Hm. I've been tweeting for 7 years today. I sign up for a lot of things when they launch. Most don't last this long. #Twitterversary
Watching Matt Waite from University of Nebraska talk about drone journalism. I want one! #sdsu #sdsu_jms
Just ordered the Oculus Rift version 2 headset. Fun and headaches ahead!
rtl-sdr and GNU Radio w/Realtek RTL2832U and Elonics E4000 -
Interesting radio frequency: pirates on SATCOM — 255 MHz | Dangerous Prototypes -
This video highlights another interesting frequency to try with your SDR dongle: 255 MHz. trylleklovn reports that, “Using gqrx with my newsky dvb-t dongle (rtlsdr) to listen to the geostationary SATCOM which is frequently utilized by Brazil radio pirates.” - Bernie Dodge :: D.I.Y. Discone for RTLSDR -
rtl-sdr - Software to turn the RTL2832U into a SDR -
add support for direct sampling mode This commit adds the function rtlsdr_set_direct_sampling() which can be used to enable/disable a mode where the RTL2832 acts as a direct sampling receiver. This mode disables the tuner, and by attaching a long wire, or better, a 50Ω to 200Ω transformer and a lowpass- filter to the In-phase ADC input (pin 1 or 2 of the RTL2832, whereas pin 1 is at the molded dot) it is possible to listen to shortwave radio stations. The coupling capacitors can be left in place, but for better results they should be removed. Tuning in this mode is done with the DDC, and since the ADC samples with 28.8 MHz, tuning is possible from 0 to 28.8 - Bernie Dodge
RTL-SDR community on Reddit -
Archimedean Spiral Antenna w/RTLSDR -
RTLSDR: My First SDR! « AndrewNohawk -
A new way to launch GNU Radio-ready virtual machines : RTLSDR -
America's Mood Map: Find Which State Matches Your Personality | -
Neuroscience for the People: Bring DIY Science to the World by MCB80x — Kickstarter -
Homework help on YouTube | Tampa Bay Times -
JavaScript - Bootstrap JQuery Paypal Shopping Cart | CodeCanyon -
TreSensa Kik IFP's Made in NY Media Center Present: Mobile Web Game Jam NYC - NYC Mobile Web Game Developers (New York, NY) - Meetup -
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Switched to PHP 5, form $_POST variables don’t work -
Possible solution to QG problem? - Bernie Dodge
Never Use $_GET Again « php[architect] – Magazine, Training, Books, Conferences -
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