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Blaise Alleyne

Blaise Alleyne

Catholic, musician, programmer, uoft grad (computer science / english / philosophy), free culture/software advocate.
Mainstream media coverage of #heartbleed and especially the CRA is so... dumb... I can't even... Promise to self: stop reading.
There's a chapter of JPII’s Theology of the Body still waiting to be written. Toward a Theology of the Suffering Body
RT @msurman: Thoughtful and accurate timeline of events leading up Brendan's resignation by @__DavidFlanagan: cc/ @mozilla
Fantastic Radio Lab episode, Black Box. I went to the "don't click this" link afterwards, didn't regret it one bit.
Pretty excited for @pycon next week.
Andrew Sullivan: Our opponents must be humiliated, ridiculed and “isolated as perverts”. I mean “bigots”, excuse me.
RT @Popehat: So now Mozilla has no CTO, no CEO, and a reputation for brutal blood-bath political correctness. Whose goals were advanced again?
The more you immerse yourself in great art, the better your taste, the more your realize your art is NOT great.
RT @sternbergh: After I retweeted this, an American replied "50 weeks?!?" and a Canadian replied "0 weeks?!?"
The lack of comment moderation tools on Facebook has long suggested to me that they don't have users' interests first.
RT @sullydish: The hounding and firing of @BrendanEich disgusts me – as it should anyone interested in a tolerant & diverse society:
RT @russless: A+ post by @msurman on Brendan Eich. As a gay Firefox user, it's what I needed to hear.
RT @msurman: "Mozilla is messy." What's going on and why we need to work through it. cc/@mozilla
The @UofTBookstore has a big sign: "Our textbook prices are now competitive..." Translation: "we're not ripping you off anymore!"
There used to be over 400 days in a year. How do we know? Coral.
RT @glynmoody: A Look Back In @Techdirt History - lest we forget...
RT @roccopalmo: With appointment of first 8 members – including O'Malley and prominent Irish victim – Pope's abuse panel takes shape:
I've created my second WIkipedia article, this time on (first was on @blairpackham a few years back :).
RT @kashhill: Not sure what's crazier: that Microsoft raided journalist's email to identify leaker or that journo was using hotmail
"When the web was built, we tried not to solve any hard problems. How do you search? I dunno!" (via @binarybits)
Edward Snowden speaks at TED:
SOLUTION: gPodder 2.20.3 on N900: database disk image malformed -
My GPS has a great anti-theft mechanism: it always falls off the dashboard onto the floor. Wish I could disable this feature when driving...
Updated my events calendar with shows for July and August across Ontario.
Video from my performance with Darrelle London at Glenn Gould Studio a few weeks back!
Yeah, I just wrote a few lines of Python to scrape the title attributes from my own stream to retrieve unshortened URLs.
No, not at all your responsibility! I've gone and grabbed them for my account anyhow. Not sure anyone else cares, feel free to ignore me!
eg I've grabbed all mine. Not sure anyone else cares?'s the only place I've found them. *shrugs*
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