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I'm pretty sad about how far away the nearest Taco Bell is right now. I got needs.
Pretty major update to #Keyring for @WordPress coming, hopefully this week. Exciting.
After I think a full decade, I just cancelled my @Flickr Pro account. I'll just host all my images myself now.
RT @markjaquith: Switched a WordPress site from PHP-FPM to HHVM in 5 minutes. Batcache requests/sec improved by 37%. Raw WP requests/sec improved by 260% !
RT @johnpeavoy: “@Whatleydude: Observations in moving to NYC” Best of luck Will!
It feels good to play around with some technologies that are completely unrelated to work for a change. I should do this more often.
RT @pmarca: Amazing interview with 108 year old San Franciscan - talk about perspective!
Pro Tip: Always consider the extra long, and completely empty version of whatever you're designing/developing/laying out.
RT @cmbrookins: Why spelling lessons in school are important.
RT @MarsCuriosity: You guys! @NASAKepler found the 1st Earth-size exoplanet in the habitable zone
RT @photomatt: Oh cool, @Amazon will now donate to the WordPress Foundation for every purchase.
RT @brianloveswords: If you're around NYC 4/26 and/or 4/27, you should go to NYC IndieWebCamp!
RT @joemccann: ~70,000% Growth in Node.js Jobs since January 2011.
PS, the "qualifying dollars" thing that @united and other airlines do now before you can get status is total bollocks.
RT @WordPress: WordPress 3.9 “Smith” is now available with a smoother media editing experience, live widget previews, and more:
RT @koop: basically all you ever need to know about existing in new york
RT @RumsfeldOffice: That I & most Americans have no idea whether our taxes are accurate tells us something. My annual letter to the #IRS:
RT @helenhousandi: .@photomatt checking out on his feature phone
"according to multiple sources familiar with the situation" -- every rumor, ever.
RT @WordCampNYC: Did ya here? #wcnyc is looking for sponsors! Don’t miss out on helping to make the best WordCamp ever!
The way Google Maps transparently suggests addresses you've typed across different devices is slick/creepy/amazing/awesome/useful.
RT @GaryPendergast: Northern hemisphere students! You deserve to get paid to work on WordPress things over your summer break.
RT @Fr333k: It is complete: I #heartbleed OpenSSL!
Would you like to hear the story about how I cut my thumb with a hatchet?
(Best one yet) "7 or 8 characters long, at least 1 letter and 1 number, no spaces" #insecurity
"New Password -- Please enter less than 12 characters." #insecurity
"Must be 7-32 characters long, include at least one letter and one number, include some special characters or punctuation" #insecurity
"Your password can not be longer than 12 characters." #insecurity
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