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"STOP - Men at Work" - from our Sunday photo walk in Alva.
Love the photos from @cc_chapman 's road trip album:
When @Elja1op1 tweeted from Istanbul during unrest, I thought it must be hard for her. Now @JPlovesCOTTON tweets from St. Louis & #Ferguson
RT @AntDeRosa: #Ferguson Twitter List with reliable on-the-ground sources
I'm scared to see what the latest is from Ferguson. We have a long way to go, and Ferguson keeps going backwards.
RT @JustinKownacki: This whole Ferguson thing reminds me how few black people I interact with daily. Or Hispanics, or Asians. We should all get better at this.
Sitting on the porch listening to the locusts (cicadas), waiting to see if it storms. Summer. #smalltowncool
Side benefit of following all y'all: you live tweet the most interesting, diverse events. Thank you! Keep live tweeting!
.@Michelle_Mazur what you think is your biggest weakness is actually your greatest strength, @kevinhoneycutt taught me.
Good question. RT @Michelle_Mazur: What's the best piece of public speaking advice that you've ever received?
Photos of downtown Alva last night by @Colton_Foote and me:
Makes me think of @SheilaS' guest room. MT @SmithsonianMag: Belgium's begonia carpet
I have my hair up in pigtails. A) My neck is cooler. B) I officially look 12 years old.
Seriously considering attending @nmx next year. Been too long since I've seen many of you online friends!
Wishing @justinlevy deep restful sleep tonight!
There are 2,235 published articles at @SBSurvival. Hard to believe we've written and shared that much since 2006.
Time for two critical Sunday routines: write next week's blog posts and plan out next week's big project work.
Bless you for that. RT @jmacofearth: Not a single robo-tweet or coupon from this account. EVER. Carry on. #twitterway #twitter
With the nostalgia film-camera craze, maybe my old Pentax P3 will make a comeback. I do have a ton of glass for it.
The deep underlying problems in Ferguson are still there. Also, they're still there in your city or town.
Dealing with haters, controversy? @JPlovesCOTTON would like to share her exp at SXSW. Vote
And this is the key challenge. RT @sanderssays: Expand into the opportunity.
Decent idea. MT @DanaLeavy: I don't take enough days off so I've decided to start celebrating my birthday every month. #worklifebalance
Love to see a small town manage a 6% growth rate! This from the Brag Basket
Is Your Small Business Ready for Change? Good one from @gmuske
This little 1 minute video reminds me of great people: The Future of Your Town Belongs to You:
Is it true that @justinlevy, eager to stay in shape while in the hospital, leg-pressed an ambulance? #jokesforjustin
How do you find economic development examples on Twitter? Check my List:
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