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it's nice to see start to move around the web! - Barak Kassar
Cathryn Hrudicka
Rassak’s Law: Creativity and Competition | Everything Communicates -
Thank you Cathryn! - Barak Kassar
Tim O'Reilly
RT @pkedrosky: for we data geeks (and @timoreilly): how data visualization is reinventing online storytelling
Louis Gray
Every month, I highlight five lesser-known tech blogs. This month, I would love to get your recommendations on FriendFeed.
For the last year, every month has seen five new tech names featured on, from Hutch Carpenter, Rob Diana and Mona to Charlie Anzman, Jesse Stay, Corvida and Kipp Bodnar. Add your favorite lesser-known tech blogs here. I will subscribe to _all_ of them and there's a good chance they get featured. - Louis Gray
Here is last month's example: Rather than think I know all of them, it'd be great to ask the community. Guidelines would be that the author tends to cover tech, Web, social media, gadgets, business or the Valley. If they have more than 1,000 RSS readers, that's too many. If they have made Techmeme in the last two months, they also don't belong. - Louis Gray
ask the admin, a very good blog, people ask questions about computers, the admin answers them. - Dan owns - covering the microblogging space and fellow Des Moines, IA bloggers! They also run tracking origins of twitter hashtags - andy brudtkuhl
Dan, any URL on Ask the Admin? (URLS, please) :) And Andy, I covered Microblink in November. - Louis Gray
Startup Meme ( covers tech news, startups, etc. apart from that there is ArabCrunch as welll - Sardar Mohkim Khan
Steve Wiseman's is only moderately active, but he loads it with plenty of practical, readily-applicable tricks & techniques. And he's got a few very handy downloads too! - Rob O'Daniel
Are you already subscribed to me? @myphillynetwork - Anthony Farrior
@Louis Ooops! missed that! Well another Des Moines, IA company is running a weekly video series on social media marketing - - called "Area 52".. I searched this time to make sure you haven't covered them :-) - andy brudtkuhl
Anthony, yes, of course I am subscribed to you. I will make doubly sure. - Louis Gray
on an unrelated note - great panel yesterday Louis. I didn't get a chance to meet you afterwards as I was running to a lunch meeting - andy brudtkuhl
Check out by Chad Sakac (EMC) - great VMware tech deep dives and no vendor bashing - Stuart Miniman from fftogo
O_o sorry that sounded insecure :) here's a new blogger - Anthony Farrior
Andy, appreciate it. I enjoyed participating, and wish I could do it more often. It was a solid group and interesting content. - Louis Gray is a great resource for Tablet PC, netbook, Mobile PC, & Multi-Touch news & reviews. - Rob O'Daniel
Another vote for StartupMeme here. - Chris Charabaruk
ok to plug our own blog? I'm the owner of - We've got more Canon 5D information/reviews/still/video samples than anywhere else on the planet. Yes, very specific, but a hot topic these days as they're hard to find but creating lots of stir - planetMitch
Mitch, if you write about tech, and aren't a brand name, then plug away. I would also like to hear about sites you read that you bet I don't. - Louis Gray
Mohomed, I'll pass on KillerStartups. They're very visible, but I don't find that they add much value over other similar sites. - Louis Gray
Blogs I read that I bet you don't? Real Life Debugged ( - DGentry and their network blogs - Bradley Joyce
Blogs I read that I bet you don't? The Cranky Product Manager ( though she probably has more readers than your guidelines. - DGentry
I have mine back on line from a long hiatus, server down, hubby rebuilding it. I love the name, tried to think of something "professional" but "fun." I think I found that. Back when I created it, was looking for a teaching job. Same is true now. Or technology job!!!!!!!!!!! - Patty Pinkley
Blogs I read that I bet you don't? Proper Fixation ( by Yossi Kreinen - DGentry
if you count gaming as tech then there's my video blog over at </shamelessplug> could always do with the extra eyeballs, especially when I'm courting people for distribution or sponsorship deals so I can fund myself and eventually a paid contributer :) - alphaxion
My own and I'd like to second the notion of - Joe Tech
some things i like that might fit: (light, useful, fun tech); (is he too big.. probably.. but);; and of course, (mea culpa!!) a plug for rassak's own blog (ie i write here mostly): or since that .es doesn't want to translate into a link grrrr (media/communications/language mashed with a heavy dose of tech), - Barak Kassar
Blogs I read that I bet you don't? The eponymous Gustavo Duarte ( - DGentry
As a side note, I'll be following all the commenters here on FriendFeed if I wasn't following you already. Thanks for participating! - Louis Gray
Thanks alot Louis, good to see a superstar like yourself gets in the trenches with the little people. - tony
Tony, any reports of my being a superstar are greatly exaggerated. Case in point, I'm sitting in the hallway at SXSW right now, wearing an LG shirt, and nobody knows me. They just walk by... :) - Louis Gray
My blog is at - Virtualization, Windows, Infrastructure and all the "stuff" inbetween. some good blogs posted here that I've not come across before - good idea! - Simon Gallagher
Louis G shirt ahhahahha - sofarsoShawn
Shawn, you know you want one: - Louis Gray
I love the LG shirt. - Hutch Carpenter
Social + Experimentation (App Engine, Rapid prototyping) + a bit of Mobile = my blog - Ben Hedrington : on the business and strategy of web 2.0, with Asian focus. - Yung-Hui Lim
All of the above have been added to Google Reader, via Toluu. See my activity here: - Louis Gray
Louis, so Toluu is still working for you? Doesn't let me login anymore :( - Sasha Kovaliov
Sasha, I've never had trouble logging in to Toluu. You can find Caleb Elston here and on Twitter. Make sure you reach out to him. - Louis Gray
It's Paddy's Day. I do the tech blog thing at well beyond the month of March. - Bernie Goldbach
I recommend Margaret Lewis' virtualization and cloud computing blog at AMD: -- if you check it this month it is all guest posts for Virtualization Ecosystem Month, but scroll down to see Margaret's content. - JulieLass
So that's all of the tech blogs that are worth reading out there? I've subscribed to all, so it looks like the community has spoken. - Louis Gray
One more blog I read that I bet you don't: The Programmer's Paradox ( by Paul W. Homer - DGentry
Thanks, Denton. - Louis Gray, mostly focused on visualization, google web toolkit, and social media. I try to write posts covering techniques no one has tried yet. - Ray Cromwell
I'm tempting to push my own blog... but that wouldn't be correct.. If you are into SQL Server.. try - Aad 't Hart
Self-promo alert: I edit a blog about venture investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship at We're a nonprofit advocating for venture-based economic development. --Ax - Alan Chamberlain
Not a tech blog but this is probably one of my favorite marketing blogs: -- he is Seth Godin 2.0 - Adam Singer
Programmer's Paradox made this list this month. w00t! - DGentry
John Furrier
#ugcx re: bloggers who become celebrites: no one should be a bigger brand then the companies brand .. if bloggers try then fire them fast
Is Michael Jordan bigger than the Bulls? I think so. But the Bulls used him to head to several world championships. - Robert Scoble
I’d only disagree if the celebrity become one because of the bitchin' work done for a particular client. Otherwise I think you have a point. - Off Madison Ave
If one person has a bigger brand than who they work for they should work for a bigger brand. - Robert Scoble
some principles are media agnostic.. see dick wolf quote in graf 1: but every situation is different - Barak Kassar
this discussion was in context to corporate social media teams and what's in the betterment of the community - John Furrier
Michael Jordon was a team player but good point..some say Tiger Woods is bigger than the PGA - John Furrier
I think David Stern and the NBA have consistently done a great job at making superstars' brands work for both the individuals and the league. They were a big part of 'building the brand' for MJ, Magic, Bird - and now do the same with Kobe, Lebron, others ... - Patrick Jordan
nba has cleaned up its act big time.. good point jordan pun intended - John Furrier
blogging is a team sport.. corporate social media is about reputation not one individual..entertainment is a different story re: comment above about NBC and friends.. - John Furrier
Anybody abandon software/web calendars for the DeadTree 1.0 platform? Thoughts?
i was seriously considering that until i got a nokia e71. it's almost as elegant as the Letts of London calendars i used to carry around. and the calendar works like a dream -- plus it plays nicely with the rest of my team and zimbra - Barak Kassar
Thanks for the comment, Barak! I won't be getting one of those any time soon, but you make me want one. :-) - Remarkablogger
Barak Kassar
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