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Ben Parr

Ben Parr

Co-Editor of Mashable, tech entrepreneur, sci-fi writer, and aspiring world changer. I'm quirky and love building things
Today in tech news: Twitter drop-kicks Wall Street.
Mr. @mahbodmoghadam is now a columnist for @BetaBeat. Check out his first post on Uber ratings:
By the way, Bears > Raiders.
Today in racist homophobia: I'm the target! Woo.
Steve Ballmer is 20 steps closer to owning the L.A. Clippers. Donald Sterling's court challenge denied.
RT @kevinrose: the low hanging fruit is the easiest to obtain, but often times over picked.
In the spirit of Fb & OkCupid, I’m performing an experiment on my followers. All I need is some pandas and @MikeIsaac’s superhuman blood.
.@DominateFund’s @Mazy gets all the fun. Yesterday, it was hanging out with @Cristiano:
Why are people so surprised they don't have 5.0 uber scores? People dislike other people for the most stupid and varying reasons imaginable.
Why is everyone tweeting their uber scores? I just returned to the Internet.
Too often we idolize founders and forget the early teammates that help turn great ideas into world-changing products.
RT @bradfordcross: people don’t leave startups because they’re failing, they leave because they’re mismanaged, which is often why they’re failing.
Builders are at their best when they have no distractions. Which is why midnight on a Saturday is a great time to be building.
NYT is right: it is time to legalize marijuana. -
RT @Recode: Founders Fund Forms “FF Science” in search of startups tackling hard problems / by @jtemple
Good founders build. Great founders recruit and inspire.
RT @ButtercupD: Just watched @benparr on @CNBC give his feedback on Jeff Bezos and @amazon. Nice job!
On @CNBC in 5-7 minutes! Will I defend or trash Bezos? Find out! #frontback
Dropping by @CNBC/@CNBCClosingBell today at 3:20 ET to chat about Jeff Bezos Amazon’s recent market woes. Hope you’ll tune in!
RT @franklinleonard: I wonder if any major Hollywood companies will release employee demographics any time soon. Hmmmmm......
Zuck is now richer than Jeff Bezos, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Bill Gates had better watch his back.
VentureBeat reports that the Twitch-Google deal is (finally) done. -
Co-hosting Press:Here with @ScottMcGrew is a right of initiation for journalists in Silicon Valley.
In journalism, there is no greater sin than plagiarism.
In journalism, there is no greater sin than plagarism.
My amazing EA @halliecoopcoop is starring in a play in Hollywood next month. Check it out:
RT @alexia: .@sarahbuhr "I'm obviously willing to do whatever it takes, including date virtual men in Hollywood for this job"
I’m judging the Space @StartupWeekend w/ @jwolpert this weekend because… SPACE! Gonna be fun:
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