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Ok @YG there's no way your Panamera will be "shitting on a 911"
Nobody even really knows what a pilsner is.
My spirit animal is Lil Jon.
Aint nobody want no food that's been in a bag for 20 ass minutes.
Slow motion Gus cat playing jumping fishing toy -
Slow motion Gus cat playing jumping fishing toy
Cutting in through the roof with a chainsaw. #oakhurst
Ok poop is coming out now.
RT @indefensible: So @benmarvin got that social media job he always wanted, I see.
Latest update borked the Facebook app. Thanks Obama.
I probably shouldn't be shouting "ATL nigga" in the middle of a Panera Bread.
Probably not still drunk.
Jerry Garcia was a hack.
So I've been on twitter for 7 years today and I still have nothing important to tweet. I have no idea why anyone would follow me.
eating dinner
So do we like Katy Perry or not? I haven't figured it out yet.
Drove 45 miles one way to buy socks. Thug life.
That one time the CPCC campus security were running around on Segways with a picture of a space taco yelling "have you seen this man?"
No one looks good in lipstick. Just let it go.
Gus the kitten versus the mini blind shade cord -
Gus the kitten versus the mini blind shade cord
Bad boys, whatcha gonna do -
Bad boys, whatcha gonna do
That horse just ran a red light.
Just saw a brand new Bentley and an Escalade parked at the dollar store and now this economy confuses me.
I had to wash only one pair of socks so I threw them in the dishwasher and now everything tastes like corn chips and band-aids.
Just saw a spider crawl down into my dashboard and disappear so it's probably time to sell the car.
Hipsters with kids. Dot Tumblr dot com
When a girl walks in with itty bitty waist and an encyclopedia in yo face you get... Knowledge
"what's up?" "not the world Trade center"
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