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RT @ChangeTip: Be creative when you use the tip: who, what, & why. :) Get those creative juices flowing for custom monikers too!
frictionless public microtransactions in natural language via fun monikers
super-frictionless microtransactions in natural language via fun monikers
prediction: future fortunes will get changetipspammed away before it gets too much & banned
o_o @andrejchudy @YangWao @jonasgruska @asebest here, catch the nyancat ~=[,,_,,]:3 @ChangeTip
RT @openbazaar: The end of centralized marketplaces is nigh.
EFF secure messaging scorecard
David Graeber: On Bureaucratic Technologies & the Future as Dream-Time / 01.19.2012 @ SVA - YouTube -
RT @CitadeloCom: V známom rozšírení Awesome screenshot sme našli spyware. Pozrite sa, ako funguje.
RT @AmirTaaki: Fund the Darkwallet 1.0 public release, all info including proposed budget + plans here:
10 Words That Helped BuzzFeed Raise $50 Million via @intelligencer
Inside a Chinese Bitcoin Mine 0.3% of the global hashpower atm
RT @BTroublemakers: New companion book to #BeautifulTrouble - Beautiful Solutions, the toolbox for the future. Call for submissions open!
RT @balajis: At Stanford, learn to build a bike from raw metal. Pass class if it rides. Stanford Eng: the reality-based community.
The devil doesn't wear data. Social injustices are much harder to track than the lives of the individuals they affect
good morning kids. i'm snapchatting lightly annotated pieces of @zaidhassan 's social labs revolution. follow hurppp
B-corps: Companies with Benefits via @newyorker
RT @CoinTelegraph: Bitcoin's "Political Neutrality is a Myth" - Amir Taaki Interview @AmirTaaki #bitcoin
connect with your friends via deleted FB acc and noPhone - a tech-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact
RT @ErikVoorhees: Future of capital allocation: Ethereum raises $750,000 in 2 hours from private parties all over the world. #bitcoin
We should see turbulence as one of those concepts, like life, love, language, and beauty, that overlaps with science.
This Is What the Electromagnetic Field Surrounding You Sounds Like via @motherboard @lomlabel
RT @DISmagazine: Get uncomfortable and watch Jon Rafman's latest video: #DISpremieres
Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Paradise via @NOWNESS
Seal of highest approval for Jodorowsky's Dune. amazing story, documentary and artist @alejodorowsky, y'all should see it
RT @indiewire: This EXCLUSIVE 10min opening of JODOROWSKY'S DUNE, which chronicles legendary cinematic failure, will blow your mind:
RT @voxdotcom: In the 1890s, doctors warned that female cyclists could develop a condition called "bicycle face"
RT @TheEconomist: Humanity has wasted 16,000 years watching "Gangnam Style"> What we could have done instead
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