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My favorite song now is "I who have nothing" from "I have nothing". So glad to have found it.
Photographs are what make the world's daily habits inspiring and entertaining. Photos make the world go round. And that's why we want to make Flickr awesome again. - Space Cowboy
Even if you feel new at something. Maybe a job. Or a new startup. Or it's your first book you want to write. Teach. Setup a lunch and learn. Try to answer questions you hear people have on places like Stack Exchange. Start a blog! Share open examples of something you've learned: code, spreadsheets, emails, anything. It might take awhile to build an audience, but you'll quickly reap rewards from the clarity teaching brings you. - Space Cowboy
Playing with Clojure again after one year. Joyous. :)
Ziva has shutdown, so has Yahoo local search (well, almost! they are living in Getit’s home now). Ziva was ahead of the time, especially with their mobile search engine technology (they were powering Jusdial local search for some time). - Space Cowboy
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The problem with whining is this: human beings like to be right. If you persuade yourself and your friends that times are really tough and that you're bound to fail, you'll probably do the things you need to do to make that true in the long run. - Space Cowboy
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I love hackathons and always will, because they were the first place where I really felt the warm embrace of the hacker community. I came to developers I respected, hat in hand, and asked for help and advice and a safe place to ask stupid questions and I am so grateful. I didn’t have to worry about my code being elegant, and I only built little prototypes to demo the Twilio API for cool videos and live demos at conferences. Now I write code 50% or more of my time, and it has to work. So I don’t do that job (of being a professional hobbyist) anymore. - Space Cowboy
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