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RT @EFF: One of our favorite webcomics, XKCD, has a great explanation of how the Heartbleed bug actually works:
If @joerogan wants more #permaculture like @joelsalatin, get @geofflawton_, @paulwheaton, or Jack Spirko (@TheSurvivalPodc)
RT @GunSenseUSA: No more sitting ducks - we must arm soldiers on base #GunReform #GunSense #DemandAction #nra #2a #GunSafety #tcot
Honest Discussions Make Better Policies -
French cleat jig for my circular saw. -
NSA PRISM for Dummies: Email -
Hard drive destruction complete. -
Edward Flynn - "Let's go back to the days of revolvers!" Good luck. #guncontrol #2A
"Held at the hip and spray fire." - Feinstein, that would be a flamethrower, not a rifle. #guncontrol #2A
"Maximum damage on humans? That's what I want. When someone's trying to kill me, why give them more time? #guncontrol
I'm joining @Rootstrikers and @Lessig to demand the #FEC get serious about regulating #superpacs.
Senator Hancock (CA), a #bulletbutton doesn't make a rifle "fully automatic". It releases the magazine. #guncontrol #2A
Do you know men with the testicles and the prostates? Show them you know they have one. Or two. #Movember
I'd buy a ton of education apps so my kids can learn in style. #twitfreeipad
RT @dccommonsense: Okay, tell me this debate would not have benefited from having a third-party candidate in it. This is ridiculous.
These #debates need narrow themes so they can dig into these issues instead of this shovel/shuffle approach.
I just entered to win a custom motorcycle in the @ironandair @dimecitycycles bike Build Giveaway! Click to enter!
I just entered the @dailycaller #gungiveaway by following them on twitter, you should too
Win a Ruger LC9, laser, holster, belt, safe, and more in the Concealed Carry Giveaway from! #CCPG
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