Dwarf Baby Tears 60 Days DSM - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Dwarf Baby Tears 60 Days DSM
Here we grow again! Check out @OnCloudOne open positions & join my team: http://oncloudone.com/company... #fb
I need a basic multicopter that can send telemetry data back to a linux usb receiver. Anyone know what setup I should buy? #fb
RT @70torinoman: Mexico:Thousands gather at the Zócalo demanding the whereabouts of 43 students disappeared by the state #Ayotzinapa. https://twitter.com/doncaim...
RT @burckart: PointSource is offering $3,000 if you help hire an Angular or Server-side JS (node/rhino) developer https://t.co/WvvKd1TTQJ
Selenium doesn't have much of a learning curve, it has a frustration curve. Frustration with the app you are testing. http://weknowmemes.com/generat...
Suddenly, I regret making that "let's try this out" idea in a soon to be production system at 1AM.
Fixing a jammed Singer Simple 2263 sewing machine - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Fixing a jammed Singer Simple 2263 sewing machine
Fixing a jammed Singer Simple 2263 sewing machine: http://www.youtube.com/watch... via @YouTube
Fixing a jammed Singer Simple 2263 sewing machine: http://t.co/H2WEfeSYC1 via @YouTube
Does the car know it is a child? How certain it's a child? At what percentage of certainty does the car swerve? What if the road is wet...
Should your robot kill you to save a child's life? http://theconversation.com/should-...
How did I not know about Airfoil? https://t.co/s5aEbRMoVp Having fun making all rooms playing the same song simultaneously. Just because #fb
Is freedom of speech enough? What if govt, corp, or people pay to rank speech differently? http://www.washingtonpost.com/news...
We have new carpet! ... and our doors can't close any more. Doh! I'm going to go roll on my floor. #fb
RT @MikeKilli: @evacolen Do the right thing @DeltaAssist! Earn 2 brand ambassadors! #UpgradeEva https://twitter.com/MikeKil...
RT @MikeKilli: @evacolen @DeltaAssist it all starts with a dream! #UpgradeEva
Customer wanted @vkapashi to ride the roller coaster. Customer entered Sev 1 ticket. Problem solved. Too funny. #IBMInnovate
Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back. Today we #ResetTheNet to stop mass spying. Encrypt everything! Learn how: https://www.resetthenet.org/
Loving this empathy map of handling a release. Grief cycle - Hilarious but so true. #voice #devops #ibminnovate https://twitter.com/benchod...
Anniversary dinner at Girl and the Goat. Mind blown, best dinner ever and another great year with Zheng #fb
celery + redis helped me speed up our billing process 10x. Love it!
Software as a service means there is software that was delivered as a service. If the service doesn't work, the software means nothing
Challah, allagash curieux, and beijing zhajiang mian #fb
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