This is huge: The United States and China have just agreed on an ambitious new joint plan to cut carbon pollution.
Delayed action will increase the costs of climate change. It's time to act: #ActOnClimate
Who cares about climate change when there are Americans out of a job, freezing because they can't afford their heat/electric bill, and children growing up in this type of depressed environment? - Anita Chamberlain
Watch the weekly address: For Veterans Day, President Obama pays tribute to the men and women in uniform.
For the first time since the 1990s, the private sector has added at least 200K jobs for nine consecutive months. #ActOnJobs
"We’ll have your backs—just like you had ours." —President Obama. Happy Veterans Day.
No one ever said the fight for change would be easy—that's why it needs you:
Iranian people struggling for a minimal change that can hopefully enjoy very basics of human rights such as women's permission to watch a volleyball game in a stadium, while Superpowers of the world nourishing such cruel rulers of the history! - نافرمانی مدنی
RT @OFA: Retweet if you want to keep the internet open and free. #NetNeutrality
The fight for change is not over. Check out President Obama's message to OFA supporters:
You have the power to make real, lasting change, but you're not in it alone. Join the movement: #OFAction
This is about keeping the internet open and free—sign the petition: #NetNeutrality
Watch: This is what you should know about @OFA.
The internet shouldn't have gatekeepers. Add your name if you agree: #NetNeutrality
"Your voice is needed like never before." Read President Obama's message to @OFA supporters:
Watch: @OFA is a grassroots movement dedicated to the fight for real, lasting change.
Health insurance can save you thousands of dollars in medical bills. #GetCoveredNow
Avoid thousands of dollars worth of medical bills—#GetCoveredNow:
This is important: President Obama is urging the @FCC to keep the internet open and free. #NetNeutrality
President Obama took a stand to keep the internet open and free. Sign the petition to protect #NetNeutrality:
Sign this petition if you support an internet that's open and free: #NetNeutrality
President Obama: This Veterans Day—and every day—let’s make sure all our veterans know how much we appreciate them.
RT @OFA: Retweet to spread the word about the #HealthCareCountdown.
Voters across the country took a decisive stand on raising the minimum wage. #RaiseTheWage
The unemployment rate is falling as fast as any point in the last 30 years. Let's keep building that momentum.
Hello Mr President, that route of "Fatwa" in nuclear deal with so called Ayatollah finally take its toll...downgrading a Superpower to beg a Dictator..., a Superpower whose citizens are among the victims of a 35 year Mulla's terrorism - نافرمانی مدنی
This is undeniable progress on the minimum wage. Congrats to the @OFA volunteers who are fighting to #RaiseTheWage.
Jackie Robinson West All Stars: America's champions.
"I'm going to squeeze every last bit of opportunity to make the world a better place over these last two years." —President Obama
"The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking." —President Obama. Read the full statement:
Retweet if you support cutting dangerous carbon pollution.
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