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Spent so much time playing online that I got a job doing it. I'm an Internet junkie
Oh hai Mr 2014 Milpitas Citizen of the Year aka dad! #prouddaughter @ St. John The Baptist Pavalkis Hall
So awesome!! - Tamara J. B.
Bay Area tweeps RT @dicksonfong: Help build the first ever "Women in UX" community in Silicon Valley. Spread the word
Earthquake bad. Woman that lives across the street screaming during it? Worse.
Good bye crazy desk that looked more like I worked at @kidrobot instead of @oakley. Moving to a new…
PSA: don't forget to turn off your weekday alarms if you don't have to go to work tomorrow!
I forgot to anyone going to be at SXSW? The last time I went, I met a very awesome Derrick ^___^
#oakleywomen's agreement + Oakley Digital Team girls 💛 @ Oakley Headquarters
Love it! Go Beanie! - Tamara J. B.
I haz my computer back! And it’s speedy! *hugs it*
It's sad how happy I am about this. I was about to throw the loaner out a window :| - Tamara
Think I’m on the slowest computer known to man. Thankful it’s just a loaner for the day but have no idea how I will get anything done timely
Today is one of my favorite days because if you read it wrong, it looks like Mach 1. That may also explain why the day flew by. #happyfriday
Oh how I love wasted days at work. Computer issues suck.
Hazard of working in the action sports industry: reviewing videos with GoPro footage & feeling a bit queasy from motion sickness #weaksauce
Never fails. As soon as I post about not being able to find my keys, they show up.
First person to tell me (correctly) where my keys are wins a prize. Grr.
Thankful for leftovers from my lunch…of leftovers. #deskdinner #nomnom
what did you have for leftovers? - imabonehead
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts :) - Tamara
yummm - imabonehead
Of course when I’m finally ready to leave work it’s pouring - and my umbrella is conveniently in my car
So much win. RT @Jeep: .@BurgerKing Thanks BK. Let us know if you want to grab a burger and swap stories - we'll drive.
I finally had to upgrade my TweetDeck and hate it. Any suggestions for a Mac desktop client that I can use multiple accounts on?
If you haven’t read the AMA with @Cmdr_Hadfield yet, do it. It’s awesome
So rad! MT @Cmdr_Hadfield: Northern Lights - recent aurora in green/red waves, USA/Canada below, the universe above
Happy Friday! Calvin and Hobbes photoshopped into real life scenes #bestthingever
:) - Steve C
It's definitely time for some new headphones. One side of mine work only when I tilt my head. That makes typing/reading difficult :|
I’ve probably seen every episode of Chopped but just recently realized he was saying “our pantry and fridge” and not “are pantry and fridge”
*dead* RT @Audi: Sending some LEDs to the @MBUSA Superdome right now...
Win. RT: @Oreo: Power out? No problem.
Trying to stay awake while eating a cough drop then being wide awake afterwards = no fun.
Repeat/retweet after me: my throat doesn’t hurt. I am not getting sick. It’s just my imagination.
*sigh* Almost 2 hours later I now have a flight that leaves in another 2 hours. At least it’s direct to SNA. Hope my luggage makes it!
I hope you have a smooth flight home. Sorry you had delays. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Ugh…missed my flight. Hoping to get another one today because I got an automated message they put me on a flight out tomorrow morning :(
Crossing fingers my delayed flight doesn’t mess up my other 2 flights. With only ~1 hour between each, I’ll be extremely lucky if it doesn’t
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