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So @Dyson are releasing a Roomba-killer (finally): #dysonrobot. Pretty baller. With an app to keep track!
RT @WordPress: WordPress 4.0 “Benny” is now available, with a smoother, more seamless writing and management experience:
RT @aaronjorbin: Huge props to @helenhousandi for leading WordPress 4.0. I owe you some pizza rolls (and a beer).
RT @wonderboymusic: Congrats to @helenhousandi for being a baller and leading 4.0 - proud of my homie!
RT @rosso: Fact: The number of people cc:'d on an email is inversely proportional to how quickly you'll get anything done.
“@BreakingNews: President makes statement on Iraq and Ferguson, Mo.” Covering both war zones in one hit. Efficient.
RT @chriscoyier: cool lesson #1 if you’re a company don’t be all wankery and try to own everything your smart people do.
RT @NickLongo: I heard you want to be a Web Developer.
RT @TechCrunch: This Real-Time Projected CGI Makeup Is Beautiful And Terrifying by @jordanrcrook
I don't think you understand how excited I am to go fishing next weekend.
Consistency. Doesn't matter where you are, you'll always find massively overweight people at your local Costco.
RT @UXSisters: "Nobody cares about your product. Fundamentally, what users care about is themselves." by @lauraklein #ux
RT @dens: "Horses aren't unemployed now because they got lazy as a species, they're unemployable." <next up, humans!>
Just saw someone taking their turtle for a walk.
RT @HotchkissWeb: Check out the signs we made up for @WordCampMaine!
RT @Bipartisanism: If your city feels safer when the police are off the streets that's a problem.
Can't decide if cool or ridiculous:
That moment where you brain fart and completely blank on your 25 character master password...
Every credit card I've ever had uses xx/yy for the expiry (numbers, not month name). Why do online forms insist on using month names?
Hurray! Now I can chauffeur @akiresc around.
First fly fishing class: so much more technical than I thought, but super excited to get hookin'!
I just tried to tap my Mac Book Pro screen, and yesterday I almost referred to throwing something out as "deleting" it. Reality. Broken.
“@AnimalMashups:” for @chexee
Karma WiFi saved the day again today. Bad wifi at cafe, NBD! (aff code)
Why JavaScript Is The Next (or first) Programming Language You Should Learn
Why does @twitter keep thinking I'm in "Mount Laurel, NJ"?
RT @benhowdle: Password length vs Average time to crack using Brute Force Hacking.
Trying a bottle of @TINCUPWhiskey. Delicious. Apparently Colorado is good at making this stuff! A nice addition to my @Stranahans obsession.
RT @berkun: Four years ago today I took a job at @automattic so I could write a book cc: @matt @mdawaffe @apeatling @beaulebens
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