Re: Snapp Shots: Oakland First Fridays may return to chaos after losing manager -
"I'm a fan of Sarah, she helped me find priority restroom there when I was pregnant, making it an enjoyable, fun, & yummy outting." - anna sauce
Re: Review of Trader Joe’s Marinated Meats -
"oh good call!" - anna sauce
Re: Review of Trader Joe’s Marinated Meats -
"Yeah, you & Sally are right- I had it on too low." - anna sauce
Re: Review of Trader Joe’s Marinated Meats -
"omg thanks for the sauce recommendation! Yeah I had the pan on too low, and was multi-tasking, ha. Still, I felt it took too long. Baking was fine because the fennel/kale was in with it. We were both scarred from seeing it raw, haha." - anna sauce
Re: Ruby on Rails and Facebook API (Koala): Basic Example -
"Wherever you want to implement a Facebook authenticantion, or a call to get some information from Facebook. If you tell me more about your app, I can be more specific." - anna sauce
This is the Story of a Happy Marriage -
The Traitor's Wife: The Woman Behind Benedict Arnold and the Plan to Betray America -
How My Breasts Saved the World: Misadventures of a Nursing Mother -
Re: Car-Free Lombard Street, Filled With People, is KPIX’s Vision of “Chaos” -
"You realize that used to be on Lombard." - anna sauce
Re: Car-Free Lombard Street, Filled With People, is KPIX’s Vision of “Chaos” -
"There's quite a bit of transit- the 30, 45, 8x" - anna sauce
The Orphan Master's Son -
Mobile Ad Service- iAd vs. AdMobs/Google Ads -
Re: Millie The Adopted Cat Is The Best Climbing Partner Ever -
"That's really awesome- and, Hi Craig!" - anna sauce
Mobile Marketing- How to Get Your App Out There -
Simple example of scheduled, self-clearing Android notifications -
Re: Talking to Yourself: A Twitter Bot in Clojure as a Total Newb -
"Very cool." - anna sauce
SF GoogleBus Appeals Hearing Recap -
SF Bay Area Movers (5/5) -
"I used them for piano movers- very efficient, kept the piano in great shape, and affordable. Seeing them so quickly move my piano on a busy city intersection into my apartment was amazing." - anna sauce
Re: The GitHub-Horvath Mess: Another Reminder of the Value of Diverse Founding Teams -
"To me it's a case of - how to mishandle sexual harassment reports. How to make contributors feel intimidated, unheard, and irrelevant. The original complaints weren't handled, and that spiraled. You're right in that having a diverse founding team at the get-go would have cleared up issues. Promoting her into a position to help and lead -which she was clearly willing to do with the Passion Projects, was one option open to them. By not doing anything, they were essentially saying "this is OK that it happens here at Github." Many orgs have had that very same issue. Systemic sexual (agist/racist) harassment can't be handled by inaction." - anna sauce
Re: 8 Things You Must Do To Support Pregnant Startup Employees -
"Awesome post- also pregnant @ at a startup (but my own). Really useful considerations. I'd add- pregnancy does nto have to be part of the workplace, many times it's a haven of non-baby conversation, stuff, topics. The brain does not go with pregnancy, in fact I'd say it's sharper, more focused, more on point." - anna sauce
Re: SupportPay Is Our Latest PITCH Winner -
"This was my vote!" - anna sauce
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