Re: How I Made $5500 Writing Books for Amazon Kindle -
"Hey Lauryn, I'm happy to see you doing your thing! Thank you for being so open and transparent too, goes right in line w. your mantra of making it without selling out." - Benin
Re: I Want To Help Make the World Better -
"I was wondering which part, very nice. BTW, I used to live in Cape Coast Ghana. Ghana is such a cool place!" - Benin
Re: I Want To Help Make the World Better -
"What a beautiful photo. Def. worth more than a thousand words!" - Benin
Re: Clarence Smith Jr. Inspires Me -
"Very true C.C. Reminds me of how people used to think Jordan was magic to but how in reality he spent hour upon hour perfecting his shot. You too? After Clarence's video, I'll bet many a barber seat have filled up!" - Benin
Never met or anything @DYKC but just saw ur TEDx vid. Dope indeed - way to put that story across!
How Kim Kardashian is a Celebrity Branding Genius via @sharethis @DulceDeLauryn | Love this article!
Re: Clarence Smith Jr. Inspires Me -
"Love the barbershop/Star Trek story. What it reminds me, is that there's certainly an art to telling a story. Clarence's story also reminds me that I'm long overdo for my trip to the barbershop :)" - Benin
Excited to be a new @TutsPremium member:
Here's a Google update video timeline all my #SEO buds will love via @youtube - hat tip to my @EversparkSEO colleagues!
Here's a Google update video timeline all my #SEO buds will love via @youtube - hat tip to my @EversparkSEO colleagues!
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Tea Party Groups In Tennessee Demand Textbooks Overlook U.S. Founder's Slave-Owning History via @BlackVoices
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Sorry @AriesGDIM just now seeing this. Its been a while hasnt it? How have u been!
Gotta keep it real @TheRealXtina decision couldnt have been motivated by winning. Plus wasnt it supposed to be about USA voting? #thevoice
RT @singjessesing: Pls RT. No explanation offered by @TheRealXtina or @NBCTheVoice. Surprised as u are! Yet humbled by ur support. Onward & Upward. Stay tuned.
Jasmine Powers, J Powers Marketing & Publicity via @toryjohnson
#TheVoice #TeamCeelo congrats #teamjamar u gettin it done man!
What dry know bout that!
#happyeaster to those who celebrate!
Me and Savannah start in our day off right...bumpin #kanye
I'm listening to Murder To Excellence by Kanye West, Jay-Z on #CloudPlayer via @amazonmp3
Watching DogWhispererWithCesarMillan makes me feel like I actually know about dogs
RT @jasminepowers: Apps May Gather More Than You Realize: Apps on Facebook may be grabbing and sharing more personal informati... #wsj
I'm listening to Welcome To My Hood (Remix) [Exp... by DJ Khaled on #CloudPlayer via @amazonmp3
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