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Ben Parr

Ben Parr

Co-Editor of Mashable, tech entrepreneur, sci-fi writer, and aspiring world changer. I'm quirky and love building things
RT @franklinleonard: I wonder if any major Hollywood companies will release employee demographics any time soon. Hmmmmm......
Zuck is now richer than Jeff Bezos, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Bill Gates had better watch his back.
VentureBeat reports that the Twitch-Google deal is (finally) done. -
Co-hosting Press:Here with @ScottMcGrew is a right of initiation for journalists in Silicon Valley.
In journalism, there is no greater sin than plagiarism.
In journalism, there is no greater sin than plagarism.
My amazing EA @halliecoopcoop is starring in a play in Hollywood next month. Check it out:
RT @alexia: .@sarahbuhr "I'm obviously willing to do whatever it takes, including date virtual men in Hollywood for this job"
I’m judging the Space @StartupWeekend w/ @jwolpert this weekend because… SPACE! Gonna be fun:
Go look at Facebook’s Q2 and tell me with a straight face that tech is in a bubble.
RT @gaberivera: Scammers offering @verified status are a thing! And @Techmeme is their latest target, as this amusing email shows.
RT @Ehmee: Modern great white sharks are about the size of the extinct Megalodon's penis. -Peter Klimley #Relativity
Reviewers really don’t like the Amazon Fire phone. It’s to be expected when you launch a product 7 years later than your competition.
I’ll take this story over the heartbreaking stories currently coming from the Middle East:
RT @RingCentral: .@BenParr knows how to #captivate an audience. Learn some of his #marketing secrets here:
iTime > iWatch.
RT @MitchSchneider: @benparr sleep is for the weak! Every minute is the hustle
Early morning shift — who’s up?
Apparently a large portion of my followers are HUGE fans of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You all are a smart bunch.
RT @morganoliveira1: @benparr Richard Branson. I mean, for one reason....he's actually succeeded in making me look fw to a safety video.
Who is your favorite celebrity, and why?
Having a standing desk is an amazing productivity tool. Thank you @UpDesk — this thing has served me well.
Anyone know how Woot is doing these days?
RT @TechCrunch: Yahoo Is Buying Mobile Analytics Firm Flurry For North Of 300M by @ingridlunden
My answer to How important is the founders background to VCs when they contemplate investing?
If you're against gay marriage @TonyDungy, just say it and don't use bad excuses when it comes to @MichaelSamNFL:
RT @stacymartinet: Global Ocean Temperatures Haven't Been This Hot Since Before 1880
Only one can win this battle.
RT @MiaShaw: An extremely well-written article: Israel, Hamas battle in urban combat, deadliest day for both sides via @WSJ
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