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"I don't even talk shit to cops no more. They shoot yo ass for no reason" - black guy at the gas station
Hey, I'm pretty sure these are rubber bullets, can anyone verify? #Ferguson
*Fry Face* Not sure if the lights just dimmed or if I just blinked.
Re: [International Giveaway] Win A 64GB OnePlus One And A Bunch Of Limefuel Batteries From Android Police And Limefuel -
"Today at work. Phone was down to 12% and had an hour left of work with no charger!" - Ben Marvin
What's ALS and why do they need so much cold water?
Gus versus the orange cat, stare-down -
Gus versus the orange cat, stare-down
I'll be honest, I don't think I want to see porn in 4K resolution.
Couples date. Talking about their Netflix habits. I guess they don't have cats. Or I missed that conversation.
I wish Robin Williams had killed himself with asphyxia by helium. Now that's comedy.
Obama killed Robin Williams. Thanks Obama.
Live your life as if every little thing you do might go viral. I sure hope somebody puts morning poop on Vine.
Alt-Fn+SysReq + REISUB
Wow, splendid days!
Roll that beautiful bean footage!
Totally just saw a huge black woman changing pants in the parking lot of the day care center. (her panties were turquoise, for the record)
Idea for door-to-door evangelists: Bring a kitten with you. I'll sit there and listen to whatever you have to say if you bring me a kitten.
Gus auto-awesome video 8-5-14 -
Gus auto-awesome video 8-5-14
Only 4 more days till JAKES ARM
Stop spraying glitter on my bald spot!
Hey movies, stop having a political agenda. It's obvious and you look lame.
Got this song stuck in my head. Not really a song, more like Pitbull just shouting "Mr Worldwide" and "305 Miami" over and over.
"I this it's a butt pic"
Join Tinder. Get dick pics from guys. Send their dick pics to each other. Profit?
Gerry watching the rogue helicopter pilot video -
Gerry watching the rogue helicopter pilot video
Remember Shania Twain?
"I hope you slapped your dick around on this bitch's giant forehead."
Shout out to male mosquitos for drinking nectar and plant juices instead of biting humans. You da real MVP.
.@SwiftKey Jesus tittyfucking Christ, why do you keep capitalizing Internet? Even when I long-press and command you to forget. Fucking stop.
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