Concerning non-Emerson waved knives: Highly recommended! I bought a Kershaw CQC-4K because I wanted to try the Emerson Wave feature without paying Emerson prices. For $32 I was really compelled to buy it. ;) I really liked it but some of the "fit and finish" issues on the Kershaw reduced the experiences (unfinished edges, G-10 flaws, the last 20%... -
Just happened on @FoxNews: "What [@BarackObama] said was completely rational." #theEndIsNigh
I know this community isn't about posting pithy pictures (or alliteration), but I saw this one and thought it might be an interesting semantics discussion. When it comes to law, should there be a separation between the two or should laws be rewritten to apply to a generic "firearm"? I'm leaning towards the latter. I think these examples represent... -
2nd stage live NOW! #MaydayPAC to raise $5M by July 4 & make #MoneyinPolitics THE issue in 5 races. Please SHARE!
Been watching the Penny Arcade Series on youtube. Saw this and thought it could use a gif... -
Found this guy in my yard today. Looks like my pineapple plants double as frog apartments... -
Only 32 days to left to support Mayday for the Republic
RT @EFF: One of our favorite webcomics, XKCD, has a great explanation of how the Heartbleed bug actually works:
If @joerogan wants more #permaculture like @joelsalatin, get @geofflawton_, @paulwheaton, or Jack Spirko (@TheSurvivalPodc)
This is what "Americans For Responsible Solutions" is sending out to fight the Georgia HB60 gun bill that recently passed. I had high hopes for this organization when it was first announced. Sadly, their goals are exactly the things they tell you not to say... Words not to use: Gun control Stricter gun laws Gun regulation -
Gun Control.png
Honest Discussions Make Better Policies -
Thought I would post my workout log since I started doing Starting Strength. I don't want people thinking I can do no wrong. :) -
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