Re: The Importance of Brand in an Era of Digital Darwinism -
"Hi Brian, wow! Was you took the words right out of my mouth-literally! Today I was thinking of writing just such a post. This is a powerful piece man! Love what you said about the seemingly invincible brands that are no more. You hit the nail on the head as far as Apple too. But the only thing I'd add is that I think for Apple their iconic moment came even before the Mac ad in 1984. To me it goes back to the one where they through down the gauntlet and "welcomed" IBM to the playground in 81'. At this time I was only six years old but I can still vividly remember that this the time of my first encounter with an Apple product. I begged my parents for years to get the Apple II and finally in 85 I got my first Apple product-the Apple IIc! Nonetheless, that 84 Mac ad was iconic because it served notice to the non-tech world that Apple was about to turn the home computing world upside down. And that's exactly what Apple did. The thing that the Mac did was make home computers accessible,..." - Benin