Getting into that "it's really uncomfortable for me to look at you" phase of #movember: (don't forget to donate!)
RT @dlrpablo: The campfire rule: "Leave your code as clean as or better than you found it." #WebDev #collaboration
It's snowing in Denver, y'all.
RT @DanielGennaoui: Awesome protest in #Australia against the lack of action on global warming: #globalwarming
Automatticians lunching near Emerald Lake. @ Rocky Mountain National Park
It turns out that Jumbo Marshmallow Fishing Rod Case Baseball is a thing. And it's amazing.
RT @philip_arthur: I knew @10up… -
In getting from Estes Park… -
RT @philip_arthur: I knew @10up was a good company but I didn't realize they were *this* good: Solid, useful, and incredibly well done.
Breakdown of the SF Giants incredible double-play during the World Series (video)
Breakdown of the SF Giants… -
I swear, humans are not wired to understand timezones (let alone daylight savings + timezones).
7 minute workout, plus an advanced version, with voiceovers to walk you through actually doing them. - Beau Lebens
Nice, @nytimes made an “interactive”… -
Nice, @nytimes made an "interactive" version of the 7-minute workout (plus an advanced version): #health #fitness
Adding Native Touches to Your Hybrid App -
Adding Native Touches to Your Hybrid App -
Some of the Cordova APIs for adding native elements to hybrid web apps. - Beau Lebens
RT @jetpack: Jetpack 3.2: Speed… -
RT @scott_kerr: Great illustration explaining… -
Not bad for the first time in a few years. -
Not bad for the first time in a few years.
It begins tomorrow people, this… -
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