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Hexapod Dance Competition - Hagenberg/Austria -
Hexapod Dance Competition - Hagenberg/Austria
wooww - AdamınBİri
What is the best micro-blog? Pownce,twitter,kwippy,plurk or
Pownce is best, but it is too unactive, twitter is too unstable and replying is annoying, plurk is weird, is even weirder. So I think best micro-blog is kwippy, or Pownce. - k00pa
Twitter. Don't forget to check out - Mikael Pittam from twhirl
I hate Twitter & Plurk & Pownce is ok but I think Kwippy is best. - ChaCha Fance
what about jaiku ? It didn't make the list... - Yvon Bayonne
Pownce probably is the best but Twitter still has a much larger user base, Plurk is childish and has nothing different other than login with OpenID. I'm still trying out Kwippy - João Almeida from twhirl
Twitter, Plurk, Kwippy is also cool - Hisham Sadek هشام
I wish Pownce was big as Twitter, that would make it the best. But I'm commenting on FriendFeed. Go figure. - phil baumann
I'm begining to think of Disqus as a micro blogging format. it does have a linear quality as well. and it takes in Seesmic which I like - NoahDavidSimon
Jaiku and youare are not on list, because I forgot that them also exist. - k00pa
I am a Jaiku fan: best of all these worlds. Too bad Google killed it... ;( - Barbara K. Baker
Hi k00pa, we are introducing YouAre and we are proud if you could test our service. More info: - José Luis Antúnez
Twitter for rate of growth (but not for quality), Pownce for quality but not mass. I'm not big on Plurk, but I'm trying out Kwippy this week and like the idea so far. - Garza
Twitter for ease-of-use, simple GUI, first to market. - Rebecca Povio
the new Gtalk with open social is going to be kewl - paisley
Plurk, not perfect but great GUI and more addictive than the rest - Kol Tregaskes from twhirl
I'm still missing the point on Kwipp, it looks like just another Twitter clone, at least Plurk has a different twist on it - João Almeida
I think friendfeed is best for both microblogging and conversations - Svartling
is this link, comment baiting, what... do you really WANT to know or do you just want to get a lot of worked up replies? Cause if you REALLY want to know, ping me and I'll tell you. - John McElhenney
@JMac by suggesting you have THE answer, you kinda missed the point. - Brian Carter
Twitter and Plurk, i like GUI of Plurk - SEO Srbija
Tamar Weinberg
I'm going to use FriendFeed to complain about how much Buzz sucks.
1. It's new and thus noisier. It will pass. - Tamar Weinberg
hi tamar - when i logged into buzz for the first time today - your name and face was the first thing i saw - Allen Stern
2. Integration with your profiles is completely confusing. I have a blog that isn't tied to my Google Profile that is being pulled. I can't add the blogs I actually *want* Google Buzz to see. Why not?! - Tamar Weinberg
3. Buzz notes with little activity get no visibility and then disappear. Example: My husband, who doesn't have many friends/followers, sent a private buzz which disappeared off the screen and I couldn't find it even after I expanded everything. - Tamar Weinberg
Like using FriendFeed to announce Twitter crashes. - John (bird whisperer)
4. To follow point #3, I tried to search for the particular Buzz item and it was nowhere to be found, probably because it was private. Google shouldn't discriminate between private and public buzzes. If I see them on my stream, I should be able to see them in my own search results. - Tamar Weinberg
5. I hate how the emails are coming up in my inbox. Do not want. - Tamar Weinberg
That's all for now but I've only used Buzz for 5 minutes. - Tamar Weinberg
6. FF also feels nicer. Buzz so far has had irrecoverable errors several times. The FF interface is similar but it's just ... better. It's hard to explain. I'm sure you FFers know what I'm talking about. - Tamar Weinberg
7. Buzz is always in your face. I'm one of those people who hates the number of unread emails in my inbox. If I see Inbox (10), I have to get it down to zero STAT. Now I have Buzz (67) and there's no way to "mute" that number without clicking into Buzz. Maybe I should just turn it off. - Tamar Weinberg
8. UGH. Just because I follow you in Google Buzz does not mean I want to follow you in Google Reader. Let me separate the two! - Tamar Weinberg
I'm the same with the inbox, though my unreasonable twitch only comes when the scrollbar on my inbox is activated... Makes me feel very uncomfortable! - Henry Elliss
I initially didn't number 6, since it's a minor detail, but then I decided to go with the flow... - Tamar Weinberg
9. I don't want to mute Buzzes I started, but I don't want them going in my inbox either. It's an all-or-nothing thing right now, just like #8. Not enough granularity. - Tamar Weinberg
Was just about to finally check it out and see this first ?! Maybe a bunch of people will come back here !! ?? - Charlie Anzman
I hope Buzz dies down like Wave unless these issues above are somewhat addressed. - Tamar Weinberg
10. Every time there's an update to a new Buzz, a brand new "thread" starts in my inbox. It doesn't recycle the old thread, so I have all these annoying emails. Do not want. - Tamar Weinberg
Hah, well then, I'll use Buzz to complain about how much FriendFeed sucks! - Kurt K
Go ahead. But FF really doesn't suck. - Tamar Weinberg
Good for you. - Anthony
Um, thanks? - Tamar Weinberg
11. When your sent mail becomes saturated with Google Buzz, you realize that this is a really really crappy execution of Gmail. It doesn't belong at all. - Tamar Weinberg
Yay more followers! ;-) - Jesse Stay
I've had more comment activity on FF today than I have on Buzz today. - Jesse Stay
I don't like the integration of personas with Gmail. Keep the FF culture and let it grow. Jesse, I'm glad that they're following you. - Tamar Weinberg
Google Buzz is making old Friendfeed users go back to using it. I certainly did. - Robert Sanchez Jr
I'm not completely inactive on FF but I definitely don't think Buzz is a suitable FF replacement. The thing about FF is that I go here when I have time. Buzz is always in your face. I don't want that. - Tamar Weinberg
Buzz is like FriendFeed at maybe v0.5 . But sure that Google 'll continue to copy FF and.. "continue FF". I'm a lil'bit sad. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Tamar, I don't have the same issue as my gmail never was my main mailer (I have a real local IMAP). So now I "just" have to change the role of my gmail account. But I agree that Buzz is too disruptive. - Thierry R. Andriamirado from email
Gmail is my main mailer, unfortunately, so I'm SOL until Google divorces Buzz from Gmail. I hope they do so quickly. - Tamar Weinberg
Kevin Fox
Interesting. It looks like Friendfeed posts inside buzz include the comments and likes that happen on Friendfeed.
O rly. - Micah
That would be very nice!! - Chris Myles
FriendFeed copy cat! - Susan Beebe
gtfo - Josh Haley
Kudos to being open and data portability? - Louis Gray
@Kevin -- that's because FriendFeed atom feeds contain the entire HTML of the thread. We'd actually prefer a stripped down / normal feed. : ) - DeWitt Clinton
The irony is that FriendFeed is getting more buzz now that buzz is out, than ever before... - Ciro Villa
This gets interestinger and interestinger. :) - Micah
Jérôme: it looks like Buzz prefers the source entry from Reader rather than the syndicated entry from FriendFeed. I wonder what it would take to synchronize comments from FriendFeed back into reader and then buzz. Buzz will definitely publish comments to/from Reader. - no name
Thanks, Ben. That looks much better. Though I believe we're using the feed we discover using the public crawl -- the one in rel="alternate" on each profile page. The current discovery link points the "weird" atom feed that Kevin is seeing. If we should be using another end point, maybe you could link to that in the profile page instead? Will take to a DM to work out the details. Thanks! - DeWitt Clinton
I think our current alternate is fine -- I wouldn't change it to something more minimal just so that Buzz render better. - Paul Buchheit
Matthew: says: "We're still rolling out Buzz to everyone, so if you don't see it in your Gmail account yet, check back soon" - no name
Jérôme: I was wrong. There are duplicates and they look pretty bad. - no name
I have an idea of a fix in mind -- talking with Ben now over DM. A little work on both sides, but at least it isn't special case -- should be good for everyone. - DeWitt Clinton
Jeremiah Owyang
Friendfeed has far juicer discussions, debates, and examples of 'civil discource' compared to the rapid fire trading of information in twitter, or 'longer form' content of blogs. The Three bears: "aaaah just right"
Well, one must admit threads can get long & tedious. And trolls are sometimes a problem, but, totally agree w/juicier discussion! ;-) - Barbara K. Baker
My old strategy have been: longtailing (often gets commentary months after a post and it can re-ignite the discussion) = blogs, noteblocking (commentaries less but is somewhat a way to discus bout an topic that isn't mine but something I have found)=tumblr and shorthand-firing it up (discussion heaten up but dies after an hour or a day and never is shown again) =Jaiku. But after this weekend with Jaiku down Friendfeed is a beacon and I haven't missed Jaiku. - Niclas Strandh
Glen: FriendFeed is cool because every post can become a discussion spot. The down side is 1,000,000s of "spots" which never get much discussion. It does suck that until you reach some critical-awareness (or "group" of followers) that no one comments or likes your posts unless you get a FofF effect from someone liking/commenting your item. I don't think it's on purpose. Just no one here can follow everything... Join active threads/spots and post good stuff...eventually people may discover you. - Mitchell Tsai
@Glen Campbell (glenc): I have hope that the more I respond (intelligently, which admittedly is a stretch for me) to the posts of others, the more my own posts will receive responses. I know that I need to do better than I have been doing with my own posts. I can't say I know the experiences of others. - MiniMage from NoiseRiver
Well... if this isn't a discussion of juice and fire I haven't seen any anywhere :) : - Niclas Strandh
"eventually people may discover you" - this is a little like the web in general, isn't it? If you want to hurry along the process then doing what @MiniMage suggests is good advice @Glen Campbell. - TDavid
agree. that's why I have Friendfeed plugin for my WP. getting the best of (hyper)streaming ;) - ~C4Chaos
Word to that. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Agreed! - Justin Korn
And then what happened...? - Hutch Carpenter
Why is everyone talking to Glen when he didn't even comment? Hmmm. This is the problem with deleted accounts. heh - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Louis Gray
The Friendfeedization Of Facebook -
The Friendfeedization Of Facebook
"As Facebook continues to roll out the full version of its new user profiles, it’s becoming clear that their primary goal isn’t, as they said in May, to simply create a cleaner user experience and allow developers to have more meaningful engagement points with users. It’s more about highlighting new content relevant to the user and fostering conversations about that content. And the result is that the Facebook home page looks an awful lot like the exponentially smaller activity stream aggregation service called Friendfeed." - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
there is ONE thing Facebook cannot replicate from Friendfeed. Speed of execution. FriendFeed will always be better and will always be one step ahead - Ouriel Ohayon
facebook who? - Fred Grott
That would be the site with 60m monthly visitors Fred. - Jamie
Coming from the other side, I’d like to see the Facebookization of Friendfeed (without sucking that is). FF is a great place for content and discussion, but not so much for community and social networking. - Hao Chen
Facebook's largely self-contained, immersive "social" and "fun" walled garden works especially well for interpersonal relations, and the upcoming facelift improves on those same principles. I'm impressed. That said, it's too heavyweight for active group conversations. FF has far and away the most effective implementation of group discussions, especially around "the rest of the web". It's great to have both FB and FF, each optimized around their use cases. - Amir Gharaat
The only thing I'm sure of is that Facebook will be unable to recommend the same 9 persons to add as friends to everyone - so hopefully we will still be able to choose exactly who we want to talk to. - Svetlana Gladkova
Facebook is boring as hell. - Thomas Hawk
@Thomas, LOL... I always crack up when I see, in any FB thread your "Facebook is boring". - Juan Pablo González
Friendfeed lays it all out as a stream of posts and comments. It's like reading a newspaper. Just my style. - David Bennett
Facebook has lost its mojo really fast, I winder if the same will happen to FriendFeed - João Almeida from twhirl
@Joao lost its mojo with who? The twittersphere? Facebook was doing just fine before and after they jumped on and off the bandwagon. According to FB, UUs and engagement are up every month. - Jamie
Almeida: yeah, Facebook is growing as fast as ever and tons of "normal people" swear by it. Just because us early-adopter-inside-the-techie-bubble are over here playing on FriendFeed, don't assume that everyone else is. 110 million are on Facebook, maybe more by now. When I went to Israel all I heard was "Facebook, Facebook, Facebook." Same with my niece and lots of others here in Silicon Valley. Also, its event calendar brings tons more people than others. - Robert Scoble
Communities are communities. - Andrew Feinberg
Typical conversation with Real World Friends: "So I saw this post on Friend Feed..." "What's that?" "It's this website where it aggregates everything you do on various social networks" "Social Networks? Like..." "Flickr, Twitter, Yelp..." (Blank Stares) "Websites like Facebook are social.." "OHHH FACEBOOK.. That's the best site ever. *blah blah blah" - George Smith
Alex Gawley: Seems that Facebook no longer will be closed. "This week facebook will also launch their Facebook Connect product, which is designed to let users get that data back out of Facebook." - Alex Sauceda
but do you think the average FB user is going to use the "comment on news feed" feature? a quick scan of some of my heavy-user FB friends last week showed no comments on any news feed items, and then a couple days ago i noticed someone's status message was "I hate all these comment tags on facebook now"... - Trent Olson
LOL @ Friendfeedization - Bwana ☠
I love FF but all my non geeks friends and family are on Facebook. Seems that it works better for them. - Alex Sauceda
Keep in mind, that 18 months ago you could not have had this conversation with anyone who was not 1) in the SV echo chamber or 2) in college. Web services start small and some inflect to a larger community and some don't. - Christopher Sacca
My friends on FB go to Flickr for conversation. None of them are on FF. I add FF contacts in FB to view their bios. - Russellreno
Louis - Agreed but I think the reason is more that they're trying to do an even better job with targeted ads (to keep the price in check) ... ala GMail. I find my Facebook list growing from my activity on Friendfeed. Hmm - Charlie Anzman
Was the FriendFeed mini-feed on Facebook axed: no summary, just a note showing something was added? It's doing that for Feedheads too. Is this happening with others folks? - Blake N. Cooper
Jim: Thanks! Does that mean that my friends would need to change this on their end to see more than 1 line? I have a lot of my friends who will stick to the default (i.e. will be overwhelmed by process for changing) and most likely will not see the content of my Google Reader Shared Items and FriendFeed activity. Sucks if that's the case. Thanks again. - Blake N. Cooper
Jim: This is great, thanks! - Blake N. Cooper
Jim: Is that option retaining the setting - I have it set to one line, short and full, but the new items still seem to default to one line. - Richard Peat
Funny how one year later we are actually seeing the Facebookization of Friendfeed... - Jean-Marc Liotier
Sonny Gill
We'll be having our 1pm EST CmtyChat here today! Seeing how the flow and interaction is on FF vs. Twitter! Hope everyone can make it.
Getting ready to join this week's CmtyChat. It's moving from Twitter (#CmtyChat) to FriendFeed this week, and we're looking forward to the discussion! - Bryan Person
looking forward to the chat over FF. I think it's going to be a much better platform - Chuck Hemann
I'll be here - Keith Burtis
Good luck, Sonny! FF is a useful place for many online events. - Barbara K. Baker
Orli Yakuel
Reading Twitter blog post over and over and realizes they have no intention to go back to normal.
It sure doesn't seem like it. - Mark Czerniec
Morrisons under fire as alphabet blocks designed to help children spell are riddled with howlers | Mail Online -
Morrisons under fire as alphabet blocks designed to help children spell are riddled with howlers
 | Mail Online -
Morrisons under fire as alphabet blocks designed to help children spell are riddled with howlers
 | Mail Online -
"A supermarket has been criticised for selling alphabet building blocks featuring a number of spelling mistakes. Morrisons stocked the sets, which claim to have been 'carefully chosen to stimulate and educate', containing howlers such as ‘Umberlla’ and ‘Yatch’.  One block featured the legend ‘X’ Mas Tree. ... despite the misspelt words, store bosses initially refused to take the toys off the shelves. " - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
Incredible. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
Made in China (Engrish) - rowlikeagirl
Oh, I want a set of these just for the comedy factor. - Rochelle
Beth Harte
Just send a massive amt of FriendFeed subscriptions requests. Sorry folks, just testing. I don't see the point in FF, it's Twitter lite...
I actually find the threaded conversations riveting. Like Twitter on steroids! :) - Jennifer Fong
Haha, many would say the exact opposite, Beth ;-) I'm with you, though - feels like FF lost track initially and is playing catch up with trying to be a mix of other services. We'll see - but looks even noisier than Twitter as it stands. - Danny Brown
I see that now...threaded convos!! Wooohooo! Like I said, I am testing. ;-) - Beth Harte
I like the pic & vid preview integration vs. twitter. different animal, for sure. - Seth Gray
It's better than Twitter because of the like and share function. Twitter has fave but no one uses it. Also it allows you to post longer messages and add in lots of feed from your other services. Try adding the Friendfeed bookmarklet to your browser. You can find it at the bottom of the page in Tools & Widgets - Chris Johnston
I don't really see the point of using Friendfeed, but after getting dozens of requests, I thought I would try it out again too. - Tawny Press
The threaded comments are the thing. Plus, being able to 'Like' items and have them spread to Twitter automatically to share the love. There is significant potential using FriendFeed. However, I would suggest more personal research before trying to explain in it to a client since it would probably cause their head to explode. Cheers Beth. Looking forward to seeing you next week. - Richie Escovedo
I'm like you. I signed up months ago and didn't do much with it. However, ppl are starting to ask if I'm on FF more so I'm tipping my foot in again from time to time. I like the threaded convo piece. - Jeff Hurt
I tried it out last fall and didn't get a lot out of it, but I think more and more people are coming here now, and that is what it's all about. I'll follow the interesting conversation! Since they added "Find your Twitter Friends" a few months back it is much easier to transfer your contacts. - Sara
the plurk-like threaded comments + the ability to post other media intrigue me. takes getting used to after twitter but I like it more and more each day - Jeremy Wiles
I'm still trying to figure out why there's been such an uptick... what we NEED is a way to port group info. - Ike Pigott
I couldn't agree more, I'm still trying to find the big advantage of FriendFeed myself. - Todd Beane
FriendFeed as Twitter lite? Never heard that. It's certainly not true. - Louis Gray
friendfeed takes a bit to get, kind of like how I sat on Twitter for over a year before I "got it." - Jason Nunnelley
I get the feeling FF is due for a big spike in popularity, there seems to a significant amount of people coming here to see what's going on... - Iain Baker
Twitter is straw, friendfeed is water main. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Beth.. Leave us a link to your group. I'd like to see what you're up to ;-) - Brad Williamson
Yeah, I'm with you, Beth. FriendFeed excited me at first, but the excitement wore off pretty quickly, when it didn't gain as much traction with other users as I thought. - Chris
If people pay attention here, then it is valuable. Otherwise, it is just another place to check. - Howard Yermish
I am crying UNCLE!! ;-) Okay, so FriendFeed is Twitter Max. I see that now after adding more folks and throwing out a question like the one above. See that, testing/playing helps... - Beth Harte
i took twitter out of FF, twitter updates weighted the same as blog posts doesn't jive - Paul Rj Muller
A lot of people pay attention here, and do so effectively with Lists via grouping by type of participants/content. Twitter feeds included, but there's so much more available and valuable discussions cluster around shared content in real time. - Micah
Barry Schwartz
@pageoneresults did I get excited about cuil? no. I am excited about wolfram. Did you read what I wrote?
Erin @queenofspain
Uh, since when does my FF post to twitter? Who did that and didn't tell me?
Thomas Hawk
Church has a beef with Mormon beefcake calendar - Los Angeles Times -
Church has a beef with Mormon beefcake calendar - Los Angeles Times
"'Men on a Mission' cost its publisher membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his degree from BYU. But he has plans for a new calendar -- with sexy Mormon moms." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
I hope he includes those moms from Big Love in his new calendar. - Thomas Hawk
This makes me miss Big Love more than I already do. - Rochelle
"cost its publisher ... his degree from BYU" -- the way I read the article he never had a degree from BYU? - Brian Sullivan
This is old news. That said, I can see both why they aren't pleased with it, and why others would be more than happy to let it slide. - Louis Gray
Tamar Weinberg
So the question to the FFers: are you still using the old interface, the new beta interface, or a third-party interface?
Using the new interface. It has more pros than cons at this point so I won't be going back to the old interface. I do hope they listen to some of the suggestions we've had about it, though. It's great but it has a long way to go. - Akiva
the new, and loving it - Derek van Vliet
BETA IS BETTAH! :) - vijay
I am giving the new beta layout a good try, liking it too! - Allen Harkleroad
Getting used to feeding off the new interface, yesterday I was feeding from normal and using beta for my discussions and DMs. - FFing Enigma
using beta FF for the most part. mostly fascinated by how dynamic my home feed has become. - Imabug
I am using old and new with AJ's script to stop the new one from being an eyesore - RAPatton
Just started with the new! - Seth Greenblatt
Beta Beta Beta - Louis Gray
All beta all day - Scott Jarkoff
beta too, a question how could a third-party interface render the same beta one ? - abdellah
I still haven't gotten any DMs yet. Either it's that or I don't see them. - Tamar Weinberg
I use Twhirl for both FF and Twitter, and frankly prefer it for both. - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
Old. I got tired of things like the disappearing Hide button and having to manually refresh my real-time feed to get it to, y'know, *feed*. When the kinks are ironed out a bit more, I'll be back to beta. - Hookuh Tinypants
I'm giving the new interface a shot, using it exclusively for a week or two, until I vomit in my mouth and stop using FF complely again until the next major "improvement" attempt. - Dossy Shiobara
New on computer, old on iPhone. Real-time isn't viable on it...wonder how they'll address that in the long run? New interface, but static? - Jandy
new - m.0
twhirl. What's's URL again? - Doug Haslam from twhirl
Matthew - where are the mods by AJ and Lindsey? - Tamar Weinberg
Just started playing with the new lastnight. Today, I'm playing 3rd party due to being on the iPhone. - Michael Zampino from Nambu
New. I like the river and the in-line stuff. Everything should be inline today: blog comments, wikis, microblogging. - Phil Wolff
Beta, with AJ's Cleaner FF thing. - Rochelle
beta :) - Roberto Bonini
beta - Kevin Johnson
Old, but playing around a little in Beta. - Katy S
Beta with AJ's CleanerFF script, though might swap to Mama Z goes to 11's version of the script (with favicons): - Kol Tregaskes
Beta. Figured I might as well get used to it and watch how it progresses. Some checking back to the old for reference. - Rebecca Lasley
I've been using the beta for the most part since yesterday evening. Sometimes, though, I load the old one out of habit (I put a link to the beta in my toolbar, but keep clicking the regular FF link instead). - Lola Bean (Penguin)
beta, ftw! it's growing on me. - .LAG liked that
new beta. works very well after tuning my lists - Cee Bee
Mostly on iPhone app (since beta became available haven't spent much time at computer). I hope to rectify this tonight & tomorrow and will give the new UI a real trial by immersion. I can't imagine wanting something close to the new UI on my iPhone though .... - David HC Soul
Today I stayed with the beta. Getting used to it. Using filters better. - Bryan R. Adams
Old, new scrolls by too fast. Old real time is slower than beta. May get around to using filters once second beta is out. - Rui Pereira
Referrer logs seem to indicate half and half. I'm still switching back and forth myself. - Bruce Lewis
Beta. - Rahsheen
Using both while trying to adapt to the speed of the new beta ... - Patrick Jordan
Once you go grey, you won't come back... wait. - AJ Batac
Beta - Rodfather
New interface, except on my iPhone. - Jeanine W.
New interface, except on my iPhone (dittos! :) - Christopher Galtenberg
Both. - Steven Perez
I'm using the Beta and loving it. I only jump to the old when I want to check my stats. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
++vijay The new sticks with me, but the old must be kept too, as a memorial of everything it did already have in its core emotional engine. That's if we definitively change the state of the app instead of simply improving it. - Zu from AOD
The Beta is heavy and does not work smoothly in my office, still using old UI most of the time. - Parth Awasthi
The new beta interface at home, on my phone - Michael Hocter
I'm hopping back and forth. The new functionality of the Beta is fun, but I don't like the look at all so I end up back on the old after a bit. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Old. I'll switch when I have to. - Sprague D
LOVE the new one, haven't gone back since the debut yesterday. - B.J. Mendelson
Bouncing 'tween old and new right now. - Ron Bailey
Starting to gravitate to the new one, tho. - Ron Bailey
still using the old, mainly... if there were a link to the beta at the top of the old, though, i'd probably use both. - edythe
Just started in on the beta today. and I don't HATE it, but I don't love it either. But it is a beta. I'll come around. Eventually. - Derrick
Is there an old interface? :) - Frode Stenstrøm
New. - Warren Butler
Old - Vicey
Home: beta. Work: old (grr IE6) - James Myatt
At least you still have it unblocked at work, James... - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Both. New by default, old when I get a headache from the new one. - DGentry
using the new interface with aj's cleaner friendfeed script. i like the filters - (jeff)isageek
I'm with the old one and jump on the beta from time to time - Dobromir Hadzhiev
beta baby! - Rob Sellen :o)
My time is split between FF on a computer and the mobile version on my phone. I've used the beta interface periodically when I want to use one of the new features that doesn't have a UI in the live version. - Andy Bakun
Beta - I never find any advantage with sticking with an old version. Best to jump right in. - Steve Isaacs
Beta and occasional visits to the old interface for "still" missing/phased-out features - AJ Batac
beta - its growing on me :-p - mike "glemak" dunn
beta - MiniMage
Robert Scoble
Is Twitter Killing Blogs and Blogging? -
"Twitter +is+ blogging." - Robert Scoble
in a nutshell, yes, its taking attention to satisfaction away from blogging, its an easier, low cost to entry way to your mind out on the web - Dan Rockwell from twhirl
Blogging is, and always has been, just cheap and easy content creation and management which is pretty different to Twitter. Twitter basically replaces the role of blogs for some of the things that people used to use blogs for when they first appeared - dashing off quick links, status updates, and so on. And disagreeing with Robert, i think it's worth thinking of the two things as separate - they'll play different roles in communications in the future. - Ian Betteridge
Twitter is microblogging, Twitter enhances blogging and Twitter can be used separately from a blogging platform for many specific tasks, including blogging. Sure, they are separate, but they work together and reinforce each other. - Chris Loft
I don't think this is a competition, it's quite hard to resume a blog post in a couple of twitter messages and, at the same time, be relevant ... especially when people following you are already following tens, hundreds, <number here> of people! - Lucian Nicolescu
Twitter is Blogging for the ADD crowd - 140 characters and in 2 days you forget what was said - geekazine from twhirl
Agree with Rutger. Friendfeed is more of a blog killer... - Håkan Dahlström
No, not really: Can I write a 500 word post on FriendFeed? FF is a blog *comment* killer, but that's only part of the story with blogging. - Ian Betteridge from twhirl
Rutger, good point. As I mentioned, blogging is really "just" cheap, easy content creation/management. The discussion element is, to my mind secondary - not in the sense of being unimportant, but not really at the core of what defines it. And, of course, what you're describing is basically a freeform discussion forum :) - Ian Betteridge from twhirl
What Rutger said. - Steven Perez
Twitter is nothing more than IRC, sure a lot of people think it's microblogging but that's only because they use it five minutes a day. Blogging is more interesting than ever now. Friendfeed and the way it's used show how interesting blogging is at this moment. Show me a person that uses twitter as passionately and I may believe twitter is killing blogs. - Richard A.
Yes: FriendFeed could evolve into a really interesting blogging platform, if that's the direction they want to take - or, of course, offer better integration to existing platforms. - Ian Betteridge from twhirl
No, it's helping. Link sharing is the de facto way to be a good community member. The 140 character field is a perfect teaser, and the link is perfect to extend the conversation. FriendFeed is a wonderful enhancement to this process as well. - timedalkat from twhirl
Why are we still having this discussion? Microblogging is here to stay. Twitter and Friendfeed *can* make you smarter bloggers. But so can any time you spend away from your own blog and focus on *others* and their work. Seriously. - Barbara K. Baker
It is killing link blogs and "superficial" blog uses, so overall probably helping in terms of substance and quality. - Randy Holloway from twhirl
@randy, so it's keeping those that shouldn't blog too busy to post ;-) - Richard A.
Both Twitter and FriendFeed are sources for information. If you know how to use them, it can enhance your blog. So I don't think Twitter nor FriendFeed are blog killers. I'd say it's the opposite. - Umit Namli
I don't think so. Two very different media encouraging different types of interface. I think they are complimentary rather than antagonistic. - Martha
For me FF did (Twitter not so much) -- I used blogging as a catharsis and found FF fufilled that need so I stopped blogging - - Brian Sullivan
Umit: it's always worth remembering that media doesn't just serve as source of information, but also engagement through entertainment. People like commenting, because it entertains. - Ian Betteridge from twhirl
True Ian.Guess it all depends on how you use Twitter and FriendFeed. But if you'd ask me "Is Twitter killing blogs and blogging", my answer would be "No". - Umit Namli
Robert - Twitter is a Micro Blog and it gets people talking. This is good for society. I don't believe Twitter hurts blogging - it just enhances it. - Rob Cairns
Doesn't this depend on how people are using this? I liken this to CNN Headline News vs. The Newshour with Jim Leher...if you want the quick hit of info. to share and/or discover, Twitter is a great platform; alternatively, if you want to dive into a deeper conversation, research, experience, blogs play that role. - Christian
Robert, Madagascar is going through troubles now. So many people are awaiting for news but events are feeding too fast: Malagasy people is discovering Twitter and FriendFeed's power as writing blog articles take long time and you need to find many infos in ONE page. You can visit and - Thierry R. Andriamirado
I usually don't have time to maintain my old blog, but I think twitter allows me to share to the community anyway. Combining twitter with sites that allow for comments and discussions give me more value than posting a blog that hardly anyone reads... - Frode Stenstrøm
I am cowed into speechlessness. - Moses Kpetigo
I post my tweets on my blog so I see it as an adjunct. - Phil Boiarski
so twitter as blogging is therefore committing suicide ~ ie this person's next blog post. Ie. someone missed the mark by a long shot. - sofarsoShawn
I think that it is. It has killed my blogs. Twitter is a lot more interactive and fun. - Adam Jackson
Twitter is interactive live blogging but I won't say it's killing blogging. Twitter is to blogging what a video clip is to a feature film. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
How the Bogus War between Google and Twitter/Friendfeed begins - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
Killing blogging, no way. I personally think its taking blogging to an all new level. Not only can you promote blogs on twitter, the readers can now interact with you in a entirely new way. Twitter fills the cracks that the blog leaves behind. - Sloan Bowman
I've dabbled with "full-blown" blogging but most days don't have the time to write "essays". Or anything to say that's worth that number of words. I like Twitter for its immediacy and the way it makes you express the thought succinctly. Equally I like FF for being somewhere between the two. "Medium" blogging rather than full blown or micro. It's a mood thing yanno. - CdL Creative
Twitter is blogging -- just 140 chars per chunk. - David Feng
the one evolution that social networking services like FriendFeed and Twitter have over blogs is that we really can't see who's interested in our stuff. we can track RSS views, but we've no idea who they are. - Jason Salas from IM
Jim - the closer we get the traditional media demographic data, coupled with the new metrics, the real value of social apps will really shine through - Jason Salas
The days of stand-alone blogs as a primary revenue source are over - Bob Sonin
Brian Clark
Why Thesis Rocks for Web Developers -
Robert Scoble
I can't make stuff like this up: Facebook screws iFart author. Discussion:
Facebook really loves disabling accounts. I think this is totally lame. What do you think? - Robert Scoble
i was chatting with someone at a party recently who disabled his account because his name sounded fake (his name was Stormy). - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
I only keep my account active to keep the other Mark Carras at bay. Dang Canadians. :D - MarkCarras
facebook sucks - should have stayed for college kids imho - although my Mom sent me an invite to play Scramble with her tonight - geesh - BEX
Kinda think Facebook fell into its success due to MySpace's incompetence in letting their social network turn into a cesspool. If there is a legitimate reason for there still being a 5000 friend limit after their transition from unknown site to near the top of the heap, it escapes me! If Myspace had started out like Virb, there wouldn't be a Facebook IMVHO. - John Rubier
I would suggest that people avoid using walled garden services for anything that they consider important, such as business and even personal communications. We also need to make a LOT of noise about services that treat their customers/users like disposable diapers. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of just about every service provider on the net, be it mail, social sites or photo/video hosting sites. This is a symptom of a new industry that does not yet have governmental regulation to protect users. - Jeff P. Henderson
This is exactly why I keep facebook more personal. If you want people to interface with you in the masses the best way is friendfeed or twitter. Facebook was simply not setup for this type of behavior. Now do I think the should have kicked him off and removed his profile? Absolutely not. Are we hearing the entire story? Did they warn him again prior to deleting the account. - Sloan Bowman
Sloan: with me they didn't warn me at all. Just disabled my account. - Robert Scoble
I was going to add something, but @Sloan said it perfectly. - B.J. Mendelson
Facebook has always struck me as overbearing. From the time when I signed up and it asked for my gmail password and demanded correct personal details like date of birth, to stories like this, to the terms of service for Facebook Connect which demand facebook login be as prominent as regular login for any sites that implement it. - Bruce Lewis
They disabled mine a month ago, because my name was off by 1 letter. They have all my confirmed credentials, but just nuked me. How about the 20 million completely FAKE schysters with names spelled "right" instead!! - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
While I would normally object to the government getting involved with or in the way of business, I think in this case it is clear that there needs to be some legislation that protects a users social graph, guarantees that there is a fair review process for those accused of violating the TOS, and protects users from having vital services cut off and data deleted. - Jeff P. Henderson
Can someone say walled garden! - Allison Davis
It's sad that Facebook is disabling accounts, but I think Facebook needs to emphasize that you should add *real* friends and not people you don't know to your network. This goes for anyone who has 4995+ friends. Sorry Robert. - Tamar Weinberg
Sloan, that is good advice, but not always doable. There are many services such as Linkedin and certainly email providers that we routinely conduct non personal business on. We can not avoid being at the mercy of unfair business practices. - Jeff P. Henderson
If Facebook really felt that "friends" should be real ones then they should have added a "follower". I think they are trying to push the "group" as a substitute for it but I don't think it really cover the same situation. - John Rubier
Robert: In that case they are in the wrong 100%. I keep hearing about this happening time and time again I'm amazed at how these companies (social network or not) are treating the "clients". The thing we have to ask ourselves is what if we payed for this service? Would this still be occurring? - Sloan Bowman
that's why i like using facebook as a sort of "hub", so to speak. flickr for photos, wordpress for my blog etc. everything i add to facebook can be accessed from other areas. they hold too much power. - Terry O'Fee
Sloan, I doubt if you were paying it would be any different, and they could still put anything they wanted in their TOS and treat customers how ever they wanted. With little or not consumer protection laws for these types of services, they will continue to get away with this type of behavior. - Jeff P. Henderson
Every day that the FaceBook staff's idiocy is revealed, I hope for change. - MiniMage
Terry, Friendfeed is a much better 'hub' if all you are looking for is an aggrigater. - Jeff P. Henderson
Tamar: define "real friend" for me please. - Robert Scoble
What, no "Here's why"? :( - Outsanity
Jeff, if you pay or provide other consideration it's a contract. That means they can't change the terms without your consent. - Bruce Lewis
Conan! What is the greatest thing in life? Conan: To create iFart. To get banned from Facebook. And to hear the lamentation of the Scobles. - iTad
@jeff - not for the common people. lots of close friends/family who dont use twitter, dont give two shits about any of this. they ALL use facebook. - Terry O'Fee
@tad - conan! what is best in life? have you been reading Warren Ellis' website?? - Terry O'Fee
@Terry - nah - just popped in my mind. One of my fave cheezy movies. - iTad
Tamar & Scoble: I have real life friends and they are almost never there for me for the things my online friends are. So which are "real"? Even in RL I have friends I go to metal shows with and friends I have dinner with. Different friends for different activities. RL or web. Same thing for me. - MarkCarras
Terry: This was exactly my point. This is exactly why facebook prompts you asking how you know this person etc. It is a more personalized service. Twitter is follow/unfollow with little to no personalization. - Sloan Bowman
@Bruce, Agree, but have you read the TOS for every service you use paid or not? Most of them allow the provider to basically treat you like a criminal without proof and you have little or no recourse. Services that are considered vital such as power, water, phone, and even cell and cable to a certain extent have heavy regulation to protect users. The web services we are discussing have little or no regulation to protect users. - Jeff P. Henderson
I have to hook up my mother with facebook soon so she can check my sister's photos when she's away on holidays in Japan. - Terry O'Fee
@tad - what's it from? because whenever warren posts that on his website, it usually means something horribly sick and wrong and you need bleach for your eyes afterwards... - Terry O'Fee
Meanwhile, Facebook hasn't disabled the 214 accounts being used for the 419 scam I mentioned this morning... - Louis Gray
Terry, not all common people use Facebook yet, but everybody has email. Whenever I get a friend request on Facebook I accept it but tell them if they want to know my doings to sign up for my family email updates from (disclaimer: my web service). - Bruce Lewis
I disagree with the only add "real" friends notion. I myself am not a marketer and I don't use FB in a way that the 5K limit matters. But that's me. Why would FB throw the baby (phenomenal individuals) out with the bathwater (spammers/scammers). Put aside the internet for a second; In the development/fundraising world, big supporters are treasured relationships who need/get MORE attention because the benefit to the organization is commiserate. FB's neither helping their constituents nor themselves by this. - Micah
Robert - I mean people i know from my home town, people i know in real life, family. Not everyone is interested in this social media hype. However, facebook is an easy way for people who are casual users to get on and communicate with people they know. - Terry O'Fee
Jeff, I actually have read a lot of TOS for different sites, mostly to see if I was missing anything important in the TOS for my own. It varies a lot how well sites treat their users. - Bruce Lewis
@tad - one of the few bad 80s arnold films i never got to see. and i sat through commando once or twice.. - Terry O'Fee
@Bruce, agree and there are actually some businesses that treat their customers very well. I commend them for it and make a point of doing business with them. I also recommend them to others when I can. - Jeff P. Henderson
i could be wrong but i think the TOS for facebook are pretty dodgy. unlike flickr's creative commons, you dont have much rights when it comes to your photos on FB.. - Terry O'Fee
Facebook says you give them the right to use your photos for any purpose they want including advertising/promotion, but they don't assert ownership or restrict your rights: - Bruce Lewis
Facebook has a mountain of problems and this is only one of them. If they are so concerned with spammers, where are the message options? Even if my privacy option is set so strangers can't send me messages, I still get them wtf is up with that? Blocked people, can send messages for up to four days - wtf? They take too long to respond to hacked/phishing reports yet they delete a users content without checking? Unacceptable. - Mona Nomura
Yet they continue receiving funding. BAFFLING. - Mona Nomura
Mona, is it really baffling? They have a big user base. That's all that matters for funding. - Bruce Lewis
Mona: It's not baffling. They are getting 450,000 new users EVERY FREAKING DAY now. That has HUGE value. Most smart people in the valley wish they could invest in Facebook and get a piece. - Robert Scoble
I see it from Mona's perspective. Users <> value. It's what you do with that influence, and it remains to be seen if Facebook can leverage that profitably. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
To that end, they've had a number of chances with the dev platform and their marketing and ad initiatives to do groundbreaking and progressive things, but continue to try to grab low hanging fruits, and inevitably piss off their users in the process. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
It doesn't matter how angry their users are, only how engaged they are. - Bruce Lewis
It doesn't matter how engaged their users are if Facebook isn't eventually able to figure out a business model. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
facebook restricting the folks with big audiences to 5k friends/followers seems to leave an opening for twitter/friendfeed/etc. shutting accounts does too. Robert: if the size of your audience on facebook was unlimited, how would it change your twitter/friendfeed activity? - Tim Connors
Getting a business model is way easier than getting that many users. Facebook is winning the game. - Bruce Lewis
The sad truth is that very large businesses don't have to worry if they piss off a small number of their customers. There are always new ones to replace them and in the grand scheme of things it does not effect the bottom line. - Jeff P. Henderson
"only how engaged they are" - I'm not so sure about that, Bruce. Engaged North American car owners of domestic autos decades back started jumping ship to the less anger-causing (fewer trips to the mechanic) Japanese products. Vehicles-Social Networks are not apples to apples, but still. I'm no expert on this commerce history, but I've read things. - Micah
They may have the userbase but check but numbers don't lie. Their number one revenue was apps. But look what happened after the re-design - they screwed over the FB developers and themselves. - Mona Nomura
Micah, there's some truth to that, but with cars the dissatisfaction was more widespread, and the alternatives more obvious. - Bruce Lewis
Terry: I have more than 9,000 business cards I've collected from people meeting them face-to-face. i spend more time here with you all than I do with my family. So, I consider many of you to be my real friends and, if we were ever to meet, anyone with us would probably think we were nuts because we could launch directly into a conversation as if we were old friends. - Robert Scoble
One of the reason I like Facebook is its lack of spams, unlike MySpace, which I absolutely dislike. But, I think Facebook doesn't detect spams correctly. An engineer I know with last name "Pancake" couldn't sign up because he was identified as a spammer. His brother on the other hand, same last name, has a Facebook account. Very strange. Maybe, they need to look into it more. - Moushumi Kabir
Tim: if I could add more than 5,000 my engagement over there would go WAY up. I would add many more people who are my "real" friends. People I've done business with. People I've met. Etc. Plus, I wouldn't be depressed every time I look at Facebook. I am a people pleaser and right now I can't please 4,500 people who want me on their social graph. - Robert Scoble
It's easy to say that "business models are easy to come by" ... problem is they're not. I used to talk about this a lot at Mashable... engaged social network users almost *ensure* that an ad based business model will fail. It's not about ad blindness, it's about content sight. The better a social network is, like Facebook, the more tailored to the viewer's interests will the content be. The more interesting the content, the less likely you are to click on ads. That's why Facebook has problems ... - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
... getting the CPMs they need to break even. Their ad click thrus are abysmally low, and they're unwilling to seriously pursue a larger than site-wide behavioral marketing ad network. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Mona, I like FB's new design, especially their news feed. I can upload, update, comment, learn, share, etc. from that section without ever visiting friends' profile pages. - Moushumi Kabir
Robert - Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of people who i would have never spoken to if it wasn't for places like LJ, twitter etc. I don't know what I'd be like if this stuff wasn't around. but yeah, everyone is on facebook. even if they dont use it except for spamming BS apps and talking in mobile phone text (fuck i hate that), you're unusual if you're NOT on FB. - Terry O'Fee
Mark, I thought their ad was getting popular. Many of our clients, mid-size to large co, are gearing towards advertising there, to my personal surprise. So, I think FB has succeeded in monetizing while I don't see the same for Twitter and FF. - Moushumi Kabir
Business models may not be easy to come by, but they're easier to come by than millions of users. People move slowly. - Bruce Lewis
I recently started up a new FB account b/c I was getting strange adds from somewhere in Egypt literally by the hundreds. FB encourages you to find your friends through importing your address book which obviously just doesn't include private emails, but ph #s and addresses. This I refused to do so resorted to find my friends the old fashioned way through name searches&mutuals. Soon to follow was a warning from FB that I was in violation of their "guidelines" and was in danger of having my account disabled. - sofarsoShawn
They couldn't solve the original adding problem which forced me to start up a new account & now discourage participation. Isn't the whole site supposed to be about "connecting & sharing" w/ your friends as the front page says? Or collecting personal data to shill merchandise. - sofarsoShawn
This may be childish but I still heart Facebook. Though I enjoy Twitter and FriendFeed, Facebook is more connecting and "safe" since most contacts are people I know in person. Or connected through friends and reliable source like Robert. :-) Although, sharing personal info is still a no-no for me. I'm blown away by very intimate details that I see. Then again, that's a personal choice. :-) - Moushumi Kabir
Unbelievable. Don't trust your stuff to Facebook - Period. - Frank Koehntopp
Robert, someone you know personally. - Tamar Weinberg
MarkCarras: I think the issue is that if you're accumulating friends because of popularity or whatnot, it's not genuine. I have 1400+ Facebook friends. I have more than 400 pending friend requests. Some are even from people on FriendFeed. I won't add them because I don't know them. That's what Fan Pages are for. And I won't message every single one of my pending friends letting them know that I have one. I just let them stay in Pending mode indefinitely. If they discover my fan page, great! - Tamar Weinberg
Granted, if I have a longer-standing relationship with an online friend, I may bend the rules a little bit. But I won't add people SIMPLY because they added me and because they've heard of me through Lifehacker or one of the other online properties I am affiliated with. Those people aren't "friends." They're "fans." I'm not about to throw them in the same kind of network as my husband, close family, and IRL friends. And I don't think Facebook was intended for anyone else to do that either. - Tamar Weinberg
Maybe I'm using Facebook more conventionally. After all, it was open to ONLY three schools when I signed up in April 2004. The people I initially added as friends on FB have the perception that if you add everyone, you're a friend whore. Heck, I don't blame them for thinking along those lines. The 5000 friend limit is a bit generous. - Tamar Weinberg
Seriously, with NO warning or explanation. Bad timing too as I was organizing a memorial, only through FB at the time. (won't do that again). I did get one very decent kid through email after a week. But before that, I was a grain of sand on the beach. Not fun. - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
I agree with John Rubier's opinion that Facebook only got successful because MySpace became a cesspool. Facebook has a simple interface and looks clean, so "adults" are able to deal with it. MySpace looks like the web equivalent of Vegas at night. And I never add anyone because they have found me on Friendfinder, unless I already know them. I have, however, added my online friends, because I believe some of them are as close to me as my "real" friends. - Francine Hardaway
I understand your frustration with the poorly explained (cryptic even) FB policies, and the opportunity cost of the participation required to gain 4,999 friends (and the corollary conversations, pictures, tags, etc.) but, having accepted the terms of service. I see little recourse. FB has chosen to 'big time' it, as their growth outweighs logical and compassionate attempts at customer service. - Ryan Drewniak
I'm half with Tamar and half not. I don't think Facebook was meant for this kind of mass-friending with people you don't know, so I think she's right on that. On the flipside, I'm not totally opposed to making friends online and won't leave you sitting in a queue forever. Have to know you from SOMEWHERE, though. If you're just friending me to inflate your friend numbers, that's not cool. - Shawn Farner
the lesson learned is you can't trust facebook, w/ any of your data, or as a a reliable service (ie when you can't use the email function) therefore beware facebook connect and keep those agencies separate, unless you want to risk losing that too - sofarsoShawn
lol, Francine...MySpace = Vegas at night...couldn't have said better. I so dislike MySpace, it hurts my eyes. - Moushumi Kabir
"I'm not totally opposed to making friends online and won't leave you sitting in a queue..." Sorry if I implied opposition against making friends online. I get numerous Facebook friend requests daily and have no idea who the heck is friending me. It's my personal preference that I won't accept random people into the same social circle that I share with my husband, family, IRL friends, and colleagues. But I'm not *opposed* to friendship. I just believe that this is the typical Facebook philosophy. - Tamar Weinberg
@Tamar is correct: difference between friends and fans. @Scobleizer, you actually may have 9,000 friends and 40,000 fans so keep soliciting Facebook for increasing their 5,000 friend number. Highly unlikely it will ever happen. But I've been wrong about Facebook before. Peace. ;-) - Barbara K. Baker
The issue is whether or not we need a "nanny" to tell us how to interact on a Social Network. Don't like how someone uses FB? Don't follow them or let them follow you. "limiting" followers is silly... Claiming there's a right way or wrong way to use a social network is presumptuous. If Robert uses it one way, and I another, and you yet another? That's simply how we use the tool. Unless you are somehow infringing on someone else's privacy or rights? No one needs to parent you on the internet. - Lucretia Pruitt
I'm with Lucretia. I don't think it's up to FaceBook to tell Robert Scoble or anyone else what his/her perceptions of friendship should be. I understand that they own the service/disservice and that they are apparently very upfront about their ridiculous standards. That's why I'm rather upfront about my choice to mostly ignore their existence. I've registered on FB in July 2007 and have less than 30 friends. - MiniMage
This isn't just a social network thing -- this is a cardinal rule of software and system development -- the developer doesn't ever (and should never try to) dictate how a system will be used. You hope your guess on first delivery is close enough to survive, then you pay attention to your users and modify to suit their needs. - Brian Sullivan
I agree with the article and posted on the protest page. Facebook does need rules. But arbitrary based on numbers is bullshit. They need to pay attention or they will go down big time when the other shoe drops and we all have a new fave, which is guaranteed to happen. - David L Smith
@Brian Sullivan: I am LOVING your comment! - MiniMage
Shawn, I just want to add that it's an issue of trust & comfort. My Facebook page is personal. There are family photos, photos of colleagues of mine at conferences, etc. Most people feel this way too -- that's what somewhat distinguishes FB from other sites (imo). Facebook at first didn't even allow fake profiles at ALL (I'm still a member of a group that paid tribute to the closing of a fictional character's account...) Facebook wasn't launched with the intention of people randomly adding "friends." - Tamar Weinberg
... To that end, I don't want someone to sit in a queue forever either. If I don't know you, though, I prefer to get to know you before inviting you into a personal life of mine that even YOU don't know. That's why I didn't reject your friend request first and am waiting for an opportunity for us to meet face to face. - Tamar Weinberg
I ABSOLUTELY agree with Lucretia that there is no "right" way to use Facebook (well, you shouldn't spam on the service, of course, or harass people, but that's all a given)--but going back to my previous comments here, the site did rise out of a philosophy that you should add REAL friends. It also has a Terms of Service and you have to agree to them to use the service. They reserve the right to do what they want. Would I be pissed if this happened to me? Definitely. Not sure if that'll stop them though. - Tamar Weinberg
Facebook has some definitely social rules that are frustrating - but at the same time at least it isn't the social waste land called MySpace. - Tony
Maybe he broke the breast feeding ban? That's a no-no. - sofarsoShawn
hahaha...nice one. - Shawn C. Reed
I agree with Terry O'Fee - that's precisely why I use Facebook as a hub when it comes to business. Nothing I have on there can be cut off by them. I can't imagine Joel having done something that would be considered ban-worthy. To the "real friend" issue, it's hard to keep saying no to people who are fans of yours who feel like they're YOUR real friend. It would really make it easier if there was some kind of follow function somewhere. Also, the definition of "friend" in general varies greatly, esp overseas. - Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Colonel Tribune
I'm going to try to discipline myself and post everything from FriendFeed today.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Barbara. - Colonel Tribune
Louis Gray
@nickhalstead FriendFeed is not an either/or discussion vs. Twitter. They are complimentary. Both have good communities and specialized use.
very true - Meryn Stol
Jeremiah Owyang
I took nearly 20 days off from Twitter, I strongly encourage you to take a break, it's healthy.
You could look at this the other way though. Perhaps the need for such a long break exposes an unhealthy everyday usage pattern? - Jon Mountjoy
A glass of wine every day is supposedly healthy... Maybe someone should start anonymous twitters. - morten saxnaes
Apparently Twitter engineers are following suit and taking a hiatus, too. I'm about to file divorce papers with Twitter and take my relationship with FriendFeed to the next level. Wish us luck. - Matt Albiniak
did you really take off or did you just move your messaging here? analogy - you said you gave up drinking soda but all you did was move from coke to pepsi - Allen Stern
+10 Matt - Yolanda
20 days off social media is very healthy too - Dobromir Hadzhiev
There must be more to life than 140 characters! - David Feng
Allen I cut back drastically on being in the conversation in general. My rate of Friendfeed wasn't nearly as heavy as on twitter, I'm sure I could calculate that too. I did keep my blog up, in fact gave it more attention. - Jeremiah Owyang
yes it helps to make pauses on twitter (sometimes you could be tired of twitter) and other social media. Now I´m on twitter again ;-) - Torsten Eckert
i did notice that - the blog increase - Allen Stern
Hey, another intervention, cool - Shawn Farner
Robert Scoble
Slashgear says it will live blog the Palm announcement.
(crossing fingers) Still an old Palm fan! (I know, I know....) - Barbara K. Baker
Robert Scoble
China gags Scoble but blogging still lives -
Steven is right. I can't get to my blog from China. One funny thing, though. I can read all blogs via RSS thanks to Google Reader. It's a weird system here. The "Great Firewall of China" is a wacky annoyance. Twitter and FriendFeed work fine, too, so you can follow me over on those two services. - Robert Scoble
The Chinese are just barely holding on to a sense of censorship power, wonder what it will take to start the wall crumbling? Think of China free to think and innovate, powerful - Daltonsbriefs
I can see it now... Robert Scoble, an American Media Journalist and Blogger, was arrested by the People's Republic of China on charges of spying when he evidently insulted the Chinese Prime Minister by recording him on Qik without prior authorization. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Remember the #dontgo movement this summer when legislators dared the Capital Police to drag them out of Congress for debating oil drilling when Pelosi ordered them to stop? Scoble ... #dontgo force them to arrest you for deigning to use your right to free speech - Daltonsbriefs
I wouldn't reccomend getting arrested in China, not that I've been arrested in China. Also, Australia wants to censor stuff just like China is. It's ironic because when the Olympics were on, the TV here wouldn't stop whinging about China's censorship, and now they want to do the same thing here. - Will Higgins™ from twhirl
Can anyone (including the largest nation in the world) truly Gag Scoble??? I think not! I really enjoyed the stream from China. I can't wait to hear what was really redacted. - Lorin Olsen
He'll First Get an SOS Tweet out, and be rescued pronto, LOL! >I can see it now... Robert Scoble, an American Media Journalist and Blogger, was arrested by the People's Republic of China on charges of spying . . . - JimmyJet
Haha - Tyson Key
Google Reader has saved my butt many times. I used it as the first example of how to bypass web filters when I was writing about it ( - ax0n
Same thing happened to me in Shanghai last Spring. It's an odd, intrusive feeling, like someone reached out and took something from me. - Pete Steege
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang with Bret Taylor of Friendfeed 1PM Pacific
That's a can't miss show. - Rolf Schewe
I remember when you called FriendFeed a "parasite service on Twitter". I think that has switched now. Twitter is vestigial. - Dave Slusher
Good day to listen to Gillmor Gang... thanx Francine! - Barbara K. Baker
I'm going to try to call in from China, too. - Robert Scoble
I hope you bring the track steamroller for this discussion. I got the diesel. - Rolf Schewe
How do I listen to this live, anyway? - Michael R. Bernstein
Thanks Jerry. I wonder why it's not linked from ...? - Michael R. Bernstein
They've started... - Michael R. Bernstein
Using Twitter to Friend Feed Contact Importer (version: 0.0.4) -
Orli Yakuel
The electric car network is coming to Australia! -
The electric car network is coming to Australia!
The electric car network is coming to Australia!
I already have a hybrid. Next car will be all electric! - Barbara K. Baker
Nicole Simon
Robert Scoble
I am seeing a lot of new faces on FriendFeed. Are you all getting here because of the new Twitter features? Welcome!
New twitter features? - Colide81 (James)
Colide81: yes, you can now post directly to Twitter from FriendFeed. Check out - Robert Scoble
I've just found that IM has made me more active. How was China? - Rich
Richard: China rocks. We're still there in Shenzhen this week. - Robert Scoble
O_o ? - Dario Salvelli
Did you yet find a way to blog from China? - Holger Eilhard
Holger: not yet. - Robert Scoble
How do you like Shengzhen,I am in Shengzhen right now. - Steve Chou from IM
i really think, that lot´s of people are coming back to use ff more often, because of twitter integration now - Dieter Schwarz
China's one of those places that I've always wanted to go... Interested to hear what's filtered and what's not over there. Is it as much as we hear it is? - Rich
Picking up on Thomas Hawk mentioning Friendfeed was my first introduction to this great site. Recently (again from Thomas Hawks blog) I subscribed to FFundercats and listening to those guys opened my eyes to how to use it "properly". - Rob Brammeld
I've found the FF-twitter integration pretty nice. I don't make too much noise ( I think ) with selected items going to twitter. If only I could capitalize on it somehow, and get people to read my blog :( Oh well, maybe when I write something worthwhile ;) - Will Higgins™ from twhirl
I love Shenzhen so far. Richard: a lot is filtered, but FriendFeed is wide open and very fast. - Robert Scoble
Aggregation: Swurl Aggregates Your Online Activity in a Calendar -
Aggregation: Swurl Aggregates Your Online Activity in a Calendar
Great. Now I can see just how boring I really am on the average day. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
It makes me remember the style of Tumblr archive page. - Ninh Nguyen
The Calendar view is pretty and creative, but not very easy to read. - Jansen Lu
Oh crap, more evidence that my online life is an absolute time suck! now it's all displayed out for me in a nice graphical calendar format... genius! let me kiss the fool who created this ...augh! - Susan Beebe
I'm actually growing to like the calendar view. here is mine: - Phil Glockner
That is freakin cool, calendar view is a cool way to look back at your online life several years ago... or even a few month ago, I dig it. - Brian Carter
30boxes is in trouble... - Harry Chen
Why said "30boxes is in trouble"? - Daisy Zhao
I liked this for an alternative way to present aggregation when it first came out but then forgot all about it!. Calendar thing is a very nice idea - David Miller
Swurl is very neat. - Kol Tregaskes
Tamar Weinberg
Celebration Of High-Speed Photography | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine -
Celebration Of High-Speed Photography | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine
Celebration Of High-Speed Photography | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine
Hey Tamar! - Mona Nomura
HI! :) - Tamar Weinberg
Carlos Ayala
Come here often?
Photo:(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) - Carlos Ayala
Granted, she "spoke" to many, but in the end was far from vice-presidential. - Carlos Ayala
I came across a site that said she looked presidential, Carlos. Other sites are carrying on about how 'real' she is. I look at her and think "This is the best we have to offer? This woman is going to be elected to represent us to the rest of the world?" I really don't get it. - Yolanda
:\ - Ayşe E.
That'll really help her while she's sitting across the table from Putin or Kim Jong Il. - Mark Edwards
Trish, is it me or do you feel like she's setting feminism back about 40 years? - Cyndy
I still can't believe that she actually winked at the camera on at least two occasions. - James Ferguson
I think it's offensive to women and I think it's offensive to Americans because, obviously, they think Americans are pretty average to below average in intelligence....and we all love beer - Rahsheen
Why she doesn't fit the bill? Glen, at the point at which you play on the cutesy angle, hide behind the top bill on the ticket to help you out of a botched interview, WINK DURING A DEBATE, and go back and forth on your views on Hilary depending on which way you want to play an angle, you aren't a feminist. I never saw Mondale bail Ferraro out. - Cyndy
Ferraro never played the mommy/wife card either. Palin isn't campaigning on her stances on the issues, she's campaigning on who she is. We've already seen what a president can do when he wins based just on who he is... - FFing Enigma
The McCain campaign is fundamentally sexist and condescending. The Palin choice in itself - there are at least a handful of capable, competent Republican women who would have made a better choice if the things they were after were actually competence and capability - and the way they've sequestered her away from the big, bad press, basically demanding "deference" for the folksy soccer mom. Any real feminist would be disgusted. - Rick Powell
I think you got one out of 7 right there Glen (f is correct) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
"So, what is it that the vice president actually does"? Errr, what she did last night? - Roberto Bonini
If you play the cute card to get away with being less qualified, then, no, you do not believe in equal rights for men and women. - Cyndy
Glen? Would you use the same verbiage, mannerisms, and nuances for a professional presentation as you would saaaaaay at a show and tell for 3rd graders? - Mona Nomura
Just makes me wonder if it was Hilary and Palin if the debate would have been a lot different... - Les Zaldor
What do you exactly mean by that, Les? - Mona Nomura
catfight? - Chris Hollander
Mona: Your dealing with the American Public. Newspapers publish at a reading level of 7th to 10th grade. Major book authors like John Grisham, Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton write at a 7th grade level. Maybe she was just getting into the part of a friendly school teacher and speaking on their level? :) - Jason Shultz from twhirl
@Cyndy: All politicians change position depending on how the polls go or who they are speaking to. Don't believe me? Check out this: and and - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Palin started out with: "Hey - can I call you Joe?" There is a time and a place for everything. A televised debate is not a cocktail party. Ugh, the entire debate made me sick. And I can't believe the moderator allowed the debate's tone to be set in that way. - Mona Nomura
great thread - wow, Palin v Clinton (either Clinton, for that matter) would be a really interesting debate ... again great points for this thread! - Scott Moskowitz
I still don't understand why people bring up Clinton vs Palin. Can someone explain it to me please? - Mona Nomura
The winking felt REALLY creepy to me, like there was an inside joke to which I wasn't privvy. - Aura Mae
High five and a hug for Cyndy! - Ayşe E.
i think she watched debate videos of bush. her mannerisms, hanging on the podium, the overbearing folksiness when the question got hard, the winking...all things bush did in the '00 and 04 debates. - Anika
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