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Google Cast Chrome extension bug turns on auto-play for YouTube videos <= Google says it will be fixed today
What Facebook doesn’t show you /RT @annelyser
What An ALS Family REALLY Thinks About the Ice Bucket Challenge
Last Call -- The end of the printed newspaper:
It turns out that Google Cast (chromecast) is the one responsible for all embedded YouTube clips autoplaying... even when inactive.
It seems YouTube messed up. Try searching for 'Youtube autoplay' on Twitter, and you will see a ton of people complaining. Fix this YouTube!
What the... Embedded Youtube clips have started auto-playing when added to articles???
Strategic insights: Future of Analytics and the Behavior of Web Shoppers
Tim Berners-Lee: A Magna Carta for the web
This is currently playing on my big screen TV via Chromecast: ... just as a backdrop for writing. #relaxing
...and then there is this: Tom Hanks typewriter app tops iTunes store chart
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization (HBO) <= spot on!
RT @MissDestructo: Deleting "out of office" email... Interesting! Daimler employees can have a true holiday:
Heh... Washington Post adds Amazon ‘buy it now’ links to stories by accident:
Strategic insights: Valuing Your Traffic Beyond Views and Shares
This was pretty much my weekend ;)
Can you prove that you went on vacation this year? ;)
Everyone is talking about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but what is this disease really about? Well...:
The Verge has a great collection of those taking the ice bucket challenge:
Bill Gates is awesome: (actually they are all awesome, despite the weird rules for this game)
Telegraph “Forgets” Its Own Stories Documenting Google “Right To Be Forgotten” Removals by @dannysullivan
The new trend is rich people taking a shower so they don't have to donate $100 dollars to charity: :)
Clickhole vs. BuzzFeed: Can You Tell the Difference? :)
How we'd cover Ferguson if it happened in another country: <= funny
The stunning difference between SWAT pointing guns, and police being 'part of the community'
Rethinking Advertising in the Connected World
The most popular ad on YouTube is more than 6 minutes long: <= don't try to make snacks
Try not to turn your mission into an industry. <= yep!
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