My thoughts on a great post. Beyond pixels and code, the depth you often need to go to fix customer experiences. >>
RT @BenedictEvans: "It's been tried so many times and always failed" is great - it means you found a real problem. Just make sure you know why it failed.
RT @mims: I invite the next person to tell me the cloud is not private to explain why they're a better sysadmin than Google.
RT @paulg: Ordering stuff online is still so much harder than it needs to be. People will be amazed when it converges.
Agree, but digital influence is now driving retail. Mobile is a great example. >> "E-Commerce Is Not Eating Retail"
RT @BenedictEvans: So, are you reading this on your grandpa-box?
I have no question it will. "Mobile internet revenue to hit $700B in 4 years, growing more than 300%"
RT @levie: Nordstrom buying Trunk Club isn't "just another acquisition." This is the beginning of many years of industrial giants going digital.
RT @jmspool: To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. — Mark Twain
RT @jeff_jordan: E-commerce continues to gain share. @UPS US revenue rose 5.2% to $8.67 billion...largely attributable to an increase in e-commerce shipments
Reminder: These are the early days of the internet, mobile and tech in our lives. >> @kevin2kelly "You Are Not Late"
Hadn't seen this earlier. Worth a read. >> "Microsoft Is The Very Antithesis Of Strategy"
Turning disempowering questions in a better direction. >> "5 Common Questions Leaders Should Never Ask"
Similar to the Kevin Rose post I shared earlier, good read for digital product folks. >> "The Certainty Paradox" - "…
It will be interesting to see how Samsung's Tizen mobile OS plays out. Video demo here:
Mark Meeker's Internet trends report is out again for 2014... always worth a read.
Good visual to help watch an accelerating trend. >> "Collaborative Economy Honeycomb"
RT @garrickvanburen: If your time is being wasted, ignore sunk costs and change your situation by voting with your two feet.
RT @cdixon: "We need to rethink our strategy of hoping the Internet will just go away."
A good Product Manager is critical and often misunderstood. >> "Product Manager You Are…a janitor, essentially.".
" is merging with development... ...building the right product for the right use..." via @davidhussman #minnebar
"...what they forget is velocity is speed AND vector..." via @davidhussman
"...I'm encouraged today more engineers are trying to tell the product story..." via @davidhussman #minnebar
David Hussman kicking off Session 0 at #minnebar talking about reducing the weight of how you do work.
Odd driving back into Best Buy after almost one year of leaving but its looking like it will be another great #minnebar!
Anyone going to @Minnebar this Saturday? Install Weave and let's use it to meet up while we are there.
Removing the registration barrier makes so much sense but is against many ecommerce leaders intuition. >>
Great piece, worth a read. >> "Design Can Drive Exceptional Returns for Shareholders"
RT @hunterwalk: Wanted: @Medium for Product Reviews [new blog post]
Ouch. "@codepo8: VR will be a total gamechanger and follow the roaring mainstream success of augmented reality and usefulness of QR codes."
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