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What my MacBook Pro sounds like this morning... -
What my MacBook Pro sounds like this morning...
We need different data from the music industry/Spotify:
This just came up again (in a discussion over at G+): Free Yourself From the Office
Dear Senator Ted Cruz: <= funny!
The New Yorker now has a metered paywall... /RT @EmilyPasser <= great move (and good letter to readers)
A simple trick if your magic mouse keeps losing the connection. Put a piece of paper between the…
The song from John Lewis' 2014 Christmas ad is now top #37 on Spotify (in the UK): <= that's brand effect for you.
Allowing students to get out of bed later improves learning: <= think smarter
A little factoid about my site: Only 6% ever see the front page, and 0.2% the section pages ... 93.5% lands directly on an article.
For those curious... I'm trying to build a new site for Baekdal Plus (new platform, new design)
You know when you just don't 'feel it' about a site design? Trying to decide if I should work my way through it, or just start over.
Conceptualizing Baekdal Plus 2015...
There are days when I wish we didn't have to design for a billion different screen sizes on the web. Today is one of those days...
RT @orskov: Felix Salmon: Facebook seems to have decided to host content itself rather than send users to other websites
From Strategy to Implementation: Your Next Marketing Plan
Imagine if every factory did this... Fuel cells: -- Wind: -- Sun:
In any given week we have Mondays and Tuesdays, followed by WTF ;)
Calvin Klein Never Called That Model ‘Plus-Sized’ — Twitter Did <= social backlash that went wrong
RT @WhiteHouse: It's time to keep the internet open and free. Read President Obama's plan → #NetNeutrality
RT @DJSnM: I get these messages every day. Please, I hope nobody considers signing up for these.
Good one -> The Wolf of Buzzfeed /via @c_senst @KasparKlippgen
Thinking about the Future of BuzzFeed:
Last week, Buzzfeed claimed they were not engaging in clickbait... well, it can't get any more clickbait than this.
Washington Post's featured story about the N-word:
Think: Why do most brands give more price discounts to the customers who want to pay, than to people who don't want to?
Cultural Adventures In Payment Systems – Part I
Not the upgrade we were hoping for: The 2014 Mac Mini reviewed:
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