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Ben Parr

Ben Parr

Co-Editor of Mashable, tech entrepreneur, sci-fi writer, and aspiring world changer. I'm quirky and love building things
RT @gchahal: I maintain my innocence regarding these exaggerated allegations.
“How Star Wars Conquered the Universe” a book by my old colleague @FutureBoy. Pre-order the book, seriously! -
RT @JGfromOC: @benparr I would have respected his case more if he had paid the money, then taken the stand and said no more.
Can't believe the stupidity of Cliven Bundy and those who supported him. No, wait, I can.
RT @jasonschreier: Vox can explain anything... but can they explain why kids love cinnamon toast crunch
RT @leejosephinem: Watch out @NorthwesternU, @benparr has touched down. Hang out w/him 4/25 @norriscenter at 2PM. + "e@nu_gowildcats"=win
I wish Vic Gundotra the best of luck. He's always been generous and kind. Can't wait to see what he does next.
RT @jimfitzpatrick: #Fracking #Ireland. Sickened family awarded $3 million in landmark fracking case via @Salon
RT @triketora: Why aren't there more female programmers? >> Is this guy just a massive troll? Do people actually think like this?
Ouch. RT @danprimack: Forbes sale appears to be falling apart
RT @EliLanger: Facebook has ONE BILLION more users than Twitter.
Thoughtful perspective from @DonDodge: "The technology behind tech startups is now their least essential par"t
Facebook’s CFO transition will be smooth; Pincus has already been stepping away from Zynga. Neither move is a warning signal.
Pincus out of Zynga; Facebook’s CFO is out June 1.
RT @brianstelter: The @carr2n account of @Aereo's day in DC:
Headline of the week goes to @Alex. RT @TechCrunch: "David Einhorn Just Cried Bubble And Let Slip The Shorts Of War"
RT @Pogue: Apple invites anyone to beta-test the next version of OS X. Free. Like Microsoft does. But verrry unusual for Apple.
Clever fake account. RT @GoogleSeed: Coming soon, #GoogleSeed.”
North Koreans are starting to turn from devotion to anger. Cracks are showing through the oppression:
BUT, if does a bad job, then we’ll simply force Leo to re-shoot the Titanic for all of eternity.
If Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t get an oscar playing STEVE JOBS, the Academy should be disbanded and all Oscars melted into a statue of Leo.
Congrats, Natalie! #ImpromptuWedding @ Palace of Fine Arts
RT @dannysullivan: So it's @dens of @foursquare 1st, @rsarver former @twitter 2nd & @mattcutts of @google still going in Boston Marathon. Amazed at them all
Perfect day for a wedding. @ Palace of Fine Arts
RT @jtemple: No they can't: Tech-savvy Communes Could be the Answer to SF’s Housing Issues
Today’s a great day for a wedding. Not mine, of course. @MissSocialSF’s the one who’s getting married.
Seriously, update your passwords. RT @ahess247: #Heartbleed May Be Mostly Fixed, but It's Still Causing Trouble /
RT @agoldfisher: Support @boonsri Boonsri Dickinson creating videos about technology andamp; culture to improve communication @Patreon
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