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RT @TheAuthorGuy: The votes from the Highlands are going to have to be recounted. It appears there's an obscure rule about there being only one. #Scotland
YouTube Takes Out Checkbook Again, Pays Its Stars to Make Videos
Apparently, Amazon launched five new Kindles:
Ohh CNN ... we have this thing now called a calculator. /RT @davepell
Apple's launch of iOS8 is just a train wreck: ... how can they launch something that wrecks already working apps?
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Scottish Independence: <= funny as always!
....and now we wait... 6-8 hours:
I'm surprised we haven't seen hundreds of "7 things brands doing social can learn from Scotland" articles yet... :)
Financial Times: A classic redesign for the digital age: <= for the digital age???
So... I updated to iOS8 on my iPad, but I cannot for the life of me see any difference from iOS 7
slurp slurp slurp ... the sounds of my Macbook Pro drinking up the battery at 1% gone per minute.
Just like to say 'Ahhhhhhhh....' after having finished writing a 50-page report (first part is out now) :)
The Amazing Future of Individual Media - (by @baekdal)
The Amazing Future of Individual Media - (by @baekdal)
The Amazing Future of Individual Media
The Amazing Future of Individual Media
How old should your child be before you buy a computer? ;)
Twitpic is shutting down: <= There must be more to this story.
Introducing the BookBook, by IKEA: <= brilliant ;)
Google Cast Chrome extension bug turns on auto-play for YouTube videos <= Google says it will be fixed today
What Facebook doesn’t show you /RT @annelyser
What An ALS Family REALLY Thinks About the Ice Bucket Challenge
Last Call -- The end of the printed newspaper:
It turns out that Google Cast (chromecast) is the one responsible for all embedded YouTube clips autoplaying... even when inactive.
It seems YouTube messed up. Try searching for 'Youtube autoplay' on Twitter, and you will see a ton of people complaining. Fix this YouTube!
What the... Embedded Youtube clips have started auto-playing when added to articles???
Strategic insights: Future of Analytics and the Behavior of Web Shoppers
Tim Berners-Lee: A Magna Carta for the web
This is currently playing on my big screen TV via Chromecast: ... just as a backdrop for writing. #relaxing
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