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Space Photo of the Day: "Noctambulism" by Mike Taylor
Mailchimp Banned - Paul Kortman -
via Paul Kortman - Ian Gray
Scaling and Managing WorkShop -
via - Ian Gray
9 Lessons To Ensure An Effective LinkedIn Campaign -
via Linked Into Business - Ian Gray
Five Best Desktop Antivirus Applications -
via Lifehacker - Ian Gray
This Free Cookbook Shows You How to Eat Healthy and Well For $4 a Day -
via Lifehacker - Ian Gray
Authy is a PIN-Protected Manager For Your Two-Factor Authentications -
via Lifehacker - Ian Gray
Calculate Nearly Any Percentage In Your Head with Simple Tricks -
via Lifehacker - Ian Gray
Book an Anti-Procrastination Appointment to Tackle Unwanted Tasks -
via Lifehacker - Ian Gray
Bypass Your ISP's Throttling of Netflix or Other Videos with a VPN -
via Lifehacker - Ian Gray
How to Virtualize Android on Your PC So You Can Try Before You Buy -
via Lifehacker - Ian Gray
17 Great Tips for Boosting Website Engagement -
via Oktopost Blog - Ian Gray
What Type of Sharer Are You? Improve Your Social Media With Our Quiz -
Mosul in Iraq ‘empty of Christians’ via @FreedomDeclared
Stunning photo- Thunderstorm by Rama VIII Bridge, Thailand
Keep Track Of Changes To Your WordPress Site With The WP SMS Notifications Plugin -
via WordPress Tavern - Ian Gray
WordPress Tip: New Plugin Automatically Gets Featured Images from Videos -
via WordPress Tavern - Ian Gray
Sunny: A Plugin to Automatically Clear CloudFlare Cache and Manage Settings in WordPress -
via WordPress Tavern - Ian Gray
New Plugin Lets You Search Media By Title, Caption, and Alt Text -
via WordPress Tavern - Ian Gray
Twitter / iagdotme: 5 Things You Must Do Before ... -
via timeline Twitter RSS Feed from Twools - Ian Gray
Twitter / iagdotme: Financing Your First Marketing ... -
via timeline Twitter RSS Feed from Twools - Ian Gray
11 of the wealthiest women in tech - Holy Kaw! -
9 pro tips for LinkedIn marketing - Holy Kaw! -
10 words to cut from your writing - Holy Kaw! -
8 foods that really do fight stress - Holy Kaw! -
Three Finally Offers Free Wi-Fi on the London Underground -
via The Next Web - Ian Gray
Microsoft axes 18,000 jobs... and Android phones | News | PC Pro -
via PC PRO - Today - Ian Gray
Edward Snowden urges professionals to encrypt client communications | World news | The Guardian -
via Technology | The Guardian - Ian Gray
Microsoft job cuts far worse than rumored, could reach 18,000 | Ars Technica -
via Ars Technica - Ian Gray
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