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20 Percent Chance Of Rain. Do You Need An Umbrella? Nobody actually knows.
Summer beverage ... When ice cubes aren't enough!
I think it's time for @TechCrunch to choose a mobile ad partner that isn't scamming people with fake messages
Yes, you are allowed to be jealous ;)
I think Google should create a 'Don't forget me' form. So for every person who wants to be forgotten, another person has his rank boosted ;)
So... I bought a new toaster made 100% of metal. And it comes with warning saying "Avoid touching any metal during operation"
Syrian terrorists (with the help of the media) have managed to place Norway in a state of terror without actually doing anything.
Amazon revenue up 23%, but lost $126m, and expects to lose $410-$810 million the next quarter: #growthbeforeprofit
How journalists get their stories ;) #itsfriday
Heh... Google has reached its bandwith limit on its own site for its own report:
Heh... Google has reached it's bandwidth limit on its own site for it's own report:
Writing an article about non-linear marketing strategies. Tricky to explain, but so important.
2/2: ....are experts interviewed by the media speculating on the many worst-case scenarios that might happen.
1/2: The only thing worse than the police of Norway scaring the population into a terror frenzy (who can't do anything about it anyway)...
Wikipedia blocks anonymous edits (and trolling) from a congressional IP address
Kim Kardashian And Her In-App Purchases Must Be Stopped! <= yes!
Google Is Offering 3 Months Of Free Unlimited Music To Celebrate Chromecast: <= read: They are giving us a free-trial
As if YouTube wasn't big enough already: Google’s $1B purchase of Twitch confirmed
RT @WarrenWhitlock: If the vegetarians are trying to save all the animals why do they keep eating all their food?
Interesting tool from NYT where you can see how much each word is used over time:
As a writer, I can attest that this is exactly the type of writing place I need :)
In going absolutely bananas...
Strategic insights: Tapping into the Younger Demographic
Nom nom nom nom nom...
BBC iPlayer and website outage still a mystery: /via @emilyevelina
If Apple Products Were Their Own Companies, They’d Be as Big as ...
A conversion doesn’t end with a sale, just as a your relationship with someone you like doesn’t end with a kiss. -- It starts with it!
Foursquare launches... wait for it... a redesigned logo: <= yawn...
For a company with $164B in cash and $7.7B in profit every quarter, this is despicable: <= why Apple? This is stupid.
How do you build momentum on a bicycle? Easy, you keep pedaling. So... why do so many brands try to build momentum with one-time campaigns?
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