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Ben Parr

Ben Parr

Co-Editor of Mashable, tech entrepreneur, sci-fi writer, and aspiring world changer. I'm quirky and love building things
My thoughts on the problem facing wearables -
RT @kentoe: @benparr surprised to see this. I've been wearing my Up band for almost a year straight now. I think a lot of what matters is how it looks
RT @davetisch: Twitter would be significantly improved if Instagram pics were shown/embedded in the feed... Silly silo fight that should end...
RT @TechWraith: @benparr I think @mybasis actually does a good job of creating the habit. It's the bulkiest one out there, but it seems to stick.
The Three Weeks Problem: The Real Challenge for Wearables -
I’ve come out of my @Captivology book writing cave to opine on wearables. Article on @Medium incoming...
RT @rafat: There is no country in the world where there isn't something worth seeing or doing. Except Kuwait.
WordPress HQ is hosting Shibes everywhere for Dogecon 2014. Yup:
RT @hunterwalk: Alt Nike FuelBand headline: Nike execs talk with Apple & realize iPhone, iWatch = health wearables. Wanna bet nice Nike apps for iOS8?
Do you hear that? That's the sound of Apple's iWatch coming. Also, the sound of Apple calling Nike engineers.
As a film concept / Transcendence had potential / But fails to excite. #HaikuReview
Prediction: We will discover key evidence of life on other worlds using our long-range instruments in my lifetime.
I want to see new tweeters @MicrosoftSteve & @RobertDowneyJr team up. In Iron Man helmets. Can we get this done?
RT @ForDummies: 1 million retweets and we will write it... #jedimaster
I liked a @YouTube video 30 Star Wars Facts You Didn't Know | #5facts
I liked a @YouTube video 30 Star Wars Facts You Didn't Know | #5facts
I love @LMigno and @sarajnwalker. That is all.
Just added a story about my favorite Canadian to @Captivology. Feeling motivated.
RT @DominateFund: Proud to be working with @Enplug:
And again @dannysullivan nails it. Why Yahoo isn't going to run search on iOS anytime soon, if ever:
RT @ashleymayer: A 29-year-old gymnast is older than a 29-year-old model is older than a 29-year-old actress is older than a 29-year-old tech worker so there
RT @karaswisher: @benparr I have moved onto drones
Sometimes, I wonder if @KaraSwisher actually lives in a vent at Yahoo HQ. -
Seriously, stop announcing your conference's speaking lineups until you have a few women on the roster.
Shout-out to @Evernote and @plibin. I use Evernote every day for @Captivology. I have no idea how I could write a book without it.
Rejoice, SF! You’re no longer getting charged for parking on Sunday:
A great historical look at AIM, the instant messenger of my past, by @JasonAbbruzzese:
If I had been AC/DC, I would have responded to the retirement rumors with a brand new single. That would’ve done the trick.
RT @FollowTheCoin: We are VERY excited to announce that we are organizing #DogeconSF the FIRST EVER @DOGECOIN CONFERENCE! WOOOO!!
Seriously, this love letter to Comcast by @CarlGuardino in Forbes made me want to vomit: via @om
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