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Andrew C (✔)
The OMGPOP guys were evil geniuses. They didn't just sell at the top of the market (Draw Something dropped off sharply in users just a month later), but they sold to Zynga in an all-cash transaction, so they didn't get hit by the $13ish->$3 drop in Zynga's stock at all.
Or lucky. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Amit Patel
Jeff Dean facts: How a Google programmer became the Chuck Norris of the Internet. - Slate Magazine -
Jeff Dean facts: How a Google programmer became the Chuck Norris of the Internet. - Slate Magazine
"How Google’s Jeff Dean became the Chuck Norris of the Internet." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
And here's the original Jeff Dean Facts story: - Amit Patel
That started with Kenton Varda. Awesome. I remember him because he has a crazy LAN house, that he wrote about a few years ago. - NOT THE CRICKET
"Unsatisfied with constant time, Jeff Dean created the world's first O(1/n) algorithm." - NOT THE CRICKET
Amit Patel Facts: "I had lunch with him last week and my brain is still intact!" - Amit Patel
/me starts rumor that Amit is coming back to Google. - Louis Gray
I did come back to Google! On Jan 9, Jan 16, and Jan 17. ;-) I have a huge pile of visitor stickers now. - Amit Patel
Congrats, sir. I am happy to provide you with one more, any time. - Louis Gray
I'd love to! :) - Amit Patel
Piaw Na
Amit Patel
Annie Murphy Paul: The Myth of 'Practice Makes Perfect' | -
Annie Murphy Paul: The Myth of 'Practice Makes Perfect' |
"Without deliberate practice, even the most talented individuals will reach a plateau and stay there. For most of us, that’s just fine. But don’t delude yourself that you’ll see much improvement unless you’re ready to tackle your mistakes as well as your successes." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
IME, ABSOLUTELY TRUE: “a constant sense of self-evaluation, of focusing on one’s weaknesses, rather than simply fooling around and playing to one’s strengths. Studies show that practice aimed at remedying weaknesses is a better predictor of expertise than raw number of hours; playing for fun and repeating what you already know is not necessarily the same as efficiently reaching a new... more... - Big Joe Silence
"Practice doesn't make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.". (I forget the source.) - Andrew C (✔) from Android
the trick is understanding what "perfect practice" actually MEANS and then implementing it consistently. - Big Joe Silence
I was playing Guitar Hero many years ago, playing Easy level until I felt good enough to go to Medium. But my daughter got to Medium before me, so I said, what the heck, let me jump to Hard. I failed miserably. It was unpleasant. Not a fun game at all. But that one Hard game instantly leveled me up from Easy to Medium. - Amit Patel
Paul Buchheit
"Every facet, every department of your mind, is to be programmed by you. And unless you assume your rightful responsibility, and begin to program your own mind, the world will program it for you."
Not sure where it came from. Possibly Jack Kornfield. Heard it quoted in a song. - Paul Buchheit
Is that your answer to my question about HGTV? - Clare Dibble
Before you can program your mind you need to deprogram it, and the best way to deprogram it is to get to the bottom of and master intellectual history -- the invented and artificial but influential ideological tape loops that control collective human behavior among all cultures, and about which most people are entirely unconscious. Fully conscious people create and control cultural and ideological systems and loops, they are not controlled by them. - Sean McBride
Too much work. Just tell me the answer. - sofarsoShawn
I googled it for Shawn. It's a quote from Jack Kornfield ( and it's found in Evil Nine's Cakehole ( - imabonehead
Thanks imabonehead :) I was being I guess, very lamely sarcastic to highlight that our minds "programming" or its deprogramming comes as a result of the world itself telling us how to. ~ In short, I'd like to thank this quote for telling me how to think, oh shit... kinda back where I started... ~ ~~> Russell's quote, with your 1st link, has much more explanatory relevance - sofarsoShawn
Many years ago I had a self hypnosis tape and "Every facet, every dept of your mind etc etc...." were the opening words. I can't remember the title of the tape and have been trying to find it. I remembered the opening lines and typed them in when they came up i thought I had finally found the CD i was looking for. can any-one here help me with this? - Sweetdreams Johnny
I never heard this quote but believe it is a great one! - Fred Bucheit
iam 35 and i just now got it - James O'brien
from the bible - James O'brien
i might be some one u might want to talk to - James O'brien
Piaw Na
Inside Google's Internal Meme Generator -
Amit Patel
Sweet Tangy Crispy Oven Baked Chicken | Mumblegrits -
Sweet Tangy Crispy Oven Baked Chicken | Mumblegrits
"This was an attempt at using a sweet glaze with panko breadcrumbs, based on apricot preserves and mustard. I kind of threw the kitchen sink at this to get the flavor where I wanted, but this is how it went for me. Experiment for yourself!" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"It's sweet, crispy, and flavorful using these ingredients, and more of a mustardy back flavor. Sweet, sour, spicy garlicky, what's not to love?" - Amit Patel
Oh hai Patrick! - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
Piaw Na
Here's The Big Edge Amazon Has Over Google In Tablets -
Piaw Na
Steve  Schimmel
You are destined for what you relentlessly pursue
Super-like this quote. - Space Cowboy
Nelson Minar
Nice profile of two of Google's most brilliant systems engineers - Nelson Minar
Mohin Khan
Jessica Livingston
Meteor (YC S11) raises $11.2M from Andreessen Horowitz and Matrix Partners to create the next Ruby on Rails -
Meteor (YC S11) raises $11.2M from Andreessen Horowitz and Matrix Partners to create the next Ruby on Rails
Matt Cutts
New 30 day challenge: No sending email after 9 p.m. -
Amit Patel
Work on unimportant problems -
"Working on unimportant problems can create important side-effects. A whole lot of mission-critical, world-changing and even life-saving tech is a by-product of “unimportant” things - time-wasting infotainment products, or personal pet projects started without a grand noble cause." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"Karma's only a bitch if you are!"
Peter Norvig
Peter Norvig: The 100,000-student classroom -
My talk at the TED conference. Six minute video. - Peter Norvig
You have a really engaging voice. - Todd Hoff
Peter Norvig
Google's Hybrid Approach to Research -
An article printed in the Communications of the ACM describing Google's research, both within Google Research and within Engineering as a whole. Alfred Spector, Peter Norvig and Slav Petrov. - Peter Norvig
"Tod mun pla, fried fish cake, is a dish always recommended as an appetizer on Thai’s menu. Have it homemade, I often serve it as one of my main dishes to go with rice or noodles. Like many Asian fish cakes, tod mun pla is bouncy to chew. And this Thai style, imparted much flavors from the red curry paste, is both spicy and aromatic." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Louis Gray
Congratulations Bret on achieving all you have with Google, FriendFeed and Facebook. Looking forward to the news of the next journey. We're all proud of you.
"He left the search giant to found FriendFeed, a once-popular social aggregator." ONCE POPULAR? :( :( :( - Rochelle
Makes you wonder even more what will happen to this place now that Paul and Bret are gone. - chrisofspades
Good point, Chris. - Rochelle
I hope Chris didn't point out the beginning of the end.... again. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
:( - ؛ patrick
What Rochelle said. And what Louis Gray said squared. - John Craft
Pretty interesting development. Curious to see what Bret does next. - Mark Krynsky
The startup I would like to see is a service where I can feed in all of my RSS feeds and things, and people can comment on them, and the most recent comment or like bumps it to the top. To make it marketable, maybe ads on the side of the page can be sold that matches the discussion that people are having. For example, a discussion like this would pull up adds for Google + and Facebook and Ground Coffee. Wait, that is like FriendFeed without the ads. - Joe
LOL @Joe - Harold Cabezas from Android
Piaw Na
shitmydadsays: "No Father's day gifts. Just write me a card...Of course I'm kidding. Buy me shit, I created you." (New book out now: -
Tandoori Chicken with Masala Spiced Potatoes -
Tandoori Chicken with Masala Spiced Potatoes
"The chicken is marinated in a spicy yogurt seasoned with fresh herbs and vindaloo paste (paste made of chillies, turmeric, cumin, coriander and other spices, available at ethnic markets or your local grocery store) which tenderizes the meat and locks in moisture during cooking. Then, it is cooked at a high temperature (500⁰ F) to simulate a tandoori oven, creating a beautifully charred surface. I suggest pairing the chicken with the following recipe for spiced potatoes, super easy and they can be cooked alongside the chicken in the oven." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Piaw Na
How Headphones Affect Your Work - -
Bhindi Do Pyaza – Okra Stir Fried with Onion | eCurry - The Recipe Blog -
Bhindi Do Pyaza – Okra Stir Fried with Onion | eCurry - The Recipe Blog
Bhindi Do Pyaza – Okra Stir Fried with Onion | eCurry - The Recipe Blog
"Bhindi Do Pyaza directly translates to Okra cooked with LOTS of onions. Fancy and exotic it might sound, I would still call this the familiar comfort food." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Piaw Na
Square (company): Is Square an unpleasant place to work? - Quora -
Now that's harsh. I've long had a low opinion of San Francisco startups (as opposed to Silicon Valley startups), and this confirms it. I don't know what it is about SF startups that make them so engineer unappreciative. - Piaw Na
Matt Cutts
Here's a peek into how Google developers use Ubuntu: #goobuntu
Letters to a Young Engineer: How to Decide Where to Work -
Piaw Na
Note To Google: You Can't Bully Users Into Loving A New Product -
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