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Dan Hsiao
I love it when I Cmd+Q Chrome. Love it.
Seriously. If ever there were something that needed a prompt. - Paul Buchheit
What do you love about it? - Gabe
I love seeing all 30+ tabs reopening and slowly reloading... searching through them all to find the YouTube videos i want to watch later that i have to pause... and most of all, I love bitching about it as much as i bitch about TicketBastard (though with much less vitriol). - Dan Hsiao
I keep enough tabs open that Chrome crashes (or locks up my mac) trying to restore the all simultaneously. They should load them 2 or 3 at a time. - Paul Buchheit
That's why I don't like tabbed browsers -- it's almost never what I want. - Gabe
Having a millions windows would be much worse Gabe. Chrome's tab problems are pretty easily fixable: don't exit on Cmd+Q, and restore more sequentially. - Paul Buchheit
typical conversation between Mac users? - 大白猫
CMD- Q is a universal OS X thing. Just don't use it to close chrome :D - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
How do you close it then if not via CMD-Q? - rønin from iPhone
We have a plan! Now we just need someone to execute it: - Brian Rakowski
Is that a plan? It looks more like a long dumb argument. The anti-dialog people are wrong and should be ignored. If your computer had a self-destruct button, I'm pretty sure it would include a "are you sure you want to destroy your computer?" dialog. - Paul Buchheit
file/close @ronnin - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Isn't that the same thing? Are there different close behaviors for one and the other? - rønin from iPhone
Paul, if you scroll to the bottom, you can see what we actually plan to do. - Brian Rakowski
Ok, the planned solution sounds fine, but if nobody is going to actually implement that, you should just put in a dialog box. - Paul Buchheit
I started using Session Manager and TooManyTabs extensions because I tend to kill Chrome with 30+ tabs open. I'd really like to see sessions be synced like bookmarks, so I could go from home to work and vice versa and all my tabs would just be there. - John
Modal dialogs aren't categorically awful: they were designed to confirm a user wants to proceed with an action from which there is no undo (e.g. this scenario). When usability is at least in no small part based on users' expectations, their proposed solution is pretty awful. - Mark Trapp
What I do: change it to something else with System Preferences → Keyword → Keyboard Shortcuts → + Google Chrome / Quit Google Chrome / ⌥⌘Q - Amit Patel
The latest release of Chrome (6.0.472.33) seems to load up tabs much quicker than previously. - rønin
'Window Close Protector' extension? - Gabe
I'm with Paul on this one. Give users a confirm dialog on ⌘Q. Make sure that keyboard shortcuts work on that dialog w/ the default being whatever users do most (I suspect cancel is more common). I'm also happy with the ideas of ⌥⌘Q or ⇧⌘Q forcing a close w/o a dialog (I've seen this pattern elsewhere) and possibly not asking if very few windows/tabs are open (3 or less). - Michael Leggett
Anything that both Paul and Michael agree on is good for the world. Make it happen. - Louis Gray
Brian Rakowski
Facebook acquires FriendFeed - Google News -
Holy mole. Congrats guys. I guess you don't need to rely on Whole Foods delivery and amateur furniture assemblymen anymore. Well deserved! - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Brian Rakowski
The Robots Are The Chefs In This Japanese Restaurant | Singularity Hub -
Props to Diana for finding this - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Still waiting for robotics to make tipping obsolete. - Richard Chen
Brian Rakowski
Golf / Barkley is bad golf, good fun -
""I think tweeting is the stupidest damn thing in the world. I've never sat around thinking, 'What is Shaquille O'Neal doing right now?' "" - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Brian Rakowski
YouTube - Slow loris loves getting tickled -
YouTube - Slow loris loves getting tickled
props to adam goldberg for this link - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
or so Keith claims - Jim Norris
Thats possibly the cutest animal I have ever seen! - Rasmus Lauridsen
Brian Rakowski
Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009 | Amishrobot -
Thanks to aa for sharing - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Brian Rakowski
The dark side of Dubai - The Independent -
"Dubai was meant to be a Middle-Eastern Shangri-La, a glittering monument to Arab enterprise and western capitalism. But as hard times arrive in the city state that rose from the desert sands, an uglier story is emerging." - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Absolutely terrifying! - mikea
Brian Rakowski
The Flat-D Fart Filter Underwear Insert -
Found this on accident when searching for info on In Private filtering. It's DOCTOR RECOMMENDED - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Brian Rakowski
YouTube - Los Colorados Hot & cold -
YouTube - Los Colorados   Hot & cold
Made my evening. - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Brian Rakowski
Official Google Blog: A shiny new beta for Google Chrome -
I especially like the typo that the editors introduced in the first paragraph. - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Ok, the typo is fixed, nothing to see here ;) - Brian Rakowski
I just hope it is faster than IE8 in loading purely static pages when I don't have to go out over the network (I keep a copy of the internet in c:\temp). And by loading, I mean the time until something stops spinning in the browser UI because having an interactive page is not very important to me. I didn't realize how important this use case was until late last week. - Kelly Norton
@knorton: Ha! - Joel Webber
Liked for Kelly's comment. :) - Matt Cutts
New beta and no Mac version? The new Safari will get all the unhappy Firefox user's attention. - Felipe
@Felipe - I'm sending this comment from a build of mac chrome. It's definitely not release quality, but it is getting close. - Kelly Norton
Really?! There's more to Google Chrome on OS X than just now? - Victor Ganata
@Victor - Yes. The downside is you have to build from source to try it out. - Kelly Norton
Brian Rakowski
The Teenager Audio Test - Can you hear this sound? Created by Train Horns -
I had to download the MP3 to get it to work, but I heard it. Did you? - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
i found the initial shock to be the worst part of it. brian, do you have quicktime installed? the quicktime plug-in handled the file for me. - John Fu
I can hear it. I think this is more of a "have you destroyed your hearing yet" than a "are you a teenager" test. - Laurence Gonsalves
Both Jeanette and I can hear it. - Tudor Bosman
My hearing is generally very poor, and I can still hear it. Makes me doubt the validity of the test. - Felicia Yue
I can hear it, which means I'm back in my 20's. Sweet! - Tom Stocky
Yes; it's not even my highest register. (I'm 25, by the way.) I'm the youngest person in my lab, with the next youngest being 30, but I'm the only one who can hear the noises lots of the older electronic equipment make when they're using the motors, charging, etc. Fortunately my prof understands when I ask him, "Can I charge this piece of equipment in another room? It's making a noise only I can hear." - Melinda Owens
By the way, why do electronics make those noises? CRT TVs *always* make them, other kinds of electronics less often. I can tell when a CRT TV is on mute from one or two rooms away. - Melinda Owens
I'm in my 30's. The young part of me can hear it. The old part of me wants to not hear it again. - Robert Konigsberg
I can't. - Anne Bouey
I'm 33, and I heard it (if only just) - Nick Lothian
I could hear it. Really annoying sound. - Bret Taylor
Yep. I feel so young now :p - Rodfather
Anyone else not hear this? Not sure this test is for real, me and my GF both hear it and we're 26 and 31... - Louis Simoneau
I'm old. I hear that sound all the time. - Brian Johns
I heard it. Does anybody have know what frequency that was? I'm guessing it was only around 15kHz. - Gabe
I heard it (27), my partner couldn't (33). He used to be a DJ ;) - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Ok, now I'm officially old. I'm in my 40's and heard nothing. - eugenio
loud and irritating - bob
Brian Rakowski
English Russia » Icicles of Brick -
Honey, I napalmed the ceiling. Do you like it? - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Brian Rakowski
Clever dog uses snow bank to climb up on roof -
Dumbest news story ever. - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Chris: if you just watch CNN or MSNBC's homepage for a while, it won't be hard - Gabe
Brian Rakowski
YouTube - Thirsty Koala - A Firefighter Gives Koala A Drink (2009 Australian Bushfires) -
YouTube - Thirsty Koala - A Firefighter Gives Koala A Drink (2009 Australian Bushfires)
Favorite quote: "Watch, he'll get hydrated and then rip the absolute shit outta me." - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Brian Rakowski
YouTube - The Villains Of New York City Comic Con 2009 -
YouTube - The Villains Of New York City Comic Con 2009
Some culture for your Wednesday morning - Brian Rakowski from Bookmarklet
Brian Rakowski
Brian Rakowski
Older white women join Kenya's sex tourists - Yahoo! News -
They're stealing our women! - Brian Rakowski
Brian Rakowski
STANFORD Magazine: March/April 2008 > Farm Report > News > Campus Relationships Survey -
Stupid fricking Stanford. - Brian Rakowski
Brian Rakowski
Black Guy Asks Nation For Change | The Onion - America's Finest News Source -
"Black Guy Asks Nation For Change" - Brian Rakowski
Brian Rakowski
"Hannah requires one-on-one care at all times, said her mother, Terry Poling, a nurse and lawyer. The Polings described how Hannah was a normal, verbal toddler until she received several vaccines during a well-baby visit. Within 48 hours of the shots, she developed a high fever and inconsolable crying and refused to walk. She stopped sleeping through the night. Within three months after receiving the vaccine, she began showing signs of autism, including spinning and staring at lights and fans. For a while, she lost her ability to speak." - Brian Rakowski
Brian Rakowski
What are you doing here? - man asks wife at brothel - Yahoo! News -
My fellow Poles - Brian Rakowski
Brian Rakowski
Party Inside Your Stomach Video -
Tequila is my friend. - Brian Rakowski
Brian Rakowski
Study: Shy Swedes are habitual huggers - Yahoo! News -
I would like the bikini team to be in town if my goldfish dies. - Brian Rakowski
Bret Taylor
The Promise of Sleep: A Pioneer in Sleep Medicine Explores the Vital Connection Between Health, Happiness, and a Good Night's Sleep -
The Promise of Sleep: A Pioneer in Sleep Medicine Explores the Vital Connection Between Health, Happiness, and a Good Night's Sleep
Paul gave this to me, but it looks looooong. I guess that is one way of putting people to sleep :) - Bret Taylor
I TA'd this guy's class. I can summarize it in 30 seconds: You need N hours of sleep per night. If you get less, it adds up as "sleep debt." Eventually, you have to pay it back. Accumulating too much sleep debt degrades cognition and coordination.. - Brian Rakowski
It's surely nonlinear. Does the book include a model for f(previous-debt, tonights-delta) = new-debt? Can you accumulate a surplus? - ⓞnor
I had this same argument with my sister, who also took sleep and dreams from Stanford. I may be stupider, but I have a hard time believing it is strictly cumulative. - Bret Taylor
degrades cognition? wow, i am gonna be so much smarter after I sleep for 26 months straight and get out of sleep debt - j1m
the folk wisdom i always heard was that sleep loss is unrecoverable. kill your alarm clock! - Charles Martin
How does that work? Anyone who pulls more than a few hundred late nights during college is permantently retarded? - j1m
Stupider? Since when am I the smart one??? - Shannon Jiménez
oh my gosh i work for a mobile DJ company, we totally need one of these - DJ Weezy
No, you can't get a surplus. Theoretically, you gotta make it all up. That's why people sleep all day on the weekends. - Brian Rakowski
I can't believe you guys sacrificed sleep to comment on this book. - Tom Stocky
What are you talking about? I'm asleep right now. - ⓞnor
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