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Ben Parr

Ben Parr

Co-Editor of Mashable, tech entrepreneur, sci-fi writer, and aspiring world changer. I'm quirky and love building things
Mystalic on ELI5: How do celebrities keep their cell numbers and personal emails so locked down? -
"It depends on the celebrity, but the answer is multiple safeguards. Truth is that most people won't give a celebrity's number away because it will permanently damage their relationship. You get permanently kicked out of an entourage for that kind of shit. Most celebs are pretty accessible, though. You'd be surprised. Higher-level celebs have a few other safeguards, though. Yes, they use multiple numbers, and most of the time they give out not their number, but the number of either their agent or their manager, especially if it's business-related. The highest-level celebs, like Jay Z and Beyonce, have a system where they change out their numbers every few weeks or months and have the new numbers distributed to their entourage. For the most part though, celebs are pretty accessible if you know them. And if their number is somewhat compromised, they just change it or switch to another phone. Source: I've worked with them." - Ben Parr
L'oreal Women in Digital selfie with @janatrantow
Congrats to L'oreal Women in Digital winners! Great event.
L'oreal' Women In Digital! (@ Three Sixty in New York, NY w/ @brie)
Mystalic on Viridian May Want Our Nether Biome -
Mystalic on Found diamond in middle of nowhere -
"That person aint' getting it, but one of us sure as hell already did." - Ben Parr
Mystalic on Someone want to sell me a Silk Touch Pickaxe -
"Also deal." - Ben Parr
Mystalic on Someone want to sell me a Silk Touch Pickaxe -
"Hi Super Wizard" - Ben Parr
Mystalic on Someone want to sell me a Silk Touch Pickaxe -
"Same as Reddit" - Ben Parr
Mystalic on I am on a journey from Commonwealth, and coming to your city -
"Angel dust? Tell me more." - Ben Parr
Mystalic on I totally don't meant to spawn buut.. I've been illegally seized in the commonwealth -
"Commonwealth citizen here. Can someone go through the series of events here? Hobbyist, why did you raid Stonefield? What did you take? Did you replant? Rekvia has total right to pearl you if you were raiding Stonefield. The chat log is pretty damning for you." - Ben Parr
Mystalic on Microsoft Near Deal to Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang -
"Prepare for a shitstorm." - Ben Parr
Mystalic on The Skins -- Rude Girl [Hip Hop] (2014) Ha! The song playing in the elevator during the Solange/Jay-Z incident- Hilarious. -
"Saw the Skins in person at SXSW a few years ago. They're super young but crazy talented. A next generation of rock and soul. I hope they make it big." - Ben Parr
Mystalic on [CivBounty] Mystalic wanted for griefing in The Commonwealth - fellow citizens beware! -
"(Like Comcast "fuck you we'll send a technician out next week because fuck you" lag.)" - Ben Parr
Mystalic on [CivBounty] Mystalic wanted for griefing in The Commonwealth - fellow citizens beware! -
"I couldn't repair anything because I lagged. How about I drop off 20 iron ore as compensation? It's worth more than the 1D bounty you have one. or just 1D if you'd prefer." - Ben Parr
Mystalic on [CivBounty] Mystalic wanted for griefing -
"Apologies for griefing. I lagged badly as I tried to look at places. Happy to compensate you for your trouble. Just message me privately. This can be worked out." - Ben Parr
"Why You Should Stop What You’re Doing and Start a Bitcoin Company” - by @MattPRD @ZapChain
RT @HarperCollins: .@benparr’s Captivology: The Science of Capturing Attention is up to appear at #SXSWInteractive 2015. Cast your vote!
My annual #BenParrty is coming to SF, LA, NYC and Chicago this year. Here’s the schedule:
My annual #BenParry is coming to Chicago, SF, NYC and LA. Here’s the schedule:
My driving buddy @SarahBuhr just dropped a 4,000+ word piece on why Burning Man is Silicon Valley:
Mystalic on I should like to join -
"I found this guy wandering our land. He's new. He's dutch. Someone wanna add him?" - Ben Parr
PR 101: After somebody calls you out for being an asshole, don’t respond with “My email was hacked" - cc: @PavelCurda
I liked a @YouTube video The World is Open for Play
I’m going to LOVE watching Steve Ballmer run the Clippers.
Going to be sad not to have my pal @obrien around in Silicon Valley, but now I have a place to crash in France! -
RT @film_girl: So now every person in the media is heading to #Ferguson. A week after it could have made a real difference. Now it’s just noise.
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