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Awesome! - David Beach
Chris Messina
Loic Le Meur
Can someone give me a definition of what being "passive-aggressive" means, some people tell me I am that, probably bad news.... :)
Passive-aggressive behavior refers to passive, sometimes obstructionist resistance to following authoritative instructions in interpersonal or occupational situations. It can manifest itself as resentment, stubbornness, procrastination, sullenness, or repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is, often explicitly, responsible. It is a defense mechanism and more often... more... - net from Alert Thingy
actually it's a personality disorder, generally appears when stepping into adolescence. a kinda way to resist doing things and showing expected behavior due to not believing their alleged positive outcomes... As an entrepreneur of web 2.0 age, P-A can be a positive asset somehow. that could mean you deny to act traditional but don't disclose your denial loudly and instead silently go with your way. that was a "bright side" p.o.v :) - Berk D. Demir
My quick & dirty version: a overly, polite waiter that adds extra ingredients to your food because the customer was over-demanding. The waiter never stops being too polite in the dining room but goes creepily, ballistic behind closed doors. Look at the movie "Office Space" for examples:) - Roney Smith
wow what great comments, it is a terrible trait in my experience normally attributed to low self esteem cowards who can't deal with issues directly and enjoy the sport of thinking they're putting something over on their victims - mike "glemak" dunn
some say fear & envy contributes to passive aggressive behavior -- passion patience & persistence cannot replace accountability (or wisdom or maturity) - Scott Moskowitz
I've noticed BigCo workers tend to be more passive aggressive too. Larger work environments encourage people to bite their tongue, but then those people tend to let it out in other ways. In a startup you simply cannot tolerate passive agressive behaviour. Ifyou have a problem you need to be up front and honest about it. I've seen it tear working relationships apart. You have to be up front :) - David Petar Novakovic from twhirl
it's like the lady in the super market that says 'excuuuuse me' - but really means 'get out of my way'......a very nice way of being not so nice...i think it's cultural, in the us people are sometimes polite even if they dont want to be...:) - yat
david: like your comment/take startups vs bigco right on, neither can afford but tends to be more prevalent in bigco & disastrous in startup... - mike "glemak" dunn
basic terms: you're usually quiet (passive) but can be aggressive when you want something or something doesn't go your way. The mid point is usually considered assertive which is where you want to be. (there's personality traits as well, but it was years ago I did the course) - Duncan Riley
I wonder if Gandhi was passive aggressive? I have a friend who is aggressive passive. He gets violently angry about stuff he doesn't really care about. Not kidding. - anna sauce
it's the opposite of how I am at work ;) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Well, say you wanted a soda. An agressive person would say, "Go get me a soda." A passive-agressive person would say "I wish I had a soda. If only someone would get me one." - Alex P. from twhirl
it's definitely better than being straight-out aggressive - Wil from MojiPage Bot
People who are passive-aggressive might take so long to get ready for a party they do not wish to attend that the party is nearly over by the time they arrive. - CannonGod from twhirl
kiss my ass Loic. prove your not passive-aggressive. then get down and eat my cornhole. you know? like you licked @QueenOfSpain - NoahDavidSimon
short explanation: tendancy towards not acting, not being outwardly aggressive, but in fact being aggressive in subtle, often socially acceptable ways. If you still read books: "comment gérer les personnalités difficiles", by Lelord and André. Fascinating and life-changing read. (But you have to read it yourself.) - Stephanie Booth
These are good illustrations: http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com/ - Rubin Sfadj
how about... just googling it yourself? - Jeremy Toeman
Nice passive-aggressive response, Jeremy. Heh. - Phil Glockner
*technically* it wasn't p-a, but i thought it still... worked. ;) - Jeremy Toeman
Loic's question is p-a per se -- a proactive person would have googled it on the spot. - Rubin Sfadj
you've never struck me as a passive aggressive person! you're pretty direct. - Veronica
I will re ask your question with passive aggresion, "Can you at some point if you can find the time define what passive aggresive means? I mean it dosen't have to be right now, but I really need to know for a post, and I just hope I can get an answer right away if not sooner..but no rush!" - Mike Lewis
amazing - I have the same problem! ANd they just keep scrinking too! Is this some American conspiracy against European entrepreneurs? - net from twhirl
if someone tells you that you are "passive-aggressive" they just don´t have the guts to tell you that you seem aggressive to them - Dieter Schwarz
Telling someone they're p-a is a p-a way of letting them know you don't like them. - Rubin Sfadj
ok - that´s straight to the point! you win! *gg* - Dieter Schwarz
I can't believe the number of comments here! Net, thanks for using Twhirl! - Loic Le Meur from twhirl
Passive-aggressive people (often Enneagram 9) get "angry", but might not know exactly why they are angry for hours-days-weeks, so the "anger" often leaks out in other ways. Some people can be passive-aggressive on purpose, but many simply don't know YET why they are angry. This term greatly confused me until I had both a girlfriend and a boss who were passive-aggressive. In my family, we just got "angry" - plain & simple. - Mitchell Tsai
here is Passive Aggresive Anger Release Machine (in French) http://www.trendsnow.net/trends_... - Pokai
MG Siegler
VB office gets proper desks! http://twitpic.com/1d0sj
VB office gets proper desks! http://twitpic.com/1d0sj
love these FF twitpic thumbnails - MG Siegler
That is not my office. - Veronica
whatever Veronica, we're merging, didn't you get the memo? - MG Siegler
There can be only one VB, MG... - Veronica
OK, maybe me and Violet Blue. BUT THAT'S IT! - Veronica
are you going to cut off my head now? - MG Siegler
Hmm.... nah. But I might buy you guys some houseplants. - Veronica
http://www.youtube.com/watch... how about swords instead? - MG Siegler
Well done. - Veronica
also, the is a great beer, VB http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - MG Siegler
who is the one in the green shirt who is looking at the wall - Allen Stern
the great anthony ha, magician at large - MG Siegler
at least put up a poster of outdoors or something - or a cn sticker - something! - Allen Stern
we have some stuff, white board, banner, etc, i just captured a bleak area. one wall is lime green! we're wild and crazy over here. - MG Siegler
i'd like to see a 3-4 minute video of the space and some talks with the particpants of said space. - Allen Stern
in a meeting right now allen, but i'll get a pic for you one sec - MG Siegler
Very nice. - Tyson Key
thank you mg - Allen Stern
YouTube - Happy Tree Friends - As You wish (Part 2) - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
YouTube - Happy Tree Friends - As You wish (Part 2)
iPhone Developer
@Tellus I love the @12Seconds iPhone app, too :) - http://twitter.com/iKrissi...
Robert Scoble
Hanging out with 12seconds.tv - http://12seconds.tv/channel...
Hanging out with 12seconds.tv
Having lots of fun with the 12seconds team. Will post a 30 minute video that I did with the team later today. :-) - Robert Scoble
Funny 1st frame !! - Susan Beebe
it worked. on FF. - Gregg
hey, I know those guys! :) - Justin Korn
Glad to see that you set up a 12 account! Great to meet up with you today, here's the 12 we did at Lighthouse: http://tiny12.tv/IP2EZ Look forward to talking more about Bothell with you sometime in the future. - @gronumbulator on twitter :) - Nick
Scoble, you always look so happy! I cant imagine how that is after you have given out your phone number on FF......... - Alex Wilhelm
Alex: I get very few phone calls. Today I got two. And, anyway, I'm happy to be alive. In 2001 my car was hit and turned upside down and from then on I realize that every day that I am here is a good day and might as well enjoy it to the fullest. - Robert Scoble
Liked this partly for the main subject, but also for the 'every day here is a good day' comment. I'm trying *hard* to adopt that approach. Most days it works :) - Patrick Jordan
I love 12seconds - so many different approaches to making those 12 seconds of video count! A very exciting service. I wrote about it here: http://14sandwiches.com/2008... - Martin Bryant
i love 12 seconds, too. it's so cool! - Yasuyuki Goto
Mark Krynsky
Happiness for a Nanosecond - http://12seconds.tv/channel...
Happiness for a Nanosecond
More of my strange verbage is available here: http://krynsky.com/categor... - Mark Krynsky
GMail's new Send & Archive feature is so freakin' awesome
Right? Bloody brilliant. - The Fat Oracle
Totally!! - David Beach
Hrm...if it worked with the keyboard shortcut...it would be even more awesome...or does it already? - Rahsheen
I love it. I'd also like a send and delete option. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
@HeartOn - welcome to Twitter! I LOVE THE EAGLES OF DEATH METAL!
Chris Messina
The OpenID and OAuth Flow: Playing with UX · Ben Ward - http://ben-ward.co.uk/blog...
The OpenID and OAuth Flow: Playing with UX · Ben Ward
Excellent write up of UX options for OAuth. - Chris Messina from Mento
This looks like a smart idea. When can we get for twitter? - Tom
Robert Scoble
But I'm seeing more real entrepreneurial energy than I've seen in a while. Not the "get funded" kind. The real kind. Like 2002 again.
This is good news as these start ups will be the winners once the economy turns up. - Jeff P. Henderson
Opportunity exists only for those wise and bold enough to go for it! - Susan Beebe
This is indeed good news. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
and guess what?! They're all going to have to have actual business models or at least real business ideas too. Wheat will separate from chaff pretty damn quick. - Cathy Brooks from twhirl
Too true, Cathy, which means that the companies that do make it will be adding real value to the economy. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Please don't let me ever see another Slide - Jesse Stay
Can't agree more. Developers are turning out new stuff daily .... that works! - Charlie Anzman
Being fiscally responsible from the start of a startup really does help you build a much more successful business later. - Douglas Karr from twhirl
A lot more focus on building real business vs. just acquiring more funds - ws
and a real focus on selling a product and/or service instead of going cap in hand to advertisers. - alphaxion
I agree, I think it could be a very exciting time to be an entrepreneur. - Shaun Haney
it is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur for sure. I'm excited... - Scott Lockhart
Robert Scoble
I filmed 30 minutes of video at 12seconds.tv today. I find that funny. No, I won't split it up into 12 second pieces. :-)
So are we going to see said 20 seconds of video? - Lary Stucker
340mb of 936 are done, so a while longer. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert Scoble
12seconds.tv released its iPhone app this morning. I gotta get a 3G iPhone (lost mine a while back) but their app is cool.
Robert Scoble has no iPhone!? Shock, horror! - Phil Whelan
I have an old crusty one. - Robert Scoble
They are charging 99cents. Jerks. - Mona Nomura
If they are going to charge, shouldn't it be 12 cents? - Shevonne
Mona: they have no funding and are trying to build a real business! - Robert Scoble
Good for them, but I will wait for Qik - no other Soc Nets charge for their iPhone apps! And I am not investing in a company that has no funding, even if it is 99cents! - Mona Nomura
It's not like venture capitalists are experts at picking companies, either - check out the deadpool. - Shawn Farner
Mona - so you'll invest in a company with no revenue/business model but NOT one that has no funding but expects to make money... wow... just... wow - Brian Roy
What if Qik all of a sudden said they was going to charge for their app? - Outsanity
What makes 12seconds stand out, Shawn? - Mona Nomura
Mona, would you not use a product just because the company that make it has no funding? - Amit Morson
Is Mona even on 12seconds? - Outsanity
They're always adding features, but most importantly, they might be the last ones standing :). They know how to not burn through money and right now, that's perfect. - Shawn Farner
it doesn't make videos, just 3 pics if I read the description right - Clarence Westberg
I will not use them because they are charging for an app and have no funding. They do not stand out enough for me to want to actually support them. (I have been on 12seconds since July) - Mona Nomura
The only thing I can say is they need some apps for phones that actually does video but, better than nothing at all, right? - Outsanity
I have them, but don't use them. I had issues with trying to get my Mac to work with their service. I stuck with Seesmic due to that. - Shevonne
MacBook or iMac? Mines works fine with them - Outsanity
The bigger question is when is Qik coming out?! - Elijah Nicolas
Can't believe people are carping about 99 cents, skip a 5 mile drive in your SUV - Clarence Westberg
It's not the price, it's the principle. - Mona Nomura
@Outsanity - The Macbook. I actually went on a few forums and it seems like others have been having issues as well - Shevonne
Mona - OK I'll by that... what is the principal? That you only use stuff from funded companies? - Brian Roy
@Shevonne, is the camera source on "USB Video Class Video"? I assume the MB cam is the same setting as on the iMac. If anything, you can email them about this issue. - Outsanity
Qik works great on the N95, but I haven't tried 12seconds. The issue here seems to be reaching out to your existing social networks on other sites to let them know you've got something posted. - Mr. Gunn
I did two weeks ago and never received a response. Maybe they have resolved it. I'll check it out tonight. - Shevonne
No. I have said this repeatedly in this thread: They are charging, when no other Social Networks are, in addition to not being funded. Not only that, their app does not support video - which is what their site is about. I don't know about you, but that is beyond bizarre to me. - Mona Nomura
OK - so the principle is that social networks shouldn't charge users - you won't join/participate in one that does. Did I get that right? BTW I'm not snarking at you, just trying to understand. - Brian Roy
I find it weird people will charge for a Twitter app and people buy them - Outsanity
Charging for use and charging for apps are two separate things - 12seconds is releasing an app (that does not even DO what the site is about) for 99cents. There is way too much competition out there, what sets them aside? I do not believe in them, so I do not want to invest my time and or money. And Brian, it takes a lot to offend me, but thank you for the courtesy. :) - Mona Nomura
It's a glorified slideshow with audio not video, where is Qik? - Justin Fowler
Mona - OK, got it. And like I tell my kids - There is no excuse for failing to be polite :) - Brian Roy
Seems like a good work around for a (i)phone that doesn't do video unless you jailbreak. I mean, the problem is with Apple not 12seconds. 12seconds has tried to come up with a (i)phone option for their users. This is a company that has spent less than 100k to get operational and I believe they all still have day jobs. I'll try it out for .99; what the heck. - Kenley Neufeld
i think Kenley hit the nail on the head. 12seconds are not at fault. - Outsanity
I don't think it's Apple's fault, I'm throwing blame at AT&T telling Apple not to allow it because their network can't handle it. - Justin Fowler
Bottomline: different strokes for different folks. That is the beauty of choices. :) And I disagree the fault lies with Apple. Big picture, people. Big picture. - Mona Nomura
I don't know Mona. Just seems like a company like Apple could provide two key things on their phones: video and copy/paste. Of course, I'm just playing with 12seconds and remembering how Twitter started out (the question then was, why?). I still ask that a bit about 12seconds, but trying anyway. I do like seesmic too. - Kenley Neufeld
Mona - This is Sol one of the founders of 12seconds. I hear you. Our app and our product isn't for everyone. However, we have every right to try to create revenue. We're doing our best given that Apple doesn't allow video and a huge percentage of our users have iPhones (and don't want to jailbreak it). 12seconds is about sharing moments, not live streaming video. We think the app accomplishes this. AND we think it is worth 99 cents (which isn't very much). - Sol
Just made my first clip with the app; pretty simple and now I can view 12seconds videos on the iPhone. I do see some interesting application with the app. Check out this post: http://12seconds.tv/channel... compared to my post: http://12seconds.tv/channel... - Kenley Neufeld
@ Shevonne "I did two weeks ago and never received a response. Maybe they have resolved it. I'll check it out tonight. - Shevonne Polastre" -------- I'm sorry if that slipped through the cracks. Please email me at david@12seconds.tv and we'll try to sort out your issue. Selecting the USB Class Video option would have been my first piece if advice as well. I'm sure we can get you straight. - drs650
I think it looks pretty cool. Such negativity for .99. I paid 9.99 for MonkeyBall and I think I've played it once. - James Hull
It's a slideshow with audio........... not exactly what I would want. Qik and Ustream both have iPhone apps in the queue. If they get approved, I hope 12seconds follows up with a video app - Bwana ☠
Come January we should see a software upgrade from apple allowing video recording apps to run on all iPhones. So hang in there for a month. - vijay
But why would people use this? What real-life problem does it solve? Is it just for fun and games? I don't get 12seconds.tv, personally. - Jesse Stay
I downloaded it and think it's great, love the Ken Burns effect and the 3 pics may work out better than pics, I think they have stumbled upon a great app - Clarence Westberg
Believe me... if iphone video recording was an option, we'd be all over it. If @vijay is correct, then we'd be very very happy. However the output is video, you are essentially making a video in the end, it's just all ken burnsy ;) Thanks to everyone for your support! We totally appreciate it. (12seconnds co-founder) - David Beach
Sorry guys, in my earlier comment I said we should see video support via s/w upgrade soon, but a comment in another thread made me think about the EVIL that holds back iPhone - at&t. Video apps + support might be filtered out by at&t based on bandwidth concerns, like they did with removing podcaster and apple's 50 MB podcast limit. It's something we should have in the back of our heads. - vijay
@drs650 - Thanks! I am going to check it out when I get home. If anything, I will email you. - Shevonne
I don't really get what 12seconds is about, but dissing their app for being "not what the site is about"? seriously? Mona - you do know that video is just a series of photos strung together right? - Jon Price
This is very strategic to me. Granted, their 99cent price will get them less takers, but once the iPhone sdk allows video capture, they will be on it like butter on a hot potato and release an update, and will be the 1st app on iPhone with video capabilities. Prob easier getting an update of an app through instead of a fresh app... - Shazron Abdullah
they ripped me off... i talked about this same concept weeks ago on seesmic for a seesmic iphone app. I've been working on it over a month. - Zac Bowling
Joe Lazarus
Joel Sax
12seconds - Fiona Sees Herself http://12seconds.tv/channel....
Rachael Depp
Wed is deadline 4 voting 12seconds 4 Best Bootstrap 08; pls vote b4 midnight so u can vote 1 last time tmrrw! http://crunchies2008.techcrunch.com/nominat...
michael silverton
Wed is deadline 4 voting 12seconds 4 Best Bootstrap 08; pls vote b4 midnight so u can vote 1 last time tmrrw! http://crunchies2008.techcrunch.com/nominat...
Mark Krynsky
Bill Hicks – Praying for Nuclear Holocaust - http://www.last.fm/music...
Mark Krynsky
On my Black Friday shopping list - http://www.cafepress.com/friendf...
On my Black Friday shopping list
already pwn one :) - Ben Clemens
I wonder if 12seconds.tv will hook a brotha up with some extra invites for this blog post
hey rahsheen, i'll get on this. we'll get you more invites for sure. - David Beach
Sweet :) - Rahsheen
There you go, you're good at this. ;) - Andrew Trinh
The power of Social Media...LOL - Rahsheen
Paul Buchheit
Fox News: Palin didn't know Africa was a continent - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Fox News: Palin didn't know Africa was a continent
Holy crap! LOL - Susan Beebe
O! M! G! - Dror Shimshowitz
Don't worry scro! There are plenty of 'tards out there living really kick ass lives. My first wife was 'tarded. She's a pilot now. - bob
i wonder if some factions are hoping to bury her now (releasing stories and such) so as to avoid her coming back in later elections - bob
@bob i know *I* would want her buried, for sure. Can you imagine Palin for President, 2012? *shudder* EDIT: oops, i guess I meant @bob, not @shodan. enjit shows usernames, not nicknames, which kind of makes replying to someone kind of difficult... - David Adam
@bob, yeah, I'm guessing that's what Fox wants now, and that's why they're reporting it. - j1m
I think they're running this stuff because A) it's juicy gossip, and B) the election is over and they need something to talk about. - Gabe
I think this comes from the Newsweek reporting, which was embargoed until after the election. This sort of "how it's made" stuff is very interesting to me. - Paul Buchheit
I don't like talking zombies, neither do i like their assistants... But i CANNOT believe that it's possible not to know that africa is a continent. - Kirill Bolgarov
and of course this never came out during the campaign because? And any answer of "because it would damage the campaign" are null and void when you're faced with choices that are flawed and those flaws should be pointed out before it's over to stop a turkey winning. Such corruption in the press *shakes head* - alphaxion
we were how close to this woman being a heartbeat away? unbelievable. - Jamie
You can't say there is no continuation in the republican party, if not of policy at least of intelligence level. - Amit Morson
this reminds me of this one time, where we had (have) this president, who was like "oh, India and Pakistan fighting, testing nukes, blahblahblah" and then the reporter was like "who are the leaders of those countries mr. president?" and he was like ".................." this was after he was elected and in office, mind you. now at least we'll have 4 years of a president that can get past the $100 level of "who wants to be a millionaire." - grant fox
You cannot be serious. This is the stupidest thing I've heard. Seriously? - Richard
My estimation of McCain has gone down even further. Sarah Palin is a rube who didn't belong in the veep slot but it's not like she forced her way into that role. It looks like the McCain campaign is trying to blame the entire loss on her - and that is supremely sh***y. Did the fact that she not know simple geography not come up in their vetting? She may be an idiot but that makes them even bigger idiots for choosing her in the first place. - Carla Thompson
I understand she went to public school, but you cannot seriously believe she didn't know this stuff. On the other hand maybe you all do since you believed everything "the one" told you. - Richard
*shakes head* - Shey
Hey! 4000 years ago when a bearded white angry god made the continents (burying all those dinosaur bones for us to find), he made Africa as a whole. He did not put the countries there.... - Thaths
Andy Baio
If you have an iPhone, go install RjDj Single (it's free), pop in your headphones, start it up, and go back to whatever you were doing.
totally agree man. it makes everything better. - David Beach
do you have to have the iPhone headphones (with mic) to make everything work correctly, or will any headphones do? - Adam Kazwell
Jeremy Toeman
Former Bush Press Secretary Voting for Obama - http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008...
Jeremy Zawodny
Obama Rally Draws 100,000 in Missouri - http://blogs.wsj.com/washwir...
holy crap! - Jeremy Zawodny
Loic Le Meur
the latest Seesmic email newsletter was opened by 10246 people and half clicked on a link. Less than 1% unsubscribed. Email still works.
maybe solicited emails :P - mjc
good # and transparency - Louis Gray
thanks Louis, would be interested in your feedback. Loved meeting you last time btw sorry did not reply to your email but really enjoyed it. - Loic Le Meur from twhirl
What's not seen, is when someone, ahem, copies links from it, and shares them with friends. - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
I wish more companies were so transparent - agree with Louis. Level the playing field. - Jesse Stay
agreed. Targeted pertinent emails are still effective. - Johan
Yeah.. I opened it. Only because of the introduction of mobile seesmic and the mention of Cleese. - Czar
Jesse Stay
So my post on Facebook dropping 20-50% of app traffic gets ignored, but Scoble's resume post makes front page of Techmeme? Makes no sense.
Watch, now that it's getting attention on FF it will make TechMeme. I totally don't get TechMeme. A lot of news doesn't get reported there. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
TechMeme has a heavy bias towards previous sources. So, Scoble has the reputation already and his posts generally get considered. Because other "big-name" blogs pick up the story, it hits techmeme. I do not totally understand techmeme, but that is the general pattern I have seen. - Rob Diana
Essentially. If I want to hit techmeme, I've got to write it on Mashable or a "known" blog. Personally I take almost no stock in Techmeme anymore. - Ben Parr
+1 Rob - TechMeme just doesn't know you yet, but your post was really interesting & informative! Great work. - Sarah Perez
I'm no Scobleizer.com, but Techmeme has put me on the front page several times, so Gabe has to be listening. Perhaps I'm just not in his personal reader yet - this is big news though. A very large number of Facebook apps right now are down because of the change Facebook put in place. (including several election apps) - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Resumes are universal. Facebook traffic metrics are not. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Well, regardless, Facebook looks to have fixed the problem today so we're all good. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Is there something you're missing by NOT going to TechMeme? I seem to stumble across the good stuff through the shares of others. - Shawn Farner
TechMeMe does a good job Jesse. It can't always be expected to be perfect. You can literally see the changes Gabe makes to try and keep it relevant. - Charlie Anzman
CNN linked to my blog yesterday. That's why I got onto Techmeme. Techmeme is a crap shoot. None of my videos have been on there, even though many are damn interesting. But Daniel is right. This is my highest-trafficed post in quite a while. Lots of people need to know about resumes, and stories about how to get through this wacky economy will do well. Facebook developers getting hurt? Only affects a few so won't get as much attention. - Robert Scoble
By the way, my post was higher on FriendFeed too and everyone knows you on FriendFeed. So why pick on TechMeme only? - Robert Scoble
Robert, you're way more popular than I am :-) I expect news from Techmeme, with FriendFeed it's my own responsibility to make news and I have more control over that. Techmeme I have no control. BTW, I wasn't trying to say your post wasn't good - I really liked it, and agree with it actually. I just thought it was less "news" than mine. I think you're right - Techmeme is very much a crap-shoot. I've never been able to predict the articles of mine that have made it there. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
And BTW, apps being down isn't just affecting developers - it's affecting millions of users, and perhaps some of the fate of our nation. Several election apps have been down all weekend, just before the deadline to register to vote. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Jesse: I've never been able to predict which ones of my things will get to TechMeme either. It depends on what people want to link to for whatever reasons. More people linked to this one than link to other things I do, even though the other things I do are more important, I think. I agree your article should have been there. - Robert Scoble
Which brings an interesting point - what happens when blogs stop re-reporting orignal news? What happens when all that transitions over to FriendFeed? Will Techmeme survive, or adapt? Or will that never happen? - Jesse Stay from twhirl
It's a good post jesse. don't worry about techmeme, just keep doing your thing. ;) - David Beach
Times are changing. Information will no longer be consolidated and centralized. With all the readily available options, the real question is: What should bloggers who want to be heard focus on? - Mona Nomura
Agree with David ... It all comes around - Charlie Anzman
That's an excellent question Mona - I think good content is key. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Well, good content is the most important, but publicity is definitely required as well. If you are not a huge blog, then you need to work FriendFeed, Digg, Mixx, Reddit, etc. Otherwise, you will be entirely dependent on others determining whether your content is worthy. - Rob Diana
Can you do that without Techmeme though? I receive way more traffic from Techmeme than all of those combined (well, perhaps minus Digg or Reddit, but I've never been on those) - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Funny you say that. I have gotten significantly more social media traffic (including friendfeed) than I have ever received from TechMeme. I have not been a lead/headline on TechMeme though. - Rob Diana
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