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Dwarf Baby Tears 60 Days DSM -
Dwarf Baby Tears 60 Days DSM
Here we grow again! Check out @OnCloudOne open positions & join my team: #fb
I need a basic multicopter that can send telemetry data back to a linux usb receiver. Anyone know what setup I should buy? #fb
RT @70torinoman: Mexico:Thousands gather at the Zócalo demanding the whereabouts of 43 students disappeared by the state #Ayotzinapa.
RT @burckart: PointSource is offering $3,000 if you help hire an Angular or Server-side JS (node/rhino) developer
Selenium doesn't have much of a learning curve, it has a frustration curve. Frustration with the app you are testing.
Suddenly, I regret making that "let's try this out" idea in a soon to be production system at 1AM.
Fixing a jammed Singer Simple 2263 sewing machine -
Fixing a jammed Singer Simple 2263 sewing machine
Fixing a jammed Singer Simple 2263 sewing machine: via @YouTube
Fixing a jammed Singer Simple 2263 sewing machine: via @YouTube
Does the car know it is a child? How certain it's a child? At what percentage of certainty does the car swerve? What if the road is wet...
Should your robot kill you to save a child's life?
How did I not know about Airfoil? Having fun making all rooms playing the same song simultaneously. Just because #fb
Is freedom of speech enough? What if govt, corp, or people pay to rank speech differently?
We have new carpet! ... and our doors can't close any more. Doh! I'm going to go roll on my floor. #fb
RT @MikeKilli: @evacolen Do the right thing @DeltaAssist! Earn 2 brand ambassadors! #UpgradeEva
RT @MikeKilli: @evacolen @DeltaAssist it all starts with a dream! #UpgradeEva
Customer wanted @vkapashi to ride the roller coaster. Customer entered Sev 1 ticket. Problem solved. Too funny. #IBMInnovate
Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back. Today we #ResetTheNet to stop mass spying. Encrypt everything! Learn how:
Loving this empathy map of handling a release. Grief cycle - Hilarious but so true. #voice #devops #ibminnovate
Anniversary dinner at Girl and the Goat. Mind blown, best dinner ever and another great year with Zheng #fb
celery + redis helped me speed up our billing process 10x. Love it!
Software as a service means there is software that was delivered as a service. If the service doesn't work, the software means nothing
Challah, allagash curieux, and beijing zhajiang mian #fb
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