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anna sauce
Re: There Are No Women On StackOverflow… Or Are There? -
"Thanks Brian- Hopefully it will!" - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: There Are No Women On StackOverflow… Or Are There? -
"I personally like the format- I'm quoting folks who don't like it. I'm not sure, if that's gender-based, or just the usual "50% people don't like competitive arenas." I'm a sucker for gamification. What I don't like is being treated different due to my gender. My latest grief is "smiley faces," which I dislike because of the often quoted "women are more emotional" bullshit. I seriously get more emoticons than other posters (who are male). It's well meant, sure, but condescending. My earth will not shatter if you disagree with me." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: There Are No Women On StackOverflow… Or Are There? -
"It's nice to know that you consciously try not to consider bias in your up and down voting, and many say that saying you are not biased is 50% the way there. There is, though, unconscious bias. Check out this Harvard test to see if you have bias:" - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: There Are No Women On StackOverflow… Or Are There? -
"Hi phwd- note these are comments by women in the list, not mine. I'm obviously visible and posting problems, and writing answers. Good point, I think the "closed doors" is not good for minorities in general. It's "safe", sure, but doens't help you battle these obstacles that exist in the real world.." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Random stuff about the first Fluent JavaScript conference -
"I've hada  few run-ins with Coffeescript, and interested to try. Thanks for the writeup!" - anna sauce
Me when I was younger.
HOTTIEEEEE in da making! - Shevonne
WHAT....a cutie-patootie! - Egyirba from twhirl
Couldn't rock a beard, but I'm okay. :) - Derrick
OMG, you are adorable! "Old wisdom" in the eyes in that young man! - Janet
Compare/contrast with my avatar: - Derrick
Squee! - LB: Ratchet Bear
Does liking this make me a dirty child molester? - Sparky, lurking
still squeezy. :) - edythe
Hella cute. - Mona Nomura
Good pic! - Christian (Simply X)
So cute :) - Neya
still cute derrick! - Trish Haley
so cute - anna sauce
Derrick, he knows what's up. - Mike Nayyar
WHACHOO talkin' bout Willis? - iTad
D during the pre-#bitchlips era. - Akiva
Yep. - Derrick
Totally forgot about this post. - Akiva
how did I miss this *smile* - Michael W. May
This is nearly 11 months old feed! - Ferhad Fidan
잘 생긴 ,,, - namchul
데릭 :D - Derrick
Check you out!! :D - Josh Haley
OMG, I have just died from the cute. Srsly, STOP it. *heart bursts* - Ayşe E.
cheekee boy :) - sofarsoShawn
you are cute! - Marissa
so cute! - Kelly W.
Too cute. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
I'm going to hide this post as an act of self-preservation. It's literally killing me. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
:) - edythe from iPhone
excellent! - MikeAmundsen
*Liked* again. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
What a beautiful boy :) - comix aka martha
I still LOVE this... - JA Castillo
so cute! :-) - Maitani
How did this show up again!?! - Derrick
Because you're fucking adorable and you can't be kept down? - Hookuh Tinypants
Yay li'l Derrick! - Steele Lawman
Aww <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Squeeee! - Melly
:)) - edythe from iPhone
FriendFeed did WHAT?! -
FriendFeed did WHAT?!
this picture rocks - Violet Mae Lim
Amen. - Yolanda
++ Rasheen. - Not Me
Totally excellent! - Warren Butler
lol, I know right - Wayne Sutton
The iconic Rahsheen face. Good for a number of occasions. - Hutch Carpenter
Yes...definitely applies for various occasions :) - Rahsheen
That's the face :) - Micah
Hahaha - Rodfather
that picture kills me LOL! :D - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
What's weird is he's wearing a shirt! - anna sauce
lollllllllllllllllllllll - Melly
If RahRah is wearing a shirt, hell must be freezing over! - imabonehead
Rah needs to do a video like I did. - Outsanity
best avatar eva!!! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Love that expression man :D - Praveen Vasudev
ahahahah :D - Sinan İŞLER
ahaha excellent expression! - Jacque
*bump* This is so perfect. - Andrew Smith
hey man this is really perfect =) - Ahmet UZUN
Retitled: 2 Social Networks and a cup, reax - Christopher Galtenberg from iPhone
Love it! Great face!! - Mitchell Tsai
Jejeje - Stalyn☂
They took the 50 mil and went to San Mateo without us..... - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
...but I LOVE this pic!!!! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Seriously - it makes me LOL everytime I see it! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
lets remember it, what did happen that day :) - alperyz
*sigh* - Big Joe Silence
Wait, what? LOL - Rahsheen
Will still be a classic remembered 500 years from now. - Micah
yep. :) - Abhishek
^ Yep. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
We need pictures for "Instagram did what?" also. - Morton Fox
SUrprised no one has lolcatted this for various occasions.. - Rahsheen
*gets on that* ;) - Big Joe Silence
anna sauce
Re: Castro Bike Fatality Leads 'Chron' To Call For Stricter Bike Enforcement -
"The fatality was *not* from a fixie, it was from a weekend-warrior, the lycra clad, going fast, sporty weekend non-commuter. Let's get our cyclist stereotypes right." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Cyclist Who Struck Pedestrian At Castro: "I Just Plowed Through The Crowded Crosswalk" -
"Ditto." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Cyclist Who Struck Pedestrian At Castro: "I Just Plowed Through The Crowded Crosswalk" -
"Yeah I was just thinking that- doing an acute turn is impossible at 35 mph on a bike - he would probably be able to turn int opposing traffic on market st. (uphill) or to the left, but there's approaching traffic, to go down Market." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Cyclist Who Struck Pedestrian At Castro: "I Just Plowed Through The Crowded Crosswalk" -
"That's a really good point about turning up 17th street, which is an incline and would have been a good runoff. I think he just doesn't do this ride enough to know the options. If he had, he would know not to come down fast, that the corner is frequently full, that he can't break in time at that speed, and a host of other things that experience would have told him." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Cyclist Who Struck Pedestrian At Castro: "I Just Plowed Through The Crowded Crosswalk" -
"I have to admit, all this happens at a split second, so there's that. Also, I'm far more experienced, I want to say, than him at biking in traffic and with pedestrians, since I've been doing this every day (even in rain) for 1-1/2 years, in this city, downtown. I don't go 35mph EVER. It's stupid. There are just too many uncontrolled factors in a large city. When I drove, I went 40mp on King and felt bad about that. So, in his case, he was speeding and that is the main problem in my mind. It's valiant of him to try to crash, but right, deviating from his course would have saved everyone grief. Other choices: trying to swerve into a barrier (isn't the MUNI underground stairwell a wall there?, and aren't there traffic barriers?). He made a bad decision, because he's inexperienced. Do not barrel down a hill if the light is going to change- and lights change- and the counters on the side are great- but in reality, don't go that fast. Pedestrians have the knack of walking into empty traffic..." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Cyclist Who Struck Pedestrian At Castro: "I Just Plowed Through The Crowded Crosswalk" -
"I'm a bike commuter, and was really affected by this story last week. I started stopping at stop signs and cross walks, lights, even more than I usually do. I hope everyone does. It is just so sad." - anna sauce
Sad and anger-making, esp given the revelations today of what this guy said after the accident. - Spidra Webster
anna sauce
Re: Sample Koala-Facebook Ruby on Rails App -
"Interesting. Couple of questions- which Koala do you have? They went through a recent upgrade and I haven't tested it. Also, make sure your FBapp settings are like mine: and Since it's getting back to the callback method witha "code" it makes me think that FB is configured right. We need to get Koala to send out an auth error, that could be a variety of things. The state that it's erroring at is when Koala asks FB again via an "" method, to get the final token. It does a transfer of code for access_token, based on an exchange of credentials that are: the site-url, app-id, and app-secret. Anna" - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Sample Koala-Facebook Ruby on Rails App -
"Prasanna, when do you get the error- when trying to authenticate? FB passes a "code" that we're capturing in the callback. Try to print that out to log. Feel free to copy in your code here or provide a gist link if you want more detailed help. Anna" - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Video: Heroin-Selling Tenderloin Deli Gets The Ken Burns Treatment -
"I was on the jury for a case of oxycodone sale right out front of  Big Bob's Grocery (pictured in doc.), and she's pretty much right about everything- as we were informed by various police who have done, no kidding, 500 arrests in that block area, in the last year (if I recall right). It's called "pharma hill" and has an amazing amount of pill selling- mostly oxycodone (sp?). My understanding is that she's right re: most people commuting to this corner to sell drugs, vs. living here and selling. I do worry about her well-being. It's just awesome that she's standing up and being vocal." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: No Social Media Day 18: The Phone, The Disposal, No Plans -
"Ah, you're right!" - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: My Talk at Women Who Code: Winning! -
"Kim it was so funny- I walked in the room and didn't recognize anybody. 15 years of going to women-in-tech events in the Bay Area. It was awesome, and yes, very glad Elsa recorded them!" - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: No Social Media Day 18: The Phone, The Disposal, No Plans -
"Yeah, maybe "former" first ladies would have been better, not seated ones, (har har)." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Where To Drink Outdoors On This Beautiful March Day -
"The decks of Kennedy's, Rogue Ales, and Lucky 13. Wow, I'm a lush." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: SFist Drinks: The Fernet Ice Cream Float At Park Tavern -
"I took my parents there on Christmas Eve, and wow, what a disappointment. I felt like i was in some medieval theme bar. They placed us in a hallway, the menus were light grey text on tan paper, no lighting, we were using our iPhones for flashlights. Then, the food was either too salty, all meat, with no vegetables or carbs (hence the medieval restaurant comparison). And, as a local North Beach'er was expecting great things." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: On Dressing Girly At Work -
"Part of me wants to dress girlier just to counteract the expectations, you know? I had red nail polish on during one interview, the reaction was actually pretty funny." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: No Social Media For Lent: Day 1 -
"Wow, giving up NYTimes, that's funny. Yeah, it would be awesome if NY resolutions were in April! Lent does line up well with spring cleaning, which must have some historical roots, right? I'm noticing so many interesting things in giving up social media, but will save up the insights for a blog post!" - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Why Women Shouldn’t Write about Why Women Shouldn’t Attend Tech Conferences -
"You blog post was so refreshing. I laughed out loud a few times too, which doesn't hurt, especially re: the complicated software bit. My take is that Susannah was frustrated and disappointed with her own role in things, and she saw that when she was asked to speak about it. She didn't like nor value her contribution or the people around her, and in anger used that to reflect on women in general. It's almost like I've been there, ha. Oh wait! Feelings! Emotional speak! The panel looks really interesting-though as a techie I'm loathe to attend social media stuff, still, if I'd gone (and you were moderating) I doubtless would have gotten something out of it. This may sound callous, but I'm personally OK with the gender ratio at conferences, because I'm an attention whore and get asked to speak a lot. I also am not shy and have no problem dragging friends to these things. But I feel bad that people- of race/class/gender minorities- feel that they aren't welcome. I worry too that I'm part..." - anna sauce
AJ Batac
Confirmed: I'm a thread killer
No, i am. - James Rishabh Mishra
Nope - AJ Batac
But still Abby, whenever I comment on a thread, it dies. :( - AJ Batac
Well, at least I'm not the only one. - Michael McKean
Me too! Sometimes anyway... - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Me<-most of the times - AJ Batac
heh. That's what you think! - Jim is digging out.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> - vijay
--> - AJ Batac
this reminds me of "Serial Thrilla" - mjc
:) - AJ Batac
LOL the more I try to engage the more nearly every thread in My Discussions ends with my comment. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
ha! - AJ Batac
last. - Nicķ
Won't the real Thread Killer please stand up? Please stand up? - Chris Charabaruk
here! - AJ Batac
Me! - Steve Lowe
I thought that was my job :-) - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
last. - Nicķ
Double-last. - Chris Charabaruk
last-infinity - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
infinity plus one! - Morton Fox
first! - Nicķ
yawn - AJ Batac
nice try. - Nicķ
/me whistles innocently - Kevin Johnson
me, watch - Eric - Watch Me Now
No, I am - anna sauce
not - AJ Batac
no, I am! - imabonehead
please, someone else post... i don't want it to be me! - Chris Heath
last. - Nicķ
It takes a big man to kill a thread, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man. - Micah
last of the last. - imabonehead
nope - Nicķ
truly, I am. - imabonehead
I am the thread killer. I'm the little death that brings a post to total obliteration. - Brome
I'm good at thread killing too. - Richard A.
nope. - imabonehead
last. - Nicķ
LAST - mjc
dammit - Nicķ
dammit man, HOW DARE YOU - mjc
how dare YOU! :-P - Nicķ
How dare your mom! - mjc
mjc, nope. - AJ Batac
cute - too bad each of you is wrong... - Kevin Johnson
last. (i'm seeing this thing through!) - Nicķ
I admire your fortitude Nick. Oops! - Jim is digging out.
/thread - Chris Charabaruk
i'll be back after work you bastards! - Nicķ
ok - AJ Batac
Gee, we could have a group for thread-killers... - George Hall (Australia)
there, I just pooped on the floor. clear the room, nothing to see here - grant fox
i cleaned the room already - AJ Batac
last. - Nicķ
nope - AJ Batac
nope, I'm the real thread killer. - imabonehead
gaaaah! - Nicķ
:P - AJ Batac
I think that they make a cream for that - BEX
at some point i'll post a comment and it won't bump it.... i don't know the algorithm that well, but it seems like about now.... - Nicķ
i just killed this thread again. - grant fox
zombie threads - FTW - Kevin Johnson
the price is right - AJ Batac
AJ is my thread-killing archnemesis. - grant fox
prepare to be annihilated! - AJ Batac
Would you like to hear about my undergraduate thesis on the efficiency and equity of the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965? - John E. Bredehoft
Who's John? - AJ Batac
not the filibuster NOOOOOOOOO - grant fox
John, bonus points if you post it as haiku. - Kevin Johnson
Yes John, would like to hear it - AJ Batac
last. - Nicķ
elodeon? - Tyson Key
lurking; then sniping; then threadkilling. - grant fox
nope. - Nicķ
ur doin it rong!! it's ME - Edward Zwart
sorry for the delay, was busy killing other threads. - grant fox
last, dammit! - Nicķ
True - AJ Batac
This is still being bumped? - Pat Hawks
@Pat: no, this thread has been killed. time to move on. - grant fox
yes, everyone please ignore this. - Nicķ
nice try Nick. - grant fox
comment 103! - Nicķ
this is the thread that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends - grant fox
last bump - Kevin Johnson
so close...yet so far - grant fox
last. - Nicķ
not it - grant fox
it - Nicķ
not Nick - grant fox
dang grant, and i thought i was in for the long haul here. and i almost forgot to check the thread...... luckily i remembered. - Nicķ
remembered what - grant fox
remembered this - Nicķ
well, por ejemplo, this will be the last comment on this thread because i am a thread killer. nick knows, ask him. - grant fox
Negatory. - Kevin Johnson
shh. - grant fox
good thing i keep checking this - Nicķ
that's good - AJ Batac
Wait...since you created this thread, does that make you the alpha and omega? :P - (Curtis/Alan) Jackson
Totally dude. Totally. - AJ Batac
Nope. The jury is hung. By a thread. Oh wait, it is true then. - Micah
you can be the alpha and the omega but i'm still the thread killer. - grant fox
<--- thread killer ---> - imabonehead
wh0? - AJ Batac
me! - imabonehead
the real me! - Kevin Johnson
ZOMG A THREAD WATCH OUT! it's ok everyone, nothing to fear, i killed it. - grant fox and are just from today... the worst one was definitely this one though: - grant fox
yeah yeah - AJ Batac
I'm last. - imabonehead
@imabonehead - hahahahaha - Monique
Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in. - grant fox
last. - Nicķ
blah - Kevin Johnson
I'm the real last thread killah. - imabonehead
/me looks from side to side - Kevin Johnson
still at it, 23 days and counting. - Nicķ
ha! - AJ Batac
Let take a tour through each of Ashton's followers. Ready? - John E. Bredehoft
and the hex dump is as follows: - Kevin Johnson
43:6f:6e:66:69:72:6d:65:64:3a:20:49:27:6d:20:61:20:74:68:72:65:61:64:20:6b:69:6c:6c:65:72 - Chris Heath
&#110;&#111;&#112;&#101;&#044;&#032;&#105;&#032;&#097;&#109;&#032;&#116;&#104;&#101;&#032;&#111;&#102;&#102;&#105;&#099;&#105;&#097;&#108;&#032;&#116;&#104;&#114;&#101;&#097;&#100;&#032;&#107;&#105;&#108;&#108;&#101;&#114; - AJ Batac
Thread "Make-people-HIDER", anyway. - tehKenny
Is this still alive? I'll kill it. - Chris Charabaruk
yes it is... sorry. - AJ Batac
Nice try, but that will not give you thread killer status here. - Kevin Johnson
AJ - maybe you could just delete this thread? Please... put us all out of our misery - Chris Heath
then how could i be last? - Nicķ
Does this still works? - AJ Batac
fuck. i thought i'd won this one. i'd been winning since may! - Nicķ
this isn't even a long thread - Chris Heath
no... no it isn't - Nicķ
are you now, really? - Chris Heath
yes - AJ Batac
NOPE. - Steven Perez
YES! - AJ Batac
Tada! - Kevin Johnson
Riiight - AJ Batac
Cuz this is killer, thread killer night, and no one's gonna save you from AJ when he's about to strike, you know it's killer, thread killer night, you're fighting for your threads from a killer, thread killer tonight - Scoble, Alex Scoble
zip! - Kevin Johnson
I'm a girl watcher - Eric - Watch Me Now
No I'M a thread killer! Back off, guy from Canadia! - Jim is digging out.
I shot the Sheriff, but I did not go and kill this thread. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
anna sauce
Re: Third Party Cookies, OAuth2.0, iFrames for Facebook Dev -
"Good point Gabe, as well as your HTML char-set encoding. Despite PGP headers, though, passing around the access token is a sure way to avoid the cross-scripting issues." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Third Party Cookies, OAuth2.0, iFrames for Facebook Dev -
"Yes, passing the signed request is a good idea too. Actually we've been passing around "code" lately." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Third Party Cookies, OAuth2.0, iFrames for Facebook Dev -
"Good point Gabe, as well as your HTML char-set encoding. Despite PGP headers, though, passing around the access token is a sure way to avoid the cross-scripting issues." - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Ruby on Rails and Facebook API (Koala): Basic Example -
"Sure- sorry for the lateness in getting back to you! Here it is on github" - anna sauce
anna sauce
Re: Joy of Android: Playing Sound -
"Yeah that'd be awesome!" - anna sauce
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