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joshua schachter
Matt Cutts
I *love* pwn2own! Safari and IE8 were cracked on the first day, but not Chrome. Read more:
Chrome wasn't pwned because the contestants didn't show up, not because it's more secure. - Mark Trapp
Like - for Mark's comment. - Space Cowboy
Ditto. - Micah
Anyone know why the Chrome contestants didn't turn up? I assume you would try to turn up if you thought you had a decent shot, particularly given the extra prize money. - Simon
Simon: there's been some confusion about what was allowed on the day of the contest this year. Chrome was patched last night (last week?) in preparation for Pwn2Own, so there's some speculation it was that, but the machines were supposedly locked down last week (which is why Safari 5.0.3 was pwned, not 5.0.4., which was released today). Ars Technica has a more thorough run-down than... more... - Mark Trapp
Also, it's a bit disingenuous to say Safari was cracked within seconds (as some are reporting) or that it only took the maximum of 30 minutes to pwn a computer: one of the requirements to win is that you can't use a disclosed vulnerability so these exploits are the result of weeks and months of testing. It's the final demonstration that only took 5 seconds to deploy. That's one of the really dumb parts of Pwn2Own: they incentivize not reporting vulnerabilities in order to win the yearly contest. - Mark Trapp
Amit Patel
"The receptionists at Google always seemed overqualified for the tasks they were given. They smiled and pointed guests to the cooler full of free Naked Juice, explained how the massage chairs in the lobby worked, dialed the extension of the person being called upon and then consoled the visitor for half an hour or so until the Googler in question showed up. One result was that when given the opportunity to express themselves in more intellectually stimulating ways, they did so." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Jeremy Zawodny
Easy WebSocket - a WebSocket client to broadcast messages to webpages -
this could be fun to play with - Jeremy Zawodny
Piaw Na
Tiger Blood: What it takes to keep cool under pressure. - By Taylor Clark - Slate Magazine -
joshua schachter
Matt Cutts
Great profile of Paul Buchheit (former Googler, former Facebooker, currently at Y Combinator):
I wish everyone would read Paul's personal blog. - AJ Kohn
joshua schachter
13 thousand data sets, 100 million time series, 600 million facts « DataMarket blog -
joshua schachter
Quora’s Technology Examined | Phil Whelan's Blog -
Steve  Schimmel
2nd of 3 things I learned from Google.
Steve  Schimmel
1st of 3 most important Google lessons
Matt Cutts
I discussed some of the issues about today's blog post over on Hacker News:
Really great to see you out there addressing this head on Matt. Kudos. - AJ Kohn
Piaw Na
Copy-paste :)
Kopi pest bu kadar ilerledi mi? :)) - Ali Oz
child version much more cute =) but i prefer theeeeeseee - siniradam
بلاک شدی ... اخطار داده بودم که با این قیافه مردم رو نترسون...!! - سینــــا
very very nice i likeit is beautiful...greetings from texas - Betty Diaz
What's the source and license? Would like to reuse it. - Daniel Mietchen
good idea :) - Alexander Ivanov
good idea. zabirayu sebe :) - Колпачков
i like ^-^ good idea - gloria
Прикольно))) - Kudesnik
Love your shirts! - Lori Cunningham
nefis.. ben de bunlardan ikiz kızlarım için yaptırayım hemen :) - Ayşegül
:))))))))) - ♂=♀ (MosiMC)
Reckon I should send my ID twins to daycare in T shirts like that! - mummc0
Здорово! - pudra
alf bacanak eskiden dizi falan çekerdin gözükmüyon nerelerdesin - barış
wer würde da nicht gerne die "Tasten" drücken ;-) - My-Fan-Page
Jeremy Zawodny
Using the Python NLTK Bayesian Classifier for word sense disambiguation - 92% accuracy - Jim Plush's Programming Paradise -
very cool - Jeremy Zawodny
Piaw Na
Piaw Na
The Key To Being Attractive (And Looking Healthy)? A Good Night's Sleep -
Tudor Bosman
Doctors: We have cured man of HIV - AIDS - -
Doctors: We have cured man of HIV - AIDS -
"Doctors: We have cured man of HIV Using stem cells, a medical team in Germany says it has rid the "Berlin Patient" of his HIV infection" - Tudor Bosman from Bookmarklet
"The doctors' findings will be published in the December issue of the peer-reviewed journal Blood, but the Web is aflutter with the implications of their research. This, one source reports, paves the way for an HIV cure using genetically engineered stem cells." - Tudor Bosman
So why is the US so stuffy about stem cell research and use? If these types of things are possible, I say go for it. - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
This is cool in multiple ways. The patient had leukemia, which relapsed, and was going to try a stem cell treatment that would improve his chance of cancer survival. This is a treatment of last resort: it kills about one third of those to whom it is administered. The doctors looked for a potential stem cell donor that has a HIV-resistant mutation, and found one. Due to the patient's... more... - Tudor Bosman
This can't exactly be made into a general-purpose HIV cure, but it's a start. - Tudor Bosman
Sally it's the source of the Stem cell which is an issue. Christians don't like the thought of killing people for research. So aborted babies and fertilized eggs meant for invetro fertilization are the sources they want banned. - Dario Gomez
Religious arguments are difficult for me to comprehend but at least now I have perspective for the counterpoint. - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
As far as I can tell, though, they used the standard protocol for treating relapsed AML: high-intensity chemotherapy followed by allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Even without HIV, the idea is that you kill every cell that rapidly proliferates, including the bone marrow, and including cells of the immune system that hide in usually inaccessible places like the central... more... - Victor Ganata
Piaw Na
Facebook | Visualizing Friendships -
No real surprises, but a neat visualization anyway. - Piaw Na
I think very carefully before I publicly reveal any data about users, even if it seems to be just aggregate data. In this instance, a user whose connection information is private and is one of few users out in a rural area could have private data revealed. - Bruce Lewis
I disagree. If you give a shit about privacy, wtf are you doing on Facebook? - Piaw Na
And look, a giant black hole where China has blocked off FB. - Andrew C (✔)
Jeremy Zawodny
Auto Complete with Redis -
mental note: come back to this someday - Jeremy Zawodny
joshua schachter
Tudor Bosman
OH: "Don't check in a bunch of crap to trunk and then leave for the holidays. I will find you. You won't have a "happy holidays"."
Haha, this reminded me of the movie "Taken". - Space Cowboy
joshua schachter
Paul Buchheit
Ducks blown off their feet by the wind -!
Ducks blown off their feet by the wind
Duckies! - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Awwww! Poor duckies! - Lola Bean (Penguin)
Wow, even the mom can't keep her feet. She doesn't lose any of the 11 of them. That's parenting. - Stephen Mack
awwwwwwwwwwwww - Georgia
oooohhhh NOooooo - JECO Photo
"We're flyin' Mama! We're flyin!" - Jeanette Bosman
It's cute how they all get back into a single file line. - April Buchheit
My whole family LOLed hard at this one on Boxee. Every video any friends share on Facebook goes into my Boxee video feed. :) - Josh Haley
That is so sad! Poor duckies. :( - Heather
Awwww! I've never seen anything like that. If I saw that, I'd want to rush over and try to help the babies that were blowing too far away. Though I see that they took care of themselves. Their feathers were barely ruffled. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
RT @kfury: I ❤ San Francisco
RT @kfury: I ❤ San Francisco
Super like this building...any pics on how the *inside* of the building looks like? - Space Cowboy
I would assume it looks pretty normal. After all, it was the camera that was tilted. - Andrew C (✔)
The building is a normal building inside and out: the picture was taken at an angle to match the street grade characteristic of San Francisco. - Mark Trapp
If a competitor is going to scare you, you shouldn’t have started the business in the first place
Piaw Na
New Study Links High Prevalence Of Insomnia And Poor Quality Of Life In Software Engineers -
And there I was thinking that software engineers slept badly because of unreasonable schedules. - Piaw Na
Jeremy Zawodny
achieving, without goals -
"Being liberated from goals means you will always be excited about what you’re doing. And yes, you’ll accomplish things" - Jeremy Zawodny
this also means that no one is able to depend on you. few can afford this luxury. - 9000
Piaw Na
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