Retro Gaming on real backgrounds -
SuperSCAF: Carbon negative power plants -
Indoor windmills! I just had to share this because the first thing that got Larry Page excited about Google Reader was the potential for experts to use the shared-label features to produce streams about this kind of solar-powered "indoor windmill" (and other types of green power plants, but this was the kind that happened to be on his mind that day). - Ben Darnell
More Wiimote Projects - A Brain Dump -
The foldable displays video is really neat, even if it is totally impractical as demonstrated with the fixed projector. I wonder if it would be feasible to make a wearable projector for something like this? - Ben Darnell
Am I Bored With “Web 2.0”? -
in action: a skyscraper’s amazing 728-ton stabilising ball -
The time cost of free goods » PopMatters | Blogs | Marginal Utility -
Self Catching Fish -
Bert and Ernie have been doing this for years: - Ben Darnell
Annals of Science: Darwin’s Surprise: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker -
With modern science and technology, so-called "junk DNA" can be useful as a log of evolutionary events even if it's not being used to make protiens. This long article describes some fascinating (and kinda scary) viral research. - Ben Darnell
David Weinberger and the Ninja Gap -
When Crazy Isn’t Crazy Anymore: Life Balance and Insanity -
Participation as Social Capital: The Fundamental Flaw of Social News Sites -
Luke: Dean Kamen's wonderful prosthetic robot arm -
Photographing a Wedding and then an Earthquake -
Dear Web Applications: Where Are My Files? -
Computer Game's High Score Could Earn The Nobel Prize In Medicine -
Just gave it a try and it works really well; nice job! - Benjamin Golub
Will try as soon as I try - thanks Ben! - Matt Frog
This Hands-Free Super Mario World Level Plays Sweet, Sweet Music [Clips] -
Curator Forced to Kill Out-of-Control Bio-Art Exhibit [Mad Science Art] -
L'Animateur - The Animator - Der Trickzeichner -
L'Animateur - The Animator - Der Trickzeichner
Homer and Bush in CSS -
Incredible. The technique seems to take a lot of bytes for the absolute positioning/colors/styling, so I wonder if it really would be smaller than a gif (I'm too lazy to check). - Sanjeev Singh
Gin, Television, and Social Surplus -
Guitar Hero hack takes cheating to ridiculous new levels -
i, like, like this - Karl Rosaen
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