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Mikael Antonsson nobbar Serie A för FC Köpenhamn: "Ska bygga det starka, svenska mittförsvaret" | Aftonbladet
Satellite imagery shows evidence of Russian artillery attacks against the Ukrainian military, U.S. officials say
RT @imPalestine: I look forward to surviving. If I don't, remember that I wasn't Hamas or a militant, nor was I used as a human shield. I was at home.
people think of their own actions as consequences of the past - of other people’s actions as causes of the future
Neymar's brain on auto-pilot when playing for Brazil and Barcelona: neurologists - ABC News (Australian Broadc...
Ebola has spread by Liberia-Nigeria international air travel - via @Independent_ie
I just liked "Black Sugar" on Vimeo:
Stanford biologist warns of early stages of Earth's 6th mass extinction event | Stanford News Release #defaunation
Brazilian footballer Edmar Lacerda regrets Ukrainian citizenship after being drafted for the army to fight Russians
The FBI has investigated how much drones violate citizen's privacy - and the report is classified #irony
Globetrotting U.S. cyclist touring Russia for peace killed by drunk truck driver near Moscow | The Moscow Times
RT @DrBasselAbuward: The WORST experience in my life was: to tell a mother looking for her children that they r all DEAD #GazaUnderAttack
Social media comments from Israelis to images from Gaza that should trouble every Israeli but... - OpinionIsrael News
RT @DCIPalestine: We mourn the loss of our friend & colleague, Hashem, killed today by Israeli forces
RT @nytimes: Official Vents Outrage at Shelling of U.N. Schools in Gaza
#sldk #FCVOB Vestsjælland spilstyrende og fører stort i chancer. OBs forsvar helt, helt væk. Det er vildere, end det lyder.
Dystre udsigter til endnu et mesterskab -
Dystre udsigter til endnu et mesterskab
UN: "There seems to be a strong possibility that international law has been violated ... could amount to war crimes"
A kid walks into a whore house carrying a dead frog..
A kid walks into a whore house carrying a dead frog..
Hamas: The monster that Israel helped create | English | Danish (Sounds familiar?)
China Seals Off Town After Man Dies of Bubonic Plague
Two Florida teenage girls brutally torture and kill endangered tortoise, post video online
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Graveyard (28), Obituary (13) & Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (12)
Linux Voice: "The Story So Far" - how four geeks crowdfunded a new print magazine
RT @Independent: This MH17 tweet shows why phrasing is so very important:
RT @Ecowar_BHansen: Attacking agriculture is prohibited in #GenevaConvention - yet here is a Gazan farmer where his greenhouse used to be
RT @Ecowar_BHansen: Russia preparing to develop Gaza gas field - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East: Tags: ...
RT @Ecowar_BHansen: Gaza's gas could make it the Kuwait of the Levant - instead it brings war and poverty - The Ecologist: ...
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