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Blaise Alleyne

Blaise Alleyne

Catholic, musician, programmer, uoft grad (computer science / english / philosophy), free culture/software advocate.
"Follow it through to its logical end: you're gonna get some stupid European boyfriend..." (@ryanolan strikes again!)
RT @binarybits: It makes me happy that "sales" of digital music are declining. Selling 1s and 0s is almost never a good model.
#meshcon money was a great idea for swag, butI didn't get to the store before it closed today to use my dollars! Ah well, next time!
On violin with @daveborins tomorrow night at the Cameron!
#TIL the University of Waterloo has a RESTful Open Data API #meshcon
RT @schestowitz: Glenn Greenwald dumped #microsoft #windows and is now using #gnu #linux for #security and #privacy w/ #eff advice
"I don't think we have 'internet addiction.' I haven't seen any evidence that suggests we have. Except myself..." @barrywellman #meshcon
How do we make smart cities that aren't also surveillance cities? e.g. #meshcon talking about centralized payments... what about bitcoin?
Best WiFi SSID in range at 99 sudbury: wutangLAN #meshcon
The @hostgator data centre outage was a little over 8 hours today for our server.
A month ago, a @HostGator server I manage was down for 14.5h due to their data center outage. Today, another outage, ~2h and counting...
RT @alexhern: DRM has led to a world where software can crash for everyone, simultaneously, and remain unusable for 24 hours
Comparing @linode vs @digitalocean: DO TOS has anti-free speech provisions about offensive, obscene content, etc:
NDP jump in on the abortion debate in Parliament, but their latest move may backfire: #no2niki #cdnpoli
2/ While a far better privacy policy, it's still just policy: trust us. We really need decentralized, open source search, like Seeks/YaCy.
1/ The new @duckduckgo has auto-suggest. They store queries, but not personal info.
Whenever I hear the word "selfie" or see a selfie, I almost always picture this monkey:
RT @JesseBrown: CONFIRMED: @TonyclementCPC on the next #CANADALAND, defending Federal government 'creeping' your Facebook page:
I now get more spam at Gmail than anywhere else. Someone either keeps forgetting my email address isn't theirs, or is trying to annoy me.
YouTube RSS seems to work for now, but Google has been steadily dropping open standards: Jabber, almost CalDAV (backtracked), now RSS...
Via @bobjonkman, YouTube removes RSS feeds? All the YouTube channels I'm subscribed to are via RSS in gPodder. Ugh.
As if Yahoo! wasn't terribly enough already: "Do Not Track is no longer enabled on Yahoo. Your experience is now personalized." Gee, thanks.
Don't use Gmail? Think again. @makoshark: "Google has most of my email because it has all of yours."
RT @saila: Remember when Canada was a leader in fast broadband? Now we're just a bit ahead of Uruguay in Netflix download speeds
Hudak's plan to create 1 million jobs is to start... by cutting 100,000 jobs. So, is that 1 million? Or 1.1 million?
RT @schneierblog: Tracking People from Smartphone Accelerometers: It's been long known that individual analog devices have their...
From 1999 via @techdirt, "Web Phones: The Next Big Thing?" "There's a whole thing about the screen size..."
T-Shirt: My Heartbleeds for OpenSSL (via @jambalayajon) #heartbleed
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