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3 Hiring Questions to Steal from Amazon's CEO -
38 maps that explain the global economy - Vox -
Animations in swift (part ii) — Mathew Sanders -
Python Practice Book — Python Practice Book -
Python web scraping resource -
Resources | Representation Learning -
The Numerical and Insightful Blog: A Gentle Introduction to Backpropagation -
Recommending music on Spotify with deep learning – Sander Dieleman -
Data Capture - Heap | Mobile and Web Analytics -
Keep your retirement savings on track - 15 best financial sites and apps - CNNMoney -
Historie World Class: Sometimes, all people want is a little compliment -
You’re Stronger Than You Think - Space Cowboy
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Preposterous! Egregious!: A Year of Functional Programming -
Call me maybe: Kafka -
This blog has a lot of interesting articles on databases, clojure, etc. Really good stuff explained neatly. - Space Cowboy
Clojure from the ground up: macros -
A Look At Backtracking - Java Tutorials | Dream.In.Code -
(229) Learning JavaScript: What are the best resources for learning JavaScript? - Quora -
John Resig - Write Code Every Day -
Deep Learning Tutorials — DeepLearning 0.1 documentation -
The tutorials presented here will introduce you to some of the most important deep learning algorithms and will also show you how to run them using Theano. Theano is a python library that makes writing deep learning models easy, and gives the option of training them on a GPU. - Space Cowboy
My solution for the Galaxy Zoo challenge – Sander Dieleman -
How is the E-Commerce industry in India shaping up ? Accel Partners... -
Commit Every Day, Blog Every Week — Nathan LeClaire -
Google’s big break: How Bill Gross’ inspired the AdWords business model. -
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