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Ben Parr

Ben Parr

Co-Editor of Mashable, tech entrepreneur, sci-fi writer, and aspiring world changer. I'm quirky and love building things
PR 101: After somebody calls you out for being an asshole, don’t respond with “My email was hacked" - cc: @PavelCurda
I liked a @YouTube video The World is Open for Play
I’m going to LOVE watching Steve Ballmer run the Clippers.
Going to be sad not to have my pal @obrien around in Silicon Valley, but now I have a place to crash in France! -
RT @film_girl: So now every person in the media is heading to #Ferguson. A week after it could have made a real difference. Now it’s just noise.
RT @karaswisher: PowerToFly aims to find women techies jobs wherever they are via @karaswisher
My answer to How can a startup with 2 equal co-founder/shareholders be setup to give one more voting power to avoid …
.@BarackObama turned down the ice bucket challenge. Then both @JustinBieber & @KingJames challenged him. Time for him to change his mind.
RT @ZapChain: The Next Wave of Bitcoin Companies
My answer to How can a startup with 2 equal co-founders be setup to give one (the CEO) more voting power to avoid de…
RT @KarenAttiah: ICYMI, my thoughts on how #Ferguson is ground zero for America’s identity:
RT @sarajnwalker: RT @benparr: Please vote for my panel with @HarperCollins at SXSW? It's on the science of attention & @Captivology! -
Mystalic on [EU] After decades of being denied, the Trix Rabbit finally gets a box of Trix. And it destroys him. -
"Nice job. Dark and believable." - Ben Parr
Mystalic on [EU] After decades of being denied, the Trix Rabbit finally gets a box of Trix. And it destroys him. -
"The Death of Rabbit" - Ben Parr
.@aza the wood maker. A man's man.
.@KaraSwisher’s right — journalism has lost influence. Information that used to be scarce isn’t scarce anymore:
RT @brianrayguitar: @benparr We had the time of our lies playing the last show for you all at #candlestick thanks
For those who follow U.S. Politics: What’s your opinion of the Rick Perry indictment?
More proof that the Ferguson police are absolutely incompetent:
Congrats @KevinRose on North Technologies. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up. -
RT @brianstelter: The First Amendment "protects the right of anyone to record police in a public place." An important read:
My thoughts on TMZ’s iPhone “Scoop” on CNBC [VIDEO] -
Thank you @Getaround for some lightning-fast customer support!
Are TMZ's iPhone 6 pics real? I'll be addressing that in 20 minutes on @CNBCClosingBell!
Just… just read this Kickstarter. It’s hilarious and worth your while:
RT @dflashnyc: The @SXSWi panel picker is live, we thumbs up'd the Science of attention & @Captivology w/ @benparr & so should you!
I'll be discussing Apple & the rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 6 on @CNBC today at 4:30ET / 1:30PT. Hope you'll tune in!
Mystalic on ELI5: Why do companies like Google and Microsoft spend so much money on, and care so much about you using, their web browers they give you for free? -
"This was a topic I wrote about extensively when I was the Co-Editor of and still talk about on CNBC. All of the explanations here are good, but they don't quite hit the point. WaitingForGoatMan is closest. Back in 2009, I called it "The Google Revenue" equation, and it goes something like this: "Revenue = Amount of Time on the Web" Stupidly simple, but let me explain. Google makes almost all of its money from advertising. You see them on Google search results, you see them on other websites, you see them on mobile, you see them EVERYWHERE. The more ads you see and click, the more money they make. But all that gets nerfed if you're on a slow connection. If you're on a slow connection, or have a slow browser, or do things on your computer that aren't on the web, Google makes less money. So almost everything that Google does that isn't advertising -- Android, Chrome, Google Fiber -- is designed to keep you on the web for longer. It doesn't matter where on the web -- just in..." - Ben Parr
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