the first one to be so articulate in discussing what it feels like
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