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"As software eats the world, every sort of engineering (and indeed, every sort of profession..." -
99% Invisible • Episode 86- Reversal of Fortune -
"Wired Love": A tale of catfishing, OK Cupid, and sexting ... from 1880 -
Korean News Station Pokes Fun at KTVU with Fake American Pilot Names After Southwest Airlines Landing Gear Failure « slothed -
Using Google Reader's reanimated corpse to browse archived data -
"By providing us with new ways to share what we’re doing right now, the real-time web also captures..." -
whats up - Nathanael Armstrong
Big news! Thing Labs is merging with AOL! -
Big news! Thing Labs is merging with AOL!
Big news! Thing Labs is merging with AOL!
Huh, wonder what's up with that image - Ben Darnell
That's Bizarro Phineas. - Grant Shellen
That's Phineas' dark side. - Louis Gray
Cross-Python development with auto2to3 -
Google Reader Social Retrospective -
Ben is trying to create an infininte loop. :-) - Bruce Lewis
Can't post photos directly to Reader, so I had to post it here first and reshare :) - Ben Darnell
Obsolete social sites unite! - Mihai Parparita
"Perfection is reached only on the point of collapse." - Amit Patel
Gamers beat algorithms at finding protein structures -
Goodbye, 20s! :( - Ben Darnell
YouTube - Caterpillar Water Skiing -
YouTube - Caterpillar Water Skiing
South Carolina WOOOOO!! (via jhuber) - Ben Darnell
Amazing Software Turns Cheap Webcam Into Instant 3D Scanner -
The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody -
The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody
Who needs the Internet when you can get all the freshest news delivered twice a week?
An ad in the charlotte airport - Ben Darnell from email
I'm not sure I'd be a fan of Sushi that's even a couple of days old, either. - Mark Trapp
The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody -
The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody
Days of the Dead - The Big Picture - -
If I were president wookiee suits would be the new Secret Service uniform. - Ben Darnell
the president constantly being surrounded by wookies would be pretty amusing - bob
Balloon Boy story another cable news mess - Sepinwall on TV | New Jersey Entertainment - TV & Film - - -
I never thought I'd make this comparison, but I'm glad this turned out to be more like "12 Monkeys" than "Up". - Ben Darnell
Also: Reader/Friendfeed double-comment bug fixed! - Ben Darnell
Thank you! - NaHi from
Liking for the fixing, not the story. :) - EricaJoy
Yay double comment bug fix! - Rob Shillingsburg
Thanks for the bug fix! So many people will be pleased. - Anne Bouey
Hey Ben, congratulations on all your success, long way from the old OM days of cars driving in circles and popping balloons to say the least. - Travis Corriher
Please shoot me an email when you get a chance, I want to run an idea by you... - Travis Corriher
wasn't someone asking about recipes in a functional programming style? ding! ding! ding! - Karl Rosaen
The visual representation is nice. The images on the blog post have exceeded their photobucket serving quota, btw. - Tracy
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