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Micro-factory on a university campus open to public, built by @generalelectric attn @jowyang
April 19. It's the anniversary of the bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995. 19 years and a whole lot of change in OKC.
Let the Brag Basket carry your good news -
I'd rather follow a small town business like @SchofieldsBistr in Port Dover, Ont., than any big name "important" person.
Forgot to assemble my salad. Oops.
Had to retrieve this baby calf from the neighbor's place. She's back with Mamma now.
I'm saying it's going to be a good day.
I love figural signs: Rocking M Boot Repair, in Alva.
Building a tech startup in a small city -
All this 1 year attention for Boston, but no mention of West, TX. Different, but also important.
Fun fact of the day: I still have a TypePad account. #whoknew
If you don't love people, ditto. RT @jaybaer: If you don't love social media, you probably suck at social media. #PRSAVoices
RT @commaccessnow: Have you wondered how to best serve people with speech&language disabilities? Tips at Got questions? Ask us.
Webinar on rural businesses using social media marketing -
Follow #byways14 for small town/rural tourism insights, including @sheilas!
Helpful visitor tip: "Sure enough" is pronounced "shore nuff."
"Nontoxic talk radio on the glue that holds our community together: Eco Dev and business." Mission stmt from @iob_newshour
This little bit of snow won't hurt the wheat crop, but the hard freeze tonight sure might.
I live in Woods County, OK: 1 of lowest property taxes for homeowners: Zillow
Need small business accounting? I like Wave -
RT @edeckers: Any coffee shops want to join #indiecoffeeshopday? Send your story at erik dot deckers at gmail. Will go on
Still reeling from the @jbonamassa concert in OKC this week. Terrific group of musicians.
#smalltowncool RT @CowboyCadillac3: Watching the sun set in the saddle. How can there be a better life?
This is so true for me. RT @stargardener: ✔️It is not the decision; it is the deciding. #justdoit #decide
Well worth your Saturday time: What Moby Dick Teaches Us About the Peril of Misguided Purpose via @bobbylehew
Powerful stories like this make the Brag Basket more than just words:
I know you have some good news and congratulations to share this week, so I made plenty of room in the Brag Basket:
We have lots of room in the Brag Basket -
RT @SoPlaceWorld: Is the sense of place becoming a lost sense?
Jethro wasn't much more cooperative.
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