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Blaise Alleyne

Blaise Alleyne

Catholic, musician, programmer, uoft grad (computer science / english / philosophy), free culture/software advocate.
I'm really liking #Debian Jessie, may not go back to Ubuntu. New battery, new SSD, new distro... I feel like my 7-year-old X60 is brand new.
Bought a 120GB SSD for my old ThinkPad X60 (secondary laptop). Insanely fast. Also, dropping #Ubuntu GNOME to try #Debian Jessie GNOME.
Most shocking thing re: this Planet Money episode isn't unencrypted data, but that *every* company took it seriously:
A #2014TOBCongress commissioning message from @damonowens: "We communio so that we can missio. We inhale so that we can exhale."
RT @fatherjonathan: Vatican should live stream Pope Francis (Argentinian) and Pope Benedict (German) watching World Cup Final together. Epic! #FifaWorldCup
I still can't get over this: I am in a foreign country, and I have unlimited roaming mobile talk/text and *data*. For $15. @WINDMobile
RT @thornet: Make #Firefox extremely pro-privacy and differentiate from competitors. That’s a direction I could get behind:
Popcaks on couples who don't pray together ("That's just too private!"): Share your bodies, but not your souls? #2014TOBCongress
Brings a new meaning to "spacewalk." RT @hhallam Just sshed into a satellite, no big deal #ISEE3 (via @humphd)
My #Gmail fat finger spam is getting ridiculous. Another B. Alleyne just bought *plane* tickets with my email address... *facepalm*
RT @segphault: My editorial at Ars about a misguided IRS policy that unfairly denies tax-exempt status to open source non-profits:
"Harper's bi-annual manifestations of a beating human heart are treated like the Miracle of Fatima..."
Just flattr'd @thp4. I've been using @gPodder (and Panucci) every day on my #N900 for 4.5 years now, plus on my living room computer.
RT @peteforde: CASL is the Y2K of 2014.
RT @larrylarry: Protip: Don't do this when the DVP is flooded
Everything around me stopped for a minute, listening to this cover by Sam Smith: (via @mwjoffe)
.@TheAgenda takes a look at Liberal, PC and NDP Ontario with three interactive post-election maps:
RT @kashhill: Facebook in 2011: We won't use Likes all over Web to track you for ads. FB in 2014: Yeah, we're prob gonna do that.
Taking the stage at @hughsroom on violin with @mikecelia in an hour and a half!
On the analogy between the debates about slavery and abortion in America -
Search: "honda odyssey sucks." Result: "Honda Odyssey Sucks Up Another Prize." ... Reason? Odyssey now comes with a vacuum cleaner...
I think I’m ready for Something New -
RT @cselley: "Even if you decline your ballot, we encourage you to vote." Well said, @spaikin
The "bad math" stuff in #onpoli is so disingenuous. It's not an arithmetic error, it's a problem of economic theory.
Ugh. Can't get Instagram RSS without account, can't get account without mobile app... But, found! Subscribing now...
I think the leaders' debate on the economy should be in the form of a rap battle: #onpoli
Excited for @mikecelia's album release. Promo video: Show is June 12 at @hughsroom:
The #Truecrypt mess is depressing. "They set the whole thing on fire..." Plus, stupid licensing makes a fork hard...
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