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Nat Wilson

Nat Wilson

Digital Archivist and Library Technology Coordinator at Carleton College in Northfield MN.
Wired published a series of essays on ipads and tablets in general, talking about how they will effect our world. The first essayist gets close to the heart of how these devices will change our work as librarians; the real challenge for media online now is no longer technical, it's legal....
Since the link got clipped, here it is. - Nat Wilson
Like this quote -- "For decades, futurists have dreamed of the “universal book”: a handheld reading device that would give you instant access to every book in the Library of Congress. In the tablet era, it’s no longer technology holding us back from realizing that vision; it’s the copyright holders." - Joe
For those of you who are interested in orbital/overhead book scanners but don't have $10,000 to spend:
Dan and his international crew have made several new and improved (but still cheap) versions of the DIY book scanner. You can see all about the projects at They've got open source dewarping algorithms in development! Plus, cute kid pictures - N. Ansi
Also, I really enjoyed the part I saw of the webcast of Dan talking (showing the portable, foldable, laser-cut-wood version) at the Berkman Center earlier this week. He's open-licensing plans for that scanner, too. Berkman says there will be an archived version of the webcast available "shortly", but it's not up yet. - N. Ansi
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