Left laptop at a friend's house last night. On a loaner from a client. Playing catch-up.
RT @mike_elgan Major Twitter news coming tomorrow, according to co-founder (http://twitter.com/ev...). Google acquisition?
Is the *czar* trend a way to sidestep the constitution? No Cong oversight? Power w/o accountability?
Off to DC for strategy session, then poker.
1500 farmers commit mass suicide in India http://www.independent.co.uk/news...
66 West in Rosslyn = parking lot
Amplify'd: Six Reasons Why Your Community Isn't Growing http://andrewwright.amplify.com/2009...
Checking out the Pop Gov 2.0 Sandbox Wars at http://tinyurl.com/dmozeq
I wonder what John Edwards is doing these days. Just curious.
@j_ro You got outta DC just in time for the sun to come out here.
@TheLadyV It's Chinese, but may go back to Africa. I think some Native Americans have something similar. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...
@TheLadyV I think you're a double thunder sign in the Chi...FYI.
@Jonathan_Trenn Well, nothing's moved on that front. Still pursuing that line of gigs. Been a seriously crazy couple of weeks!
Amplify'd: A Social Media Plan for Orgs/Companies http://socialmedia.amplify.com/2009...
Taxes done. I rule.
They're on twitter: @fitfeud www.fitfeud.com
Got a second? Vote for FitFeud here, support @jtnt - cool app http://www.pepsico.com/sxsw_wy...
@Phillyberg Last year it was Ed Begely Jr (sp?) MC'ing the event. I do thing Chase made an appearance. Let's try to link up!
@jtnt Make. It. Happen.
Who's going to the free concert on the Mall on Sunday? Flaming Lips, moe, Los Lobos, Chevy Chase and more.
@WolfTrapGraham Awesome. Tim O'Brien's great. Is that in the feline center or the barns?
Amplify'd: Is PR Dead? Nope. But its got issues. http://andrewwright.amplify.com/2009...
MSNBC was killing me last night with this runner: "GOP Bones up on Teabagging" #teaparty #teabag
#teaparty Tips for improving your tea party attendance? http://www.bikinibeat.org/forget-... (via @Bikini_Beat)
RT @tbridge Today, I wish for less fake outrage and more determined reasonable movement toward tax code reform.
MSNBC was killing me last night with this runner: "GOP Bones up on Teabagging."
Taxes. Good Lord.
Have you checked out @amplifytheweb? Awesome "clip blog" tool. www.amplify.com
@mjsante The real joke was that so many of the protesters don't know what it means and they started referring to themselves as teabaggers.
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