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Thomas Baekdal
What You Should Plan, Do, and Support - Turkish translation of the article - Murat ÖZORAL
Looks good! ...(I think, cannot read Turkish :)) - Thomas Baekdal
Thomas Baekdal
So Twitter is down, Facebook is kind of down (but completely unreliable at the moment), iTunes App store is down... Good thing we still have Friendfeed.
Okay, it also seems that Friendfeed is having problems... Good thing I still have... erhmm... Flickr? - Thomas Baekdal
Thomas Baekdal
This is not the reason why traditional news is dying, but this kind of Government propaganda must stop. - Thomas Baekdal
Thomas Baekdal
Just Landed - 61 Hours on Vimeo -
A visualization of people using the phrases "just landed in..." on Twitter - Thomas Baekdal
Thomas Baekdal
The Morality And Effectiveness Of Process Journalism -
As an independent writer I have to agree with Mike on this one. This is the true strength of Social Web. "It’s a sign of transparency and a promise to our readers to continue to give them the best information we have". - Thomas Baekdal
Thomas Baekdal
WWDC 2009 Predictions by Daring Fireball -
I agree, except for the tablet... - Thomas Baekdal
Thomas Baekdal
80+ Perfect Ending of Modern Website Design- Footers! -
It shows when you not only make a site, but also make a great ending. - Thomas Baekdal
Thomas Baekdal
Google Squared Declares Current Russian President Medvedev Dead -
This is what happens when you build algorithms without first focusing on understanding the content. - Thomas Baekdal
Thomas Baekdal
Twitter is Not Your Average Social Network -
Not surprising considering that most people have very little to say... A more interesting study would to learn how much people read on Twitter. - Thomas Baekdal
Thomas Baekdal
YouTube - David Letterman Doesn't Get Twitter -
YouTube - David Letterman Doesn't Get Twitter
BTW: He does actually understand it :) - - Thomas Baekdal
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