Make Public Relations Part of Your Small-business Marketing -
Ag plays a key role in rural prosperity -
How to promote special events in a small town -
How do you get local businesses to join the chamber or business association? -
Avoid Intellectual Property Issues in Your Small Business -
Tips for Running Your Home-based Businesses -
Sobering to see Veterans Day observances in the US and the Armistice ceremonies all across Europe.
Does it count as gift wrapping if you just spray paint the plastic over-wrap it came in?
My two health-related apps work much better since I've turned HealthKit sharing back off.
Something compelling about the silent films on @tcm. A completely different take on storytelling.
Now I get it. RT @thedanholmes: Of course Oklahoma is a red state. Look at the dirt on your shoes.
Hope we all got our chores done, because the cold front is here!
How small towns can do Shop Small Saturday -
Today's capstone thought: if you want your town to prosper, start with the local business base.
RT @MackCollier: Legal Issues Associated With Blogging: Tonight's #Blogchat Topic With @KerryGorgone in SIX hours!:
This old sign has had an honorable and useful life.
Using my walk to take @gloriabell 's advice to count my blessings.
Now, what was that tiny but key edit I thought of that I need to go make on that scheduled post?? Memory like a sieve.
So what if others steal your ideas? They can never BE YOU. Let them go.
The reason I ask you to bring your good news to the Brag Basket is for the warmth of community:
RT @municibid: .@BeckyMcCray Here are some great ideas for the vintage card catalogs: http://dishfunctionaldesigns.b...
Perfect for you nostalgic types: RT @municibid: Wooden Card Catalog up for #auction on @municibid:
60ish-year-old man just said "hell" to me and a 20ish gal. He clapped his hand over his mouth and said, "Excuse my language!" #smalltowncool
This moved me this morning: Lessons From Father @samfiorella Grieving His Teen's Suicide:
Brag Basket provides the warmth of community -
Narrower niche = wider opportunity. MT @swoodruff I Want to Work For You. Maybe (are you part of the 0.001%?)
#tbt @Pistachio and I were in same @EntMagazine feature. I let the photographer feed my cows.
Is it true that phones are getting bigger just because people like me are getting older and can't see for squat?
Coolest bank anywhere! “@sbwok: @BeckyMcCray We just made smoothies in the bank kitchen!”
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