Ben Parr
atomkeep — your profile everywhere -
Christ, why have I been changing 20 different online profiles and pictures instead of doing them all from one place? - Ben Parr from Bookmarklet
There's also Gravatar (, but it looks like they both support the same limited number of services. Not that much of a timesaver, yet. - Mark Trapp
For someone who likes keeping his profiles fresh for others, it feels very useful to me. Gravatar's a bit more about...well, avatars/images and blogs. This also includes changing profile information, hobbies, resumes, work experience, all integral pieces that changes week by week and month-by-month. I'm also more fond of the AtomKeep interface, at least so far. Hopefully both services will turn out to be great timesavers. - Ben Parr
Atomkeep: we're working pretty hard on adding more systems. Our the most ambitious idea (in development) is to provide a tool that will allow you to add any site or system yourself. However, it's a pretty huge plan and at the meantime we still need to develop the most popular systems ourselves. That's why we're more than happy to get a feedback from our users and to add the systems that people really need the most as quickly as possible. Thank you! - Olexandr Prokhorenko