Chick-fil-A: Cathy's expressedly anti-gay | Religion Dispatches:
Religious Connections: Regnum Christi school says it is reforming ...
Why I Like Larry Flynt Better Than I Like Hugh Hefner:
The Philadelphia DA must go higher in the #Catholic Church hierarchy site:
RT @nickbogardus: RT @latimes: Anaheim protests reflect deep divisions, Latino plight in the shadow of Disneyland
Religious Connections: Southern Baptist predator victim wins and still has to go b... #SBC #abuse #victim
Special pleadings for clerical #sexual #offenders are apparently without scientific merit: #pedophile #abuse #religion
Exclusive: Out4Marriage says David Cameron personally backs gay religious marriages via @PinkNews
'Anglo Saxon'? Unlike the current president of the Southern Baptist Convention:
Holding Catholic Bishop Finn to account for failure to report:
The Catholic sexual abuse scandal grows in Australia:
Exporting homophobia wholesale (especially to Africa)
'Just following orders' Lynn gets three to six years in Catholic abuse case:
RT @BoldFaithType: You don't say! RT @centeronbudget: #Senate GOP Proposal Would Provide Windfall 4 Heirs of Largest Estates: #estatetax
Be Not Afraid (of the Affordable Care Act) (via dotCommonweal) \ You're going to love it, if the #GOP doesn't kill it.
RT @gwfrink3: The Pope's Sex-Abuse Reform Adviser Arrested on #Pedophilia & Drug Charges (via @TIME) #Priest (Father Seppia) in jail.
Can we please have an honest debate about guns now?
A legacy, gone (at Penn State) \ Srsly, Tony.
Hawk Talk (Romney hits the foreign hustings) \ He's going to be a puzzle abroad.
Pew and the Nones (who are not 19 percent of the population) \ Nones = no religious preference
Rick Warren Responds to Accusations He Blamed Colo. Tragedy on Evolution
RT @abpnews: Violent films, easy gun access contributes to "Dark Knight" shootings #Baptist pastor says #Batman #darkknight
Mark Silk: What kills (guns, people, sin ...?) \ Guns. No? Imagine Aurora. CO, with a slingshot.
Religion Clause: New York MTA Ban On Ads That Demean Religious Groups Violates 1st Amendment:
Religion Clause: 11th Circuit: Limits On Carrying Guns In House of Worship Do Not Violate Free Exercise Rights:
Catholic priest prays for Colorado victims and #gun #control (via @USATODAY) \ #Jesus was packin' & wouldn't be.
RT @biblicalrecord: Editor recounts 'positive' Chick-fil-A story; some reports 'distorted' ...
RT @gwfrink3: Trustees cancel Richard Land’s radio show, reprimand 4 “hurtful, irresponsible and racially charged words” via @abpnews
RT @gwfrink3: Embarrassing fail of James O'Keefe's voter fraud prank tends to validate Gov. #Perdue veto (via @guardian) #ncga #ncgov
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