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Blaise Alleyne

Blaise Alleyne

Catholic, musician, programmer, uoft grad (computer science / english / philosophy), free culture/software advocate.
From 1999 via @techdirt, "Web Phones: The Next Big Thing?" "There's a whole thing about the screen size..."
T-Shirt: My Heartbleeds for OpenSSL (via @jambalayajon) #heartbleed
My @HostGator server came back up at 3:15am, after being unavailable for... 14.5 hr. That crushes my downtime record with @iWeb of 4 hr.
My @HostGator server has now been down 10 hours and counting due to network problems in their data center.
Discovered Mousetrap: a simple Apache-licensed library for handling keyboard shortcuts in JavaScript.
All bugs are shallow, given enough eyeballs... and a crowdfunded security audit.
#Heartbleed walks into a bar and says "Hello!" ...
Today, I received a message in my calendar that I left for myself in July 2004. How cool is that? Palm > Google > N900 > Funambol > SOGo.
I just enabled two-factor authentication for several accounts, but #Facebook refuses because my browser clears cookies on close. Lame.
RT @charlie_savage: If Pulitzer doesn't go to the primary Snowden journalists later today, it's going to be the ultimate "Imma let you finish but" moment.
RT @glynmoody: Imogen Heap crowdfunding an Open Source version of Musical Glowes -
RT @chrisjrn: "Everyone knows it's more fun to write a program to help you to write a program than it is to write a program" #pycon #pycon2014
An appropriate #pycon commissioning: "Go forth and release code!"
On Github as the no-brainer for FLOSS, see Free Software Needs Free Tools: #pycon
If you need to pick a FLOSS licence, check out the primer from (Apache > BSD/MIT). #pycon
Great talk from @elequ on FLOSS development. But the Github plug in a freedom-conscious talk bugs me: free software needs free tools. #pycon
Enjoyed meeting the other Blaise (@blaiselaflamme) at #pycon tonight. Yes, there are two of us!
RT @karalee: This is what @twitter was made for
Came for the first 15min of @gvwilson's presentation, stayed for whole thing, furiously typing. Brilliant. Insightful. #pycon #pycon2014
RT @normative: New piece at the Guardian: Heartbleed reminds us NSA has two fundamentally incompatible missions.
RT @TomNomNom: I wrote a book about PHP
So, I thought @icontherecord (IC on the record / I con the record ) was a parody account, esp. with #heartbleed Apr 14 post. Apparently not.
RT @mathewi: The CBC needs to think differently: digital first in everything, focus on streaming audio and video, no more sitcoms and reality TV #CBCcuts
RT @SrHelenaBurns: TORONTO TheologyOfBody with moi! Sat, April 12, 2-4:30. Covering some bgrd as well as meat&potatoes concepts&language
.@jpbarlow: reasons for privacy are "pathological" -- we fear judgement from those who shouldn't judge. [I disagree: privacy is more] #pycon
Says @jpbarlow at #pycon, "the three major world religions rightly regarded the internet as the ultimate heresy." Um... citation needed.
RT @Uranowski: I never empathize with Boëthius more than when I'm watching SunNews talk about Catholicism.
RT @acoyne: … simply and eloquently, ‘That’s what heaven looks like.’ So now I know.”
When selecting text in #WordPress revisions diff view... it selects from *both* sides. Why on earth would I want to do that? #fail
RT @FiloSottile: If some company is willing to offer me SSL-enabled static hosting capable of handling >30 req/second, please get in touch. #Heartbleed
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